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Studio Session – The Johnston Family

What do you get the glamorous mum for her birthday that already has it all…? A handsome husband, 4 gorgeous grown-up kids, a daughter-in-law (that is good at organising presents) and a brand new cute as a button two-month-old granddaughter. An updated family photoshoot, that’s what you get her!

I’m totally all for presents that give an experience rather than stuff and a gift of memories is one of the most precious gifts of all. Daughter in law Katie did good, very good (I’m just a bit worried that she has set the bar too high for Christmas now!!).

Meet the birthday girl

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Woot woot! See what I mean about glamorous? You’d certainly never guess they had 4 adult kids, would you?

The Family Photo that started it all

Mum bought with her a photo that they’d had done as a family a few years ago and asked me if I could recreate it now her babies are all grown up. Such a fun idea and we included the original picture in the new one as well!

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

The boys have clearly had a growth spurt since the original!! The original image was on a brilliant white background.  I gave them a version of this image with the same background. But I must confess I prefer the more flattering cream tones of this background.

Of course, there are now two more additions to the family so to update the image properly let’s add in Katie and baby Elsie.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Look at Elsie, she’s a natural in front of the camera already!

Families within Families

As I give all the edited digital images to the family I made sure that we captured all the combinations. Including the newest little family.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Back to the Birthday Girl

I had to pose mum with her twin daughters.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

As you can see good looks clearly run in the family.

And when I have grown up sons in the studio I love to have them kiss their mama. It always delights mum and makes the guys squirm a little!

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Look at that grin!

The undisputed star of the Show!

Everybody wanted their photo with Miss Elsie. Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandad, Aunties and even her Uncle! I think the birthday girl was very happy to share the spotlight with this little cutie and as the first grandchild and niece, she is absolutely doted on. And rightly so.

I couldn’t resist finishing up with some photos of her by herself.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

And just like that, after multiple combinations and lots of fun and laughter, the session was over. Have I mentioned I have the best job in the world?!

Studio Session – the Cech Family

When Katarina got in touch to book a photoshoot to celebrate her daughter turning one I couldn’t wait to meet the entire family.

Meet the Cech Family

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Mum Katarina, Dad Milan, Big brother Andrej and the beautiful birthday girl Agatka.

Granddad was visiting so he came along for the ride. I insisted on shooting him as well! it will be lovely for him to have moments captured with his precious grandkids.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Cheeky Chap

I fell in love with five-year-old Andrej.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I mean, how could you not? He was super inquisitive but very polite and his cheeky little grin got me every time.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

He was also very good with his little sister and willing to pose patiently.

 The star of the show

The star of the show was the birthday girl herself, Miss Agatka. Looking a picture in her flowered dress and of a selection woolly tights, she was the belle of the ball. She was quite serious at first so I suggested dad blow some bubbles. This was the first time Agatka had seen bubbles and it’s fair to say she’s now a big fan. She thought they were just hysterical.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I hope your next year is filled with bubbles and laughter too sweet girl.

Larbert Woods – The Kerr Family

How lucky am I? A few weeks after my last epic location shoot at Larbert Woods I got to go back. This time for a family photo shoot that was gifted to mum for Mother’s Day using one of my lovely vouchers (what an ace gift 😉 ).

Meet the Kerr Family

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Mum, Dad, Rory and his little brother Archie. Sitting on my favourite tree in the whole wood. It is just perfect for p

“Some nice family shots”

Was what mum wanted. She didn’t fancy a studio shoot as the last time they had tried when they just had Rory it wasn’t much fun. She thought that if the boys got to run around and play they wouldn’t get bored so easily and the result would be nice natural photos. I suggested the location as what boy, girl (or middle-aged photographer) can resist rustly leaves and sticks?

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Mum knows best – as usual! Rory and Archie had a great time!

Stick it to ’em

I’m not sure who started the stick fighting….probably Dad but it quickly escalated!

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I think that one is just a bit too big! Good teamwork though guys!

Leaf it out!

Did you see what I did there?! I took the family to the clearing where there was an abundance of leaves to run in and throw at each other.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

First of all, everyone ganged up on Dad. Then the boys got on their parent’s shoulders and a full-on battle commenced!

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I love capturing these moments as the family forgets that you are there and just get on with the business of having some fun.

