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Japanese Garden Cowden – Denise & James Wedding

Japanese Garden Cowden – Denise & James Wedding

“Love is food for the soul. Love for the soul is the same as food for the body. Without food, the body is weak; without love, the soul is weak.” – Japanese Proverb

I thought this quote was perfect when I saw it. Both the fantastic venue Denise and James chose to hold their wedding and because the couple are total foodies.

A Modern Meeting

Denise and James met online on the 1st of December 2020 at 8:51 pm (I know, very precise, right?) and spoke every day after that. After a while, Denise planned to surprise James by meeting him at his work but he chose that day to leave early! They eventually met up later that night, went for a walk, and never looked back!

Whilst taking a staycation in Glasgow for James’ birthday they watched some of the latest Indiana Jones movie being filmed. Then as they sauntered back down Buchanan Street they were joking about getting married. Suddenly they weren’t joking anymore and they were engaged!!!

What a Wedding Venue

When Denise first contacted me and told me the venue I practically bit her hand off to take the booking. And that was before I realised what a genuinely lovely couple they were and that they were also crazy French Bulldog parents! It was meant to be!

The Japanese Gardens, near Dollar, is a hidden gem of a place that Mr JB and I discovered during one of the many lockdowns. Created in 1908 by the formidable Ella Christie, a true pioneer of her time. As a photographer, it is an absolute dream to capture, and having only taken headshots and personal images there I was beyond excited to capture a wedding in the gardens.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

The azumaya pictured above is where the couple gets married. The flowers at the entrance are picked and arranged by the garden volunteers for the wedding.

Outside! In Scotland! In May!

I took the above picture when I arrived at the venue and you can see how grey the sky is. Then it started to drizzle, my worst fears confirmed for my bride and groom and their guests (who would be out in the open to watch the ceremony)!

But I should have kept the faith. Like my super chill bride and groom because the drizzle stopped. Hurrah! Then before the bridal party arrived the clouds parted and blue skies appeared. The wedding gods were watching.

Rings? Check!

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

The groom and his best man may have forgotten their buttonholes but they had the rings and that’s the important thing!

A Beautiful Ceremony

I mean, come on, can’t you feel the love?

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Witnessed by their very closest family and friends.

Then it was off to the Japanese Tea Room structure to sign the marriage certificate.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

But not before these two littles tried to steal the show by being unbelievably cute. James’ son and the flower girl who was the daughter of the best man and the chief bridesmaid.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Denise’s other bridesmaid was James’ daughter. The dresses all had botanical details to echo the surroundings and the beautiful flowers (including peonies, my fave) were created by The Flower Studio.

Breaking My Rules

My USP is usually to keep Bride and Groom photos informal and quick so that my couple can get some beautiful images and get back to their guests and their party. I kept the informal part but with a venue like this, I had a hard job giving my couple back. At every turn was another gorgeous photo opportunity.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

From reflections in the still pond to bridges, lush foliage, and interesting structures I was spoilt for choice.

All The Little Details

Did I mention my couple were foodies? They had arranged a gourmet BBQ for their guests and I took that opportunity to capture some of the details from their wedding day.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Like the pocket watch, Denise had gifted James for the wedding.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

And their foliage inspired wedding stationery with their stunning rings.

I can also confirm the BBQ was delicious as they insisted I had some as well 🙂

Getting Our Geek On

I could tell there was a really close bond between my couple and their best man and maid of honour and it was lovely to witness. It was getting close to the end of the evening, the light was beautiful and I asked if I could shoot my couple on the bridge (again) with the best man and MoH holding my flashguns for a kiss of light (because I’d forgotten my stands. Doh!).

This inspired the Groom and best man to request a lightsaber-inspired fight scene on the bridge. Who am I to deny this bromance?

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

So here is them ahem…’fighting’ on the bridge, much to the amusement of their guests in the Tea Room.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

And here’s how it ended up. I mean…kilts, lightsabers, Japanese horticulture…there are some fusions that just work!


And just like that my day with this lovely couple and their nearest and dearest was over. But not before Denise insisted I took a slice of their delicious wedding cake and one of the guest favours.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

As a testament to this couple’s wish to use local suppliers and support small businesses, it was an artisan chocolate bar from Bouche Chocolate which I can highly recommend having scoffed! And a scratch card that I won £2 on. Result!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Charity and here’s to your…

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography



Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Ice is back with my brand new invention…

Okay, I am probably alienating half my audience with a bad 1990s Vanilla Ice song reference but I’m too giddy to care! I finally got around to interviewing Jess Leach, owner of The Ricketty Desk. Not only is she a wonderful friend, fellow cake addict, business cheerleader,  and trusted advisor. She is also the brains behind our collaboration, Sketchography.

Let’s dive in, shall we? Oh, and I should mention the images in this blog are from Jess’s most recent photoshoot with me. With her added magical illustrations.

Meet the collaborator Jess, The Ricketty Desk

Tell me how The Ricketty Desk came to exist?

The Ricketty Desk first evolved in 2006 as a concept but didn’t materialise as a business until summer, 2011 when I chose not to return to my uninspiring job in retail after maternity leave. I created a job where I could stay at home and work around my 1yr old’s busy social calendar! I already had a few clients and had crafted my own wedding stationery, word quickly spread that I was now making stationery and illustrating as a profession and things grew from there.

What does The Ricketty Desk do?

The Ricketty Desk creates illustrations for homes, businesses, and children’s book authors. 


