Bride Tribe – Who Does What?

Bride Tribe – Who Does What?

Bride Tribe – Who Does What?


Bride Tribe – Who Does What?

Planning a wedding is a pretty daunting task for any couple, which is why traditionally the bridal party have a number of jobs to help with the process, and to ensure smooth wedding planning at all times…This month I am focussing on the traditional roles of the Bride Tribe.

The Bride

In addition to the bride and her partner’s joint responsibilities, each traditionally have tasks to handle on their own. The bride needs to choose her bridesmaids and maid of honour and their dresses, and choose a gift for her hubby-to-be (or wifey-to-be).

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The Bride’s Parents

In past traditions the bride’s parents have always paid for the majority of the wedding, but today the cost is usually distributed between mainly the couple, the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents. However there are still certain responsibilities for the bride’s parents to take care of:

  •  Help the couple with the guest list
  • Offer assistance and moral support with the wedding details
  • Attend any wedding rehearsals
  • The bride’s father escorts her to the ceremony and usually walks her down the aisle

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Maid of Honour

The maid of honour is traditionally a sister or best friend, and is the member of the bridal party that the bride relies most on. The maid of honour’s responsibilities include:

  • Organising any bridesmaid-related activities
  • Coordinating the hen do
  • Most importantly, organising the wedding dress shopping and any fittings
  • Helping the bride and groom with any ad–hoc tasks or errands (keeping record of RSVPs, etc)
  • Attend any wedding rehearsals
  • Help the bride dress and get ready on the morning of the wedding
  • Arrange her veil and train during the processional and recessional
  • Holds the bride’s bouquet at the altar
  • Sign the marriage license as the bride’s witness
  • Helps the bride during the reception with the dress including bustling it for the first dance and even helping with toilet visits!

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Matron of Honour is exactly the same role and is usually the term used if the person is married.

The Bridesmaids

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There is no minimum or maximum number when it comes to bridesmaids and you can have as many as you want for your wedding.

Bridesmaids can be single, married and any age. Their duties include:

  • Assist the maid of honour with the wedding planning duties and help the bride when needed
  • Help organise the hen do
  • Attend any wedding rehearsals
  • Walk in the processional and recessional

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Flower Girl (s)

While not all brides and grooms choose to have a flower girl, this role is a charming addition to any wedding party. Often a niece, younger sibling, or family friend, the flower girl walks down the aisle with the bridesmaids, dropping petals as she goes. She may also wear a bohemian flower headdress to mark her role in the occasion.

Glenbervie House Wedding by JB Moments Photography

There you have it. Who will make the cut in your squad?