And just like that..

the hour whizzed by and it was time to go home. Not before a few last clicks of the camera as we walked back through the woods.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

A good time had by all :-).


Studio Session – Amber’s Family

About five months ago I had the delight of the lovely, bubbly Amber in the studio. Well, she was back last weekend and this time she’d brought reinforcements!

It’s a family affair

Amber’s mum had been in touch to get images of Amber with her two older cousins Oscar and Maisie. She was hoping that they would be able to get some good ones to potentially use for Christmas gifts for grandparents (ssshhhhh).

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Poor Dad had his work cut out with the tickle stick and my squeaky chicken to get everyone to look at me!

The combinations are endless

Of course, because you get all the edited digital images after a full session from me it is a good opportunity to get some pictures for both families to treasure as well.

I took some gorgeous pictures of Amber playing with her dad as he’d missed out on her last photo shoot. As well as some cute family ones that I also designed into a Christmas card for them 🙂

I also took pictures of both dad’s together as those same grandparents might like pictures of their two sons (;) )

Brothers and Sisters

Oscar and Maisie were very cute together. Despite pretending that they didn’t really like each other!

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I also took images of each of them by themselves.

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Oscar took a bit of warming up but chatting to him about his one true love – football yielded some great smiles and some more pensive ones. Like the one above that I love.

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Maisie, on the other hand, was a natural model and was happy to pull all sorts of expressions for me to capture. But I also love this natural one of her taken in-between model requests.

Adorable Amber

Undoubtedly the star of the show was little Miss Amber. Her smile just melts me. And I can’t believe how much she’s grown in the 5 months since I first saw her!

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

She was the mistress of crazy facial expressions as well. This next one made me smile so much I had to keep it in the gallery!

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Captions, please….
The C word

I know, I know it is still only early November but Christmas is just around the corner and with all the talk about potential prints as Christmas gifts. It got me in the mood to turn a few of each families images into Christmas designs that I added to their gallery (because I’m desperate to get on Santas nice list this year).

And just because I could, I couldn’t resist putting Amber inside a snow globe! It is almost the season after all!

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography
He’s behind you!

Studio Session – Harrison’s Smash & Splash

Cool Uncle Alert!

Harrison was gifted a Smash & Splash photoshoot voucher by his uncle for his birthday.  His mum and dad told me that Harrison already had loads of toys and they wanted an experience for him and memories for them. So his cool uncle purchased a voucher from me and last weekend Harrison came in to redeem it.

A Smash & Splash session is usually booked to celebrate a first birthday. We begin with some shots of the birthday boy or girl. Then we bring in the item they have chosen to smash (could be cake, doughnuts, fruit, etc). Finally, they wash it all off with a splash in the tub!

Meet the birthday boy

Child portraits by JB Moments Photography

Harrison looked very handsome in his trews and braces and knew how to work the camera from the moment he arrived.

Unfortunately, that outfit wasn’t going to stay pristine for very long.

Bring out the cake

Harrison’s mum had chosen a cake for the smash part of the Smash & Splash and I went for a cookie and cream themed decorated cake to go with the navy and baby blue colour scheme mum had asked for.

Child portraits by JB Moments Photography

Harrison wasn’t sure at first (although dad did confirm it was indeed delicious). But he liked the wooden spoon I gave him to smash the cake with and set about giving the cake a good beating!

Child portraits by JB Moments Photography

As he was a total pro he did remember to look up from his smashing from time to time to allow me to capture his gorgeous cheeky face. Here he is giving me his ‘Blue Steel’ face (Zoolander film reference for those of you too young)!

Tub time

Once Harrison was over the cake smashing I changed the set over to the splash part of his Smash & Splash. The tub is filled with lashing of organic bubble bath, the rubber ducks come out to play and the bubble machine is set to maximum!

Child portraits by JB Moments Photography

I think this was Harrison’s favourite part of the session and this was my favourite picture of him.

I think Harrison and his parents had a great time and I captured some great memories for them. So if you are a cool auntie or uncle. Or even grandparent or friend and want to give a gift of memories check out my gift vouchers 🙂

When Drag Race came to Airth!

“Haters gonna hate, but here are the only words you need for them. Sashay, away.” – RuPaul, Drag Race

Anyone who knows me knows that I bang on with annoying regularity about how much I fricken love my job! But it’s true because no two days are the same and a lot of the people I meet start out as clients and end up as friends.