I draw people, places, and items in ways that can’t be captured in a photo, such as story portraits and illustrated nameplates, giving clients a unique piece of art to treasure or gift. I work alongside this incredible photographer (aw, shucks!) combining art and photography to deliver full portrait experiences that result in 21stthcentury heirloom works of art. Not only do these pieces capture people, but they capture a moment. 

Alongside this, I also have a range of everyday cards and prints to brighten up interiors and encourage people to send post (I’m a major advocate of snail mail)! To date, some of my favourite pieces include a portrait of a childminder and the children she looked after for 14 years, the lifelong timeline of a health worker as a retirement gift, and a card I designed for BookBlock to help raise funds for the NHS during the pandemic.


I create engaging, scroll-stopping illustrations for use in marketing and publications. Whether it’s in-house or customer-facing, illustrations can go a long way to helping make the often mundane engaging. From storyboards for staff training to live illustrating at events and conferences, I have helped a wide variety of clients, such as Russell and Bromley, Florence and George, Firewalk Scotland, and Dunfermline Heritage Partnership Fund, reach wider audiences and get their message delivered. I’m currently experimenting with window illustrations and am loving having the support (and window!) of Happy Earth Place to allow me to practice this. 


I illustrate what isn’t written. I take imaginary worlds and make the impossible visible, bringing them into reality. My style is whimsical and intricate with a nostalgic nod to the vintage styles of children’s books from the 80’s. Latest publications include Granny’s Big Secret by Katie Pavey and a client’s personal publication called ‘Peter Pootletron’. 

What type of business or individual can benefit from your services as an illustrator?

People who don’t want stock image art on their walls or to promote their businesses. Those who value the power of uniqueness and imagination in any setting, home, or work. I’m an idea’s person who has a knack for seeing things from a different perspective. 

Meet the collaborator Jess, The Ricketty Desk

Tell me about your process, favourite medium to work in, and how you blend drawing and digital?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you! Actually, not true. I’m very old-fashioned and everything I draw is first and foremost physically created on paper. Each illustration starts life as a pencil sketch which is then reworked in ink (my favourite medium) and the pencil markings rubbed out. I then photograph the drawing and transfer it to my laptop for ‘colouring in’. I often photograph different surfaces and patterns I’ve drawn or created to use as textures on the piece, for example, a yellow ruler could become a seagull’s leg! Large pieces, such as street scenes, are created by layering several of these drawings together to create the composition. This means if there is an item a client would like reworked or moved I can do this without starting over, saving on time and costs.

What are the tools you use the most?

A standard black and yellow old school Staedler HB pencil, Staedtler eraser, my set of Pigma Micron and Uni pin fineliners, and my Grandpa’s drafting brush (for removing eraser shavings). Oh, and paper, lots and lots of paper. I prefer to draw on 250gsm mixed media paper but will and have been known to, draw on anything, even bananas. 

The Ricketty Desk - Sketchography - JB Moments Photography

What’s the best thing about your job?

The variety in tasks, one day I can be drawing shoes and fairies the next day aliens and cake. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

You should spend an hour in this brain, it’s tiring! Everywhere sounds corny but I really can find inspiration in the most unexpected places. A lot of my ideas stem from experiences and conversations with children. Not so long ago a 7-year-old on the school run told me that to reveal a fairy door on a mushroom you must first tap the spots in a secret order – who knew!

You are the brains behind Sketchography, tell me how the concept came about and why you picked me to be your photographer?

I used to co-run a business called Fife for Kids and when this launched I created an image of our children on swings with an illustrated background. This re-sparked an old idea of teaming illustration with photography and the possibilities within that. Placing people into storybook settings and capturing moments that can’t be necessarily photographed, like your imaginary friend at age 5.

I knew in order to build this I had to team up with someone who doesn’t just see a box, they imagine what they can do with the box. It needed to be a fun-loving, people person with awesome photography skills and childlike imagination, you couldn’t have fit the brief more perfectly! ( 🙂 )

You have many strings to your bow and you recently added becoming a plastic-free champion to your many super powers, can you share more about the movement and what you do?

I became a Plastic Free Champion at the start of 2021 having eliminated over three items of single-use plastic from my business. Working towards being more sustainable and environmentally conscious is really important to me; the last thing I want is for my products to contribute to damaging the planet further. This award is accredited by Surfers Against Sewage, a nationwide charity raising awareness about the plastic crisis. I decided that becoming a champion wasn’t where this story ended and joined Plastic Free Dunfermline, our local plastic warrior group, in February 2021 as a committee member. I look after the memberships for the group and built a fully illustrated membership pack which launched at the end of last year. The pack is full of tips on how to reduce single-use plastics in your life, how much plastic you can save by doing so, lists of local places to shop plastic-free, and vouchers too! 

Meet the collaborator Jess, The Ricketty Desk

What’s next for the Ricketty Desk?

Books, books, and more books! I’m currently penning four of my own books, one is called ‘There’s an Alien in My Lunchbox’. Which came from a series of post-it notes that I made and popped in my youngest son’s lunch when he returned to school after the first lockdown. Another, you’re part of, is called Best Foot Forward and celebrates the power that women can feel from wearing the right shoes. 

I’m also looking to grow the corporate side of my illustration offerings showing businesses how they can utilise this art form in their marketing and print to stand out from the crowd.  Including a brand new Sketchography product for businesses too!

What advice would you give anyone wanting to be an illustrator when they grow up?