So, on the 1st of November, I find myself cooing with baby Alex in the studio in the morning. And meeting up with one of my fave wedding couples Neil and Raymond in the afternoon to capture their very own drag transformation!

It started with a Facebook Post

I noticed Neil had posted on Facebook looking for a good makeup artist as Raymond had finally convinced him to go out one night in full drag. I happen to know THE best makeup artist Carla Haley. She does all the makeup for my Boudoir Sessions and is a regular makeup artist for TV and film. Neil messaged me to say they had gone with my recommendation and how amazing Carla was and we chatted back and forth about the planned drag transformation. It sounded FABULOUS!!

I thought you were never going to ask!!

Finally, Neil asked me if I would be free to capture their transformation. Urm, hell yes I would! I mean, I’d only been keeping that afternoon free, just in case…

If you are going to do it, do it right

These guys don’t do anything by half. The amount of planning and prep that had gone into this night was incredible. I wanted to capture them before they started getting ready so I could show a proper before and after.

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography

This was at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. It was going to take them another 8 hours along with their friend, Ashleigh to transform into their alter egos (whose names I can’t share on here as this is a family-friendly blog!!). The level of dedication was mind-blowing!

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography
Command and Control Centre

It was great to see Carla again and as she set up her tools, the guys had the same amount of makeup again!!

Ladies Night

The best part about a night out clubbing is always the getting ready with your girlfriends part. And that’s what this felt like.

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography

Complete with bubbles!

Once Ashleigh was in the make-up chair I left for a while to come back later on. As I left Raymond was glueing his eyebrows out the way. Yes, you read that correctly. Men’s eyebrows are lower than women’s so they are glued up and covered with foundation so that new ones can be painted on higher up the face. The things you learn!

What a difference a few hours makes

I arrived back to find Raymond and Ashleigh fully made up and Neil just about to get in the chair having ‘glittered’ his beard.

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography

I love this picture of everybody watching over Carla’s shoulder as she works her magic.

7 hours in

It was wig time and the transformation was almost complete.

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography
If the handbag fits….

Raymond had gone for quite a demure outfit and looked beautiful. A lot like his gorgeous sister actually! It’s amazing how his mannerisms became more feminine as he slipped into character.

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography

Neil, on the other hand, had gone all out drag queen and was totally rocking it. With a long red wig and thigh-high kinky boots, he looked amazing. Neil is a petrol head and I knew he had a motorbike in his garage. To my amazement, he managed to get on it for me for a picture. I might enter it into this years Pirelli calendar! Watch this space!

I said attention to detail. They even had special bum and thigh pads on to make their figures appear more womanly. Well, I had to capture that!

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography
And the rear of the year 2019 goes to the redhead!
Ready to Slay Glasgow

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography

I mean, look at these three hotties. I had great fun teaching Neil and Raymond how to pose like women to ‘pop’ their curves and accentuate their feminine ways.

Before and After

I think you’ll agree – what an incredible transformation.

Event photographer - JB Moments Photography

I mean it should be illegal to have this much fun whilst working!!

From the social media feeds, it looks like an amazing night was had by all in Glasgow. Somehow they managed to keep those heels on all night and dance! Although Neil’s blisters the next day looks like he had to have suffered for his art. But beauty comes at a price!

Studio Session – 8 month old Alex

Last Friday morning I was in for a treat when my favourite little flirt came back into the studio for the 3rd session of his year-long Grow with Me package. You may remember Alex from his 4-month-old session. Batting his long lashes and looking at me with those big blue eyes I was putty in his hands!

What a Difference?

I make a point at each Grow with Me session to use the same prop that I used at their newborn session as I find it really helps show how much they grow and change in the first year. Boy oh boy has Alex changed. He looked so tiny as a newborn in my dark brown wicker basket and this time he only just squeezed into it!

Grow with Me studio session by JB Moments Photography

Sitting down on the job

At 8 months Alex is sitting up by himself. He is bubbly and happy and as long as he can see where mum is at all times he is confident in front of the camera.

Grow with Me studio session by JB Moments Photography

Look at that face and those oh so kissable cheeks! I was totally in love with his romper suit that was covered in woodland animals. I’ve checked and they don’t sell them in adult sizes 🙁

A sitting child means I have lots more options to vary the setup and I got to use one of my favourite props, the wooden stool my dad made for me.