Draw, experiment, and draw some more. 

Try out all the materials and all tools.

Learn to walk before you run, and learn the basics of drawing before contemplating experimenting with digital art. 

Make mistakes, but keep everything you create, as a tutor once said, ‘You’re never in exactly the same mind frame therefore you will never create the same piece of art more than once.’ 

Be inspired, fill sketchbooks, and take a pen and paper everywhere you go.

Listen and talk to other creatives. 

Meet the collaborator Jess, The Ricketty Desk

Thanks, Jess, that was amazing! Here are all the places you can find Jess and her Ricketty Desk.


Etsy Store

Thortful Cards





Questions Every Couple Needs to Ask Their Wedding Venue

Questions Every Couple Needs to Ask Their Wedding Venue

You’ve visited venues and poured over their brochures and you’ve fallen in love with a castle or old barn. But…before you get carried away and sign the contract or pay a deposit there are some important points to consider.

Here are my top questions to ask your venue to make sure it’s going to be perfect for your wedding day.

Questions to ask your wedding venue by JB Moments Photography

How many guests can the venue accommodate?

Make sure you sit and work out an estimate of how many guests you want to invite to both the reception and evening ‘do’ and make it one of the first questions you ask every venue.

Unless you can compromise on the guest list the number of people a venue can accommodate is a deal-breaking question.

Does the cost of the venue include everything?

If you’ve planned out your wedding budget, hidden extras are unwelcome.

For example, the charge for bottled water on the table is commonly forgotten about, adding a significant increase to the bill.

You also shouldn’t assume that VAT is included in your bill, be sure to ask before thinking you’ve grabbed yourself a deal.

What are the payment plan options and cancellation policy?

Find out how much the deposit is to secure the venue, along with how they accept the following payments.

Covid has unfortunately taught us all about cancellations so make sure you know what your venue’s policy is, should the unthinkable happen.

How many weddings does the venue accommodate on the same day?

When hosting your wedding at certain locations such as hotels it can be common that more than one wedding a day will be held there.

For some people, this may not be an issue, but it’s a must-ask question on your list of what to ask your wedding venue.

Non-exclusive use can change people’s minds regarding a venue so it’s best to know beforehand.

What are the alcohol rules?

You’ve got a lot to consider when it comes to the consumption of alcohol on your big day, so it’s worth asking what your venue does and doesn’t allow.

Check if a prepaid bar is available, or if guests can purchase their own drinks on the premises. If you want to bring your own alcohol, either for the full reception or for toasts, be sure to ask about corkage fees.

Some venues can be iffy about allowing alcohol favours as well so it’s worth checking.

What will the room layout be depending on final numbers?

A venue’s layout or room options can change significantly depending on the number of people on your guest list.

Many venues can appear very different once the layout has changed, making it a considerable factor in your search for the perfect wedding venue.

It’s also an aspect you need to confirm before you start planning your seating plan.

Do they offer catering or not?

Food plays a big part in your wedding day, and it takes a lot of consideration. That’s why it’s so important to make a note of your catering preferences when considering what to ask your wedding venue.

If the venue is providing food, have you discussed if that will be for both the reception and the evening reception?

It’s also vital you check that they can accommodate any dietary requirements you or your guests may have.

Does the venue offer overnight accommodation?

Ask if overnight accommodation is available, along with the number of people who are able to stay at your chosen venue.

It’s especially important if your venue is set away from other accommodation options, or if guests are traveling from afar.

What are the venue’s guidelines on decorating and extras?

When you go to see a venue you may instantly have a vision of what you want to do. It is a good idea that you consider if your vision coincides with the venue’s policies.

In terms of table decoration, check with your chosen venue whether or not they supply the chair and table covers, knives and forks, and glasses or if you have to hire them.

Special features such as candles and confetti aren’t permitted at every venue, so double check whilst you are there.

Where can we have our photographs taken?

Ahhh, the most important question in my opinion 😉 After all the time and effort that goes into your wedding day, you have every right to want to get the perfect photos in the right setting. Especially if you are paying money for a professional photographer. Scope out the venue and grounds – and make sure any bins or other non-romantic objects are stored out of sight.

Entertainment options?

You might have already planned out your first dance routine and know for certain that you need a DJ, but have you considered asking your venue about your entertainment plans?

Have a think about what your entertainment choices require, if you’re opting for a DJ is there going to be adequate electrical outputs and space for all of their equipment?

How long can we provisionally hold a date?

It’s wise to keep your options open at first, as plans can easily change, or you could find a venue better suited to you.

You need to know how long it can be held and on what terms.  You don’t want to end up disappointed because you’ve missed out on your dream venue.

Logistically speaking?

Do you need a venue that is completely disability-friendly or one that offers suitable parking for your guests?

Finishing time and sound limitations?

It’s always best to have all the relevant information readily available for yourself and your guests, so you don’t have any nasty surprises on the day. Know what to expect – you don’t want to find you’re getting ushered out of your own wedding unexpectedly at 10pm!Many venues (especially in residential areas) have rules and restrictions regarding sound. You need to check beforehand that your venue can accommodate the entertainment you have in mind, for the right number of hours.

Most importantly, remember to take notes of the answers your venue provides you. Ask them to pop them into an email or a letter to confirm the details in writing. To ensure no confusion can occur.

Grange Manor Hotel – Susan & Iain’s Wedding

Grange Manor Hotel – Susan & Iain’s Wedding

It feels like ages since I last wrote a wedding blog about an actual wedding! December in fact! How wonderful to have Susan and Iain start off my wedding year at the beginning of April.