Grow with Me studio session by JB Moments Photography

Mum was literally just off to the right in case Alex had a wobble but he totally nailed it. What a pro!

Big chair, little person

I like to play with scale as well at these sessions. By putting Alex in a big chair he looks tiny.

Grow with Me studio session by JB Moments Photography

Good for the parents when they worry about how fast time is flying and how big they are getting!

As ever my time with adorable Alex was over too quickly. I can’t wait for his first birthday smash and splash session!

Larbert Woods – The Russell Family

“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour.” – Victoria Erickson

I love every season change I really do. From the optimism of new life that Spring brings to the mellow heat of Summer (if we’re lucky). And I love cosy nights in and brisk walks in winter but, if I was pushed to pick a favourite season it would have to be Autumn. I love the light, I love all the colours, it is just beautiful.

So, I am overjoyed when a family wants a location shoot in Autumn instead of the studio.

Introducing the Russell Family

Family Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I met mum, dad and 18-month-old Rebecca at Larbert Woods. It is literally on both of our doorsteps and a bit of a hidden gem (if you don’t mind getting your photos taken whilst dog walkers and joggers go by)!

It was a beautiful Autumnal Sunday morning and despite the clocks ‘Falling Back’ we all managed to meet in the car park on time. Better still they had read the pre-shoot guide I send out and all looked fab in their autumnal appropriate outfits. Most of all I was struck by  Rebecca’s huge blue eyes. They were incredible!

Baby’s got blue eyes
Family Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I mean honestly! You could swim in those eyes! And they were framed by the most ginormous black eyelashes. Simply stunning!

Back to the Family

Remembering that I was there to shoot the whole family I traipsed the family around my favourite parts of the woods for photographs. And of course, with it being Autumn I couldn’t resist a little leaf throwing session. Miss Rebecca thoroughly enjoyed that and I got some of the nicest, natural images from the shoot then. Whilst the family interacted beautifully together and kind of forgot I was aiming a camera at them!

Family Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Family Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Just like that

Time flies when you are having fun and just like that our hour was up and it was time to go home.

Family Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Airth Castle – Amy’s 21st Birthday

Usually, when I head to Airth Castle it’s during the day for a wedding but last Saturday I headed over in the evening for another special event. Amy’s 21st birthday.

Amy was celebrating in style with a private dining room decorated in rose gold and glitter and 20 or so of her closest family and friends all glammed up to the max.

Family event photography by JB Moments Photography


The Birthday Girl!

Amy waited until everybody was in the room before she made her grand entrance. Looking stunning in a full-length red evening dress and crown (well is it even your birthday if you aren’t wearing a crown?).

When the family booked me they requested I bring a white background with me. So I set up two v-flats to almost create a photobooth type of experience.

Family event photography by JB Moments Photography

It didn’t take long for family (like mum and dad above) and friends to warm up to get their pictures taken and soon our poses were getting sillier and sillier! I mean I need very little encouragement – and they delivered!

Family event photography by JB Moments Photography

These are my type of clients!

Family event photography by JB Moments Photography
I love my big sister, really…
Airth Castle Takeover

The birthday girl was keen on a group picture on the stone staircase in the main restaurant and in my opinion what the birthday girl wants, she gets.

Family event photography by JB Moments Photography

So I wandered through diners tables and happily got in their way to get a few images for the birthday girl.

Birthday Presents

Now you may be thinking well this is all very extravagant and frivolous and hey, why not! You only turn 21 once right?

But…before the party sat down for their resplendent birthday feast  Amy gave a little speech. Instead of birthday gifts, she had asked for donations to the charity her Aunt Michelle is involved with in Aberdeen, Abernecessities is supporting local, underprivileged families in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with the essential items they need to care for their babies and children. Much to her Aunt’s complete surprise she then pulled out a massive box of donated items.

Family event photography by JB Moments Photography

Happy Birthday Amy
Family event photography by JB Moments Photography

Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

The Bo’ness Revival – My First Foray into Motorsport Photography

Motorsport on his mind

For as long as I can remember my husband, Mr JB has been on a mission to combine my love of photography with his love of motorsport. And for as long as I can remember I have resisted. I just didn’t think it would be my thing…I like photographing people, especially people in love and little people. Cars going around a track…nah not so much (unless I was getting to photograph Lewis Hamilton, with his top off….what? A girl can dream can’t she?).

Gradually he has been chipping away at my resistance. First with a Car Photography Course at Brooklands Museum as a Christmas gift. Then with some gentle naging. Finally what sealed the deal was getting me a media pass at the 2019 Bo’ness Revival and the promise that I would be paired up with an experienced motorsport photographer to learn how to capture cars at speed.

Born to Lose –  Live to Win

You see Mr JB races his own car in the Hill Climb. His 1978 Corvette Stingray nicknamed Lemmy. I suspect that is why he is so keen for me to capture the events.

Car photography by JB Moments Photography

Here he is just starting his first practise run on day 1.

All the gear – any idea?

What is a Hill Climb you might ask? A Hill Climb or Hill Sprint as they are sometimes known are timed drives up a dedicated track. You battle for the fastest time in your class not against each other. So instead of racing it is about the skill and precision of the driver. Bo’ness was established as a hill climb in 1932 and was Scotland’s first dedicated race venue but at some point was closed down. It was revived in 2007 and remains a much loved motorsport event in Scotland ever since.

I arrived with Mr JB early Saturday morning for my media briefing where I got my media pass and tabard allowing me access to areas of the track the spectators couldn’t go. Mr JB went with the other competitors for their driver briefing and the paddock was full of anticipation and excitement.

Car photography by JB Moments Photography

I was paired with the photographer Margaret Lothian who had been photographing at Bo’ness for many years. And we decided to start off in the paddock.

Mud, mud, glorious mud

As well as anticipation and excitement in the paddock there was lots and lots of rain and mud.

Car photography by JB Moments Photography

Modern 4x4s were getting stuck in some parts so how these guys got these vintage motors up to the start line I have no idea.

It made for some interesting modifications…

Car photography by JB Moments Photography
Not sure that came as standard!
The Hairpin

After capturing some of these beautifully restored motors coming off the start line Margaret   was suitably impressed with my panning technique (*puffs chest out in pride*). So we went to another of her favourite spots, the first corner, the dreaded hairpin.

Car photography by JB Moments Photography

The cars have to almost come to a stop to get around this corner and is a real test for the drivers.

Margaret was ready to move again and this time we went to her favourite spot on the track.

With added rain

Car photography by JB Moments Photography

We were stood at the Marshall point half way up the hill and as we got there the heavens opened as you can see from the shot above.

Whilst it made it all the more tricky for the drivers it made for some fantastic images. After a while Margaret and I were joined by another photographer who shoots freelance. His work is often used in national newspapers and the like. So for the three of us to be swapping tips and techniques…I was living my best life (despite getting heavily rained on as the trees offered little cover).

Car photography by JB Moments Photography Car photography by JB Moments Photography Car photography by JB Moments Photography

Whilst I shot all of the classes the old single seaters and vintage cars were definitely my favourite (sorry Mr JB)!

Finally, some sun

After lunch the rain had mercifully stopped and the sun even popped out to say hello. We headed up to the courtyard area and after getting in trouble with the clerk of the course for standing on some hay bales (*whoops*) it was great to see another different aspect of the course.

Car photography by JB Moments Photography Car photography by JB Moments Photography

Unfortunately not all cars make it back down in one piece…

Car photography by JB Moments Photography

That’s racing for you.


The technique I was most keen to perfect was panning. The basic idea behind panning as a technique is that you pan your camera along in time with the moving subject and end up getting a relatively sharp subject but a blurred background. This gives the shot a feeling of movement and speed. Without this on sideways shots in motorsport the car looks like it isn’t moving.

I hadn’t really tried it much before but soon got the hang of it and was quite happy with my results for a motorsport newbie.

Car photography by JB Moments Photography

Is it for me?

Hill Climbs are a great way to get into Motorsport. The paddock is a right mix of race teams with mechanics and sponsors through to hobbyist drivers like Mr JB who turn up in their car as a one man band. But there is a real sense of camaraderie. Everyone is friendly and willing to help, lend a tool or give advice. It is also a great place to start motorsport photography and you get brilliant trackside access.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the professional motorsport photographers and talking gear and techniques with them. I hope to do more events but only if I’m not booked for my first loves…weddings and babies.