Weddings Are A Great Place To Meet

Susan and Iain can testify to that. They met at a mutual friend’s wedding in 2008.

The couple regularly holiday in the north of Scotland, loving the beautiful unspoiled beaches up there. And it was on one of those beautiful beaches that Iain got down on one knee and completely surprised Susan by popping the question. Even though Iain thought the secret was going to be discovered before he was ready as Susan almost stumbled across the ring hidden in a cubbyhole of the car a few times!

All Systems Go

When I got to the bridal prep room it was all going on. Susan had arranged personalised PJs for her bridal party and the girls seemed very comfortable in them.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

I couldn’t resist capturing Susan in hers with her proud mum.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Susan’s dress from Olivia Cameron Bridal was absolutely stunning. I needed help from one of the junior bridesmaids to get in hung up on the bedpost to show it off in all its glory.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Meanwhile downstairs all was calm. I even got Iain and his mum outside for a picture next to the piper.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

If you look very closely you’ll see the colour draining from his mum’s hand where I tied her corsage on super tight…well, she wanted it secure! I have heard from Susan since that they did manage to save her mother-in-law’s arm!! So all is well!!

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Also, time to get the groom and his best man in the bar. Looking very handsome in their McLeod tartan kilts.

Almost Time

And just time to sneak back upstairs and get the bridal party in all their finery

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Susan’s bridesmaids did a cracking job as did the Paige boy (not in shot).

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

I don’t think I’ve ever seen two parents as proud as Susan’s were on the day. I have a massive parent crush on her mum and dad, they are both such cuties 🙂

Aye Do

I’m not sure how it could be possible but Susan’s dad looked even more proud as he walked his girl down the aisle.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

I can’t blog about this wedding without mentioning the ceremony. It was conducted by the most amazing Rev Lindy an Interfaith Minister. It was funny, heartfelt, and poignant all at the same time.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

This picture totally sums the ceremony up and it was hard to stop my camera from shaking I was laughing so much. There was so much love and laughter in the room as well as support for the new Mr and Mrs McLeod. Lindy made it a fully inclusive celebration for everyone.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Here they are playing ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who will go first with the marriage vows!

Four Seasons In One Day

Only in Scotland, the saying goes, do you get all four seasons in one day and it certainly seemed that way on the wedding day. After glorious sunshine all morning we stepped outside to get the traditional group shot after the ceremony.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

And you can’t see it here, but as I am wobbling atop my trusty stepladder in the middle of the hotel car park to get this shot, it started to snow!

So it was back inside for the rest of the group shots the couple wanted.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

I particularly like this one of Susan’s pal and gorgeous daughter from Liverpool. I asked them all to ‘strike a pose’ and Iain decided to show us all how it’s done!!

Then the sun came back out so I was able to take the couple back outside for their pictures.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Making full use of all the grounds, including the fire escape that Susan and Iain had found the night before.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

I often give my couples daft directions to get a particular response. I don’t think these two will forget the ‘sporran to bum’ position for a while!!

Tree-mendous cake

So many personal touches went into making this wedding very special including a tree trunk themed cake. Very appropriate as Iain is a tree surgeon.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Complete with their initials carved into it. Awwww 🙂

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

And their favours were wee messages in a bottle filled with sand from their favourite northern coastline.

Let The Party Commence

The wedding breakfast was on track to be served and it was time alas for me to bid farewell to this wonderful couple and their crazy, funny, cute families. As I got back in my car and a hailstorm started (yes really), I reflected on how welcoming and friendly everyone had been and what a gorgeous day it had been.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Congratulations Mt and Mrs McLeod xXx

The Best Wedding Planner Apps

The Best Wedding Planner Apps

As wonderful as it is getting engaged to the person you love, planning a wedding can be stressful. The to-do list can seem never-ending or even where to start can be daunting!

I’ve rounded up some of the best apps to help you go from Bridezilla to Bride-chilla in a couple of taps.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Appy Couple – Free

Fabulous puns aside this is a great app for keeping track of your guest list. You create a personalised wedding website used by both you and your guests. Instead of contacting everyone individually, you can share information, updates, and timings for the big day in one place, as well as send invites, collect RSVPs and manage the guest list. You can use it on top of sending physical wedding invites too, to keep track of attendees.

Honeyfund – Free

While this app doesn’t strictly help you plan your wedding it does help with the Honeymoon. It is a registry app that can help you save for your honeymoon. Instead of picking physical gifts, guests can purchase activities you want to do on your honeymoon or contribute to the overall holiday fund.

Bridebook – Free

Your whole wedding to-do list in one place. Bridebook has been hailed as the highest-rated wedding app in the world, and it’s easy to see why. If it’s hitting you just how much goes into planning a wedding, don’t fret, just download this app, make an account, input your wedding date, and Bridebook will help you sort it all out. It creates a customisable to-list with everything to consider, from finding wedding venues and suppliers to setting a budget and keeping track of expenses. There’s plenty of inspiration too, as you can browse through a selection of real weddings and get advice and ideas from wedding experts. Many local suppliers also offer Bridebook customers discounts as well (hint, hint, just saying!).

Joy – Free

Joy is similar to Bridebook in that it’s a mega to-do list in one place, but for the tech-savvy, it can also be used as your very own social media wedding hub. Everyone can create their own guest profiles, so people can connect before the actual wedding, and it can be used to share memories and pictures after the big day, too.

Pinterest – Free

From table decorations to bouquets, wedding dresses, and everything in-between. Pinterest is your go-to for wedding inspiration.

Wedbox – Free (with upgrade charges)

From the professional shots to the candid snaps, everyone will want access to the pictures and videos of your wedding – as will you. With Wedbox you and your guests will be able to upload photos in one place, so you don’t have to search through Instagram or rely on people using the custom hashtag after one too many glasses of fizz. The app is free to use but you can pay extra to download the highest quality images.

The Wedding Shop – Free

You can easily manage your gift list, choose products and browse lots of inspiration to make sure that your guests can find the perfect present to celebrate your marriage. You can also build a honeymoon, personal, or charity fund if a traditional gift list isn’t right for you.

Trello – Free

Not strictly a wedding planning app but if you love a to-do list more than anything else, you’re going to need Trello. This free planning app lets you build multiple to-do lists and assign tasks – and then move it into your completed column, which, let’s face it, is the MOST satisfying feeling.

You can use it for your own wedding planning tasks, but also if you are delegating to others, to keep on top of what’s being done. It would be especially useful if you’re planning a wedding abroad and want visibility of what your planner is working on, without having to be in constant communication.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Headspace – Free Trial

Wedding planning can get a bit stressful from time to time. To avoid wedding planning burnout, it’s worth downloading an app like Headspace to help you take some time out and practice mindfulness.

You’re offered a free trial initially, then you can subscribe for either £9.99 per month or £49.99 per year. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s worth using it for the free trial and then taking note of the practices that work for you and keep them going after your trial has finished and you’ve cancelled your subscription.

Pantone Studio – Charges Apply

One of the factors you’ll want to consider early on in your wedding planning is your colour scheme, and Pantone Studio can help you do just that. You can build a colour palette of up to five shades to see how they work together. Better still, you can take a photo of an item you like, such as a bridesmaid’s dress, and see if it matches your theme, as the app will find the exact shade.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Top Table Planner – Free

This easy-to-use app and website allows you to add tables, manage your guest list and keep revising your seating plan until you’re happy with who’s sitting where. Once it’s all finished, you can print out a seating plan and send a PDF to your venue to produce a definitive list of attendees and meal choices.

Mint – Free

Keep track of your spending and create a budget using this money manager and financial tracker app that brings together all of your bank accounts, credit cards and bills in one place.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

There you go! Hopefully, these app suggestions will help you plan your dream wedding and live appily ever after (sorry, not sorry!).

App prices correct at time of blog being written in April 2022. JB Moments Photography receives no commission for recommending these apps. BUT if any tech company wants to talk…I’m all ears!!


Supplier Spotlight – OOSHASC by Mel Anderson

Supplier Spotlight – OOSHASC by Mel Anderson

Who is Mel Anderson

I first met Mel through Women Together Network an inspiring collective of female business owners, entrepreneurs creatives, and like-minded women. I knew the moment I met her we were kindred spirits and a fast friendship was formed. Mel is a fabulous fashionista with a penchant for animal print and a mischievous glint in her eye.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

I haven’t featured a wedding supplier in ages and with weddings and events (hopefully) back in full swing this Spring/Summer, Mothers of the Brides, Grooms, and all the other wedding guests are going to need new outfits. And that’s where Mel comes in helping women find outfits that look amazing but don’t cost the earth – literally and figuratively!

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed, Mel. Tell everyone what OOSHASC is all about!

Ooshasc is a preloved ladies’ clothing shop based in Dollar. The name was created from the acronym for – Once Owned Should Have A Second Chance. It was started up ten years ago when I was looking to eliminate my “corporate working” wardrobe and wanted to help with sustainability in the fashion industry.

When you consider that it takes 20K litres of water to make a kilo of raw cotton – that is between 10-20K litres of water required per cotton dress! It takes 7.5K litres of water to make a pair of jeans! Considering the countries where a lot of these items are produced – it seems incredible! 5 Trillion litres of water are required in the production of fabric dyes per year alone! Can you start to see the challenge?

What can you help with when it comes to wedding outfits?

The shop stocks a variety of items – from jeans to skirts, tops, coats, jackets, everyday dresses – plus occasion and evening wear. We can help with not only outfits for the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom – but also outfits for guests and the wedding party. That includes hats, fascinators, and bags!

OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Statement MOTB/MOTG outfit
OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Statement MOTB/MOTG outfit

PLUS -we stock a fabulous range of costume jewellery – Park Lane – which helps complete your outfit.

OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Statement MOTB/MOTG outfit

All sizes are catered for – remembering, as it is preloved, I will only have one of any item in the shop!

OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
OOSHASC by Mel Anderson

What trends are you seeing with regard to wedding outfits? What’s going to be big this year?

Trends for weddings change annually – and the last two years have seen incredible differences in what people are looking for. There are always the classic styles for Mother of the Bride and Groom – that will always be the case – but some people have been looking for slightly less formal outfits as weddings decreased in size in 2020-2022. In addition to these classic styles and colours, we are seeing brighter, bolder colours in occasion outfits – solid colours, along with polka dots and tropical prints.  Actually, many weddings have been held out of doors – so fashionable wellies have been sought after! Sadly I don’t stock wellies!

OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Event/Occasion/Wedding Guest Outfit
OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Event/Occasion/Wedding Guest Outfit

Why should people consider pre-loved outfits for a wedding?

I know only too well how expensive weddings can be – not only for the families holding the wedding but for the guests invited too! So often, outfits are worn just once, and then cleaned and put away – never to be worn again! All the preloved occasion wear items coming into the shop are mainly only worn once – and it is a golden opportunity for the savvy shopper to save themselves a lot of money by purchasing preloved, and still have a quality item for the day! Prices vary per outfit – but I would say, on the whole, clients would be making a saving of 75% on the price by buying preloved – plus they are making a big impact on protecting the planet.

OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Event/Occasion/Wedding Guest Outfit

Sold on buying pre-loved – why wouldn’t I just go to a website like Vinted?

Vinted is a great site to go to – but there are disadvantages. At Ooshasc, you get to try the items on and see if the style you’ve selected suits you before you buy it. The appointment system we operate allows the client to browse at their leisure whilst receiving the one-to-one personal styling advice from myself. I like the client to feel comfortable and not pressured into buying the wrong thing! In addition, I know where all the items have come from, and I am extremely selective about the items I stock.

OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Event/Occasion/Wedding Guest Outfit

Amazing stuff! Aside from weddings what else can Ooshasc help with?

As I said at the start, Ooshasc doesn’t only sell occasion wear. We stock everything from jeans, skirts, tops, jackets, coats, dresses, occasion outfits, and evening wear. In addition to this, we sell bags and hats. To top off the outfit, we sell the beautiful Park Lane Jewellery – the perfect finish! Ooshasc is really a One Stop Shop.

OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Event/Occasion/Wedding Guest Outfit

Finally, in my prep guides for people coming to my studio for a photoshoot, I suggest wearing something you feel fabulous in. If someone came to Ooshasc looking for an outfit to wear what would you suggest?

People come to shop at Ooshasc for different occasions. I like to establish what they are looking for when they first arrive, make sure they are comfortable, and let them browse the rails. I always make sure that if buying a dress or skirt, they are able to sit down comfortably in them.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

For a photoshoot – if they want to look fabulous – I have wonderful items in all sizes that they could buy. Neutrals are best for something like a photoshoot. You don’t want anything too distracting like wild patterns and logos. My experience as a colour consultant would allow me to ensure if they were looking at coloured items, I could suggest colours that complement their complexion. Outfits can always be jazzed up with a statement piece of jewellery or colourful scarves. Again – Ooshasc can help here. 

OOSHASC by Mel Anderson
Photoshoot suggestion

So there you have it, you can grab a bargain and save the planet. All served up with Mel’s expertise and wonderful customer service!

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

Visits to Mel’s shop are by appointment only so she can offer you a bespoke shopping experience. You can book an appointment via her Facebook Page or by calling the number she lists there. She also goes live on her Facebook page twice a week to show off stock and you can also see those lives on her YouTube channel.

Happy Shopping!

Get Your Wedding Glow On

Get Your Wedding Glow On

If there was ever a time to take up a good skincare routine, it’s in the lead-up to your wedding. Here’s a guide to getting the best bridal skin of your life for the big day…

Stress Less

First thing’s first: planning a wedding is stressful (understatement, much?). But keeping a lid on any pre-wedding woes is going to be key to a healthy complexion because a calmer mind most definitely leads to calmer skin. I know, I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to stress – you don’t want those cortisone levels to rise, resulting in the dreaded spots.

Inflammatory conditions such as eczema can flare up with high-stress levels, while sleepless nights will mean dull, lackluster skin. Sleep enables the body to reverse everyday free radical damage by replenishing energy, building new cells, and repairing connective tissue. Because sleep is an ideal time for cellular renewal and overall repair for the skin and other organs, poor sleep shows in the face.

A good skincare routine includes a healthy sleep routine, as well as anything that helps you to destress – be it exercise, meditation, or delving into a good book in between the wedding planning.

Stirling Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Ask The Professionals

If you have no idea where to start, now’s the time to seek help from the pros. They’ll be able to talk you through a bespoke routine that will promise results. That could mean consulting a dermatologist if you’re worried about a skin condition such as acne, eczema, or rosacea, or perhaps starting to go for targeted treatments.

Holistic Therapist & Skincare Specialist, Fiona Dalziel, based in Alloa, loves to work with brides to help them have beautiful and radiant skin in time for their wedding day.

“Everyone wants to be able to look back on their wedding photographs with loving memories, and not regret their skin being in the very best condition it could be”.

With your wedding day coming up, it’s important that you take good care of your skin to prevent breakouts and to ensure your make-up applies flawlessly.

Fiona explains “In the months leading up to your wedding, you’ll want to start a good skincare routine to treat any dry or oily skin and prevent breakouts. The last thing you want on the day of your wedding is to get a spot because you didn’t take good care of your skin.

I recommend to the brides I work with that they have a monthly facial in the months leading up to their wedding, with the last one being scheduled for a week to 10 days before their big day.

The benefit of this course of treatments is to maintain a healthy complexion, have lovely clear skin, and be able to relax knowing your skin is in tip-top condition.”

Before starting the course of facial treatments, Fiona will examine your skin using Eastern and Western philosophies to determine any skin issues, and your skin type, eg dry, oily, combination, sensitive. This process would also identify any other skin conditions like acne and sun damage to determine the best facial treatment for your skin in the months leading up to your wedding day.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Professional facials are also a great way to get some ‘me time’ which will help with the first point above too!

Treat Your Skin From Within

You are what you eat. Eating well will need to go hand in hand with any products you’re relying on for a radiant glow.

The most effective way to look after your skin is through lifestyle and diet choices. The skin is our largest organ and it gives us a picture of what is going on inside the body. Each individual is different, but most experts suggest making sure you have a well-balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and probiotic, fermented foods.

Moderation is key, but you might want to save the alcohol indulgence until the day of the wedding. And make sure there’s time for your skin (and head) to recover after a boozy hen do!

Reducing sugary foods and drinks, high glycemic index food (such as white bread, potatoes, white rice, or pasta), and possibly also milk may reduce breakouts in some acne sufferers. Have a think about whether any of these foods tend to cause problems for you and what happens if you reduce consumption of them for a few days, weeks, or even a month.

You may also want to think about vitamins and supplements to boost your skin.“Collagen is one of the most important structural proteins in our body”, says Mhairi Coleman owner of Your Wellness in Mind, “but unfortunately it starts to decline from as young as 25. After the age of 40, we lose up to 1% of collagen every year and as a result, our skin relaxes, our hair becomes thinner, nails are more brittle, and cartilage deteriorates”. To put this right you can add collagen supplements to your diet and get your glow on!

Mhairi says that introducing Collagen into your diet will help you, “enjoy the appearance of luminous, youthful and smooth skin…Experience glossy hair, beautiful nails, regained tone, and an incredible glow”.

Water Yourself

Drink lots of water! Hydrate your skin from the inside and flush out nasty toxins. The recommended daily intake is between two and two and a half litres.


To achieve clear and glowing skin, exfoliating is a must. Give your pores a chance to breathe by removing dead cells and surface impurities. This goes for your whole body.

Moisturise and Protect

Generously apply a good body moisturiser. Nourish your skin twice daily and you’ll see elasticity improve. Pay special attention to tricky spots that are prone to dryness such as elbows, feet, and hands. Or anywhere that is going to be on show on your wedding day.

No skincare routine will give you a glowing and healthy complexion unless it comes with a dose of sun protection – especially if you’re applying products containing vitamin C, or using retinols at night. Use a broad spectrum SPF50 UVA/UVB sunscreen in the morning.

Focus on Your Face

As well as getting professional help your home skincare routine should give your face extra special attention. The three essential basics are a cleanser, toner, and facial moisturiser. Opt for one that contains collagen to give added definition and that all-important bridal glow. See above for the benefits of collagen.

Wedding at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens - JB Moments Photography

Spot Check

Let’s say you’ve taken all this advice and your skin is glowing. But wait! Right before the wedding, a spot appears! What do you do?

Don’t pick it, however tempting it might be. Picking could lead to an infection. You might end up with a great big boil to conceal on your big day. Your makeup artist will be able to work their magic on any small spots that appear.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

You’ve got this Gorgeous!

JB Moments Photography has sought the advice of like minded business women for this blog. She is not paid by these businesses to promote their products/services and receives no kickback.


Baby Girls, Girls, Girls!

Baby Girls, Girls, Girls!

Sugar and spice and everything nice…

There was a time when it felt like I was only photographing newborn boys, not that there is anything wrong with that but I was missing the chance to play with headbands and the associated froth that comes with baby girls. Well someone must have heard me as the last six newborns in the studio have all been bouncing baby girls.

Girls on Film

Hold onto your hats, it’s about to get cute!

Baby M

First up was Miss M. Her family don’t want her to be on social media and I respect their wishes just like I did when they bought her big brother to the studio as a baby a few years ago.

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

That said, I am giving nothing away with this image, and who doesn’t love baby feet?

Baby Mia

Next up was Miss Mia who has not one but two big brothers to look out for her. I had captured her youngest brother’s cake smash so it was lovely to see them again with their new addition.

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Both of them are totally smitten, that girl is going to be so spoiled!!

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Whilst they did very well keeping themselves amused during Mia’s two-hour session she took it all in her stride and snoozed away for the most part. How blooming delicious are those cheeks?

Baby Niamh

Next up was Miss Niamh, whose cousin I’d photographed last year so I was recommended to her parents. 🙂

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

As you can see she was the best Christmas present ever for her mum and dad. I try and include one of these Vintage Scale composites for all of my newborn clients as it’s a cute way to record all the birth details and can make a great Announcement/Thank You card.

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Miss Niamh was also the first baby to try out my Session Onesie. Designed for Photographers it covers the nappy better than normal onesies and is great for the ‘mugshots’ I do at the end of the session. I love these pared-down simple black and white shots so much.

Baby Thea

Ohhh emm geeee! Miss Thea or Teddy as she’s nicknamed is my good friend’s new little one. Never in the history of newborns will a baby be more photographed than this one! I can’t wait for babysitting duties so I can whisk her into the studio! Over and over again!

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

As you can see mum and dad are totally smitten with this long-awaited bundle of cuteness.

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

She was gifted a matching Foo’s t-shirt to her daddy’s so I had to have them twinning. If you look closely you can see she also has tattoo sleeves on to match her daddy. I wonder which really cool friends gifted the sleeves (oh that’s right it was Mr JB and I!).

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

With a nickname like Teddy, this had to happen. I only hope she doesn’t hate me when she’s eighteen! Still by that point I will have probably taken millions of pictures of her!

Baby Isabella

Miss Isabella came in with a shock of wonderful black hair. She also came to the shoot with a big brother who was very excited about his new role.

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

He looks proud as punch, doesn’t he?

I also got to try out one of my new for 2022 props with Miss Isabella. A little boho bed.

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

So many great ideas for this prop going forward.

Baby Ellie

Finally last week I met Miss Ellie who also had lots of hair (must be a winter baby thing?).

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Mum bought this cute outfit as soon as she knew she was having a baby girl. I always ask parents if they have any outfits with them they want to put their baby in. Miss Isabella seemed quite pleased with herself in this outfit judging by that grin!

Newborn photographer, Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Some babies sleep through their entire session and some, like Miss Ellie, stay awake so they don’t miss out on any of the fun. I always reassure parents that we will get lovely images either way. Here we tried to give Miss Ellie some sheep to count but that didn’t send her off to the land of nod!

I’ve loved having all these gorgeous girls in the studio but I’m ready for some baby boys too. So come on, where are all my boys at?


Who Gets To Be In The Wedding Gang?

Who Gets To Be In The Wedding Gang?

Planning a wedding is a pretty daunting task for any couple, which is why traditionally the wedding party has a number of jobs to help with the process and to ensure smooth wedding planning at all times…I’ve focussed previously on the Bride Tribe and the Groom Squad roles and responsibilities. But how do you pick who carries out those roles for you? This month I have some top tips for picking the best guys and gals.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

1. Choose Responsible Friends

The best wedding party members will always be the people who are responsible and good at providing emotional support (because let’s be honest, there’s bound to be a few emotional breakdowns). You need someone who you can rely on to carry out their role properly at the same time as having fun, so if your BFF isn’t super dependable, you might want to consider having two of the same role.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

2. Don’t Choose Someone Just Because They Asked You

Wedding planning isn’t the time to be returning favours just because you feel you have to. Choose the people who are closest to you at this point in time, not the people who chose you. If anyone wants to speak to you about why they weren’t chosen, be kind and tell them you had a difficult decision and there are lots of special people who you sadly couldn’t pick.

Orocco Pier Wedding by JB Moments Photography

3. Think Twice Before You Ask

Once you’ve chosen your wedding party, you can’t go back. Take time deciding who’s going to make the cut, be sure you’ve made the right choice, and then think of a lovely way to propose the role to them. Wedding planning is not a race!

4. Set Honest and Realistic Expectations

Although you need to choose dependable friends and family to make up your wedding party, don’t expect the world from them. If you want your party to play a hands-on role in wedding planning, it might be best to choose those who live closer to you. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment!

5. Consider the Size of Your Wedding

Of course, you can have as many bridesmaids and ushers as you’d like, but just remember that more isn’t always merrier. If you’re having a small and intimate wedding, consider stripping your wedding party back so that everything is in proportion.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

6. Remember There Aren’t Any Rules!

Nowadays, you have free rein as to what you do with your wedding party. You might want a favourite Uncle to give you away. You don’t have to fill all the roles, but similarly, you could have two best men, two maids of honour or even a best woman! The choice is all yours – so have fun with it!

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The Groom Squad – Who does what?

The Groom Squad – Who does what?

Planning a wedding is a pretty daunting task for any couple, which is why traditionally the bridal party has a number of jobs to help with the process and to ensure smooth wedding planning at all times…This month I am focussing on the traditional roles of the Groom Squad.

The Groom

In addition to the groom and his partner’s joint responsibilities, each traditionally has tasks to handle on their own. The groom chooses his Best Man and Ushers and picks their outfits. He may buy thank you gifts for his attendants and his bride.

Traditionally the Groom will also arrange and pay for the marriage license and the officiant’s fee and will also handle all the cash payments on the day to various suppliers. He may also reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.

Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding by JB Moments Photography

Groom’s Parents

In past traditions, the bride’s parents have always paid for the majority of the wedding, but today the cost is usually distributed between mainly the couple, the bride’s parents, and the groom’s parents. However, there are still certain responsibilities for the groom’s parents to take care of.

  • Help the couple with the guest list
  • Offer assistance and moral support with the wedding details
  • Attend any wedding rehearsals
  • Help the happy couple make all their guests feel welcome by doing plenty of mingling and chatting

Ingelwood House Wedding by JB Moments Photography

Best Man

The role of the best man is to be there to support the groom on the big day and during the wedding planning process. If the groom wants some extra advice when it comes to suit shopping, choosing gifts, or writing his speech, then the best man is by his side to help. Of course, the best man will typically organise the stag do, and there is also the traditional best man speech to write.

Paisley Registry Office by JB Moments Photography


The ushers are usually close friends or relatives of the groom and their main role is to help the wedding day run smoothly, help to seat guests, distribute the order of service and point people in the right direction throughout the day. The ushers can also help the best man with planning the stag do and they can be the perfect test audience for the best man’s speech.

Dunblane Hydro Wedding by JB Moments Photography

Page Boy

The page boy is typically a boy under the age of seven, maybe a nephew, a younger brother, or the son of a close friend. The page boy traditionally walks down the aisle with the flower girl and his main goal is to look super adorable in the wedding pictures! He might also double up as the ring bearer, carrying the rings down the aisle.

Falkirk Registry Office Wedding by JB Moments Photography

Ring Bearer

Glenbervie House Wedding by JB Moments Photography

The ring bearer has one of the most important jobs of the ceremony as they are required to present the wedding rings to the couple. Who you entrust with that role is totally up to you – it could be the Best Man, a flower girl, a page boy, or even a pet!

Callendar Park Wedding by JB Moments Photography

There you have it. Who will make the cut in your squad?