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Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Ice is back with my brand new invention…

Okay, I am probably alienating half my audience with a bad 1990s Vanilla Ice song reference but I’m too giddy to care! I finally got around to interviewing Jess Leach, owner of The Ricketty Desk. Not only is she a wonderful friend, fellow cake addict, business cheerleader,  and trusted advisor. She is also the brains behind our collaboration, Sketchography.

Let’s dive in, shall we? Oh, and I should mention the images in this blog are from Jess’s most recent photoshoot with me. With her added magical illustrations.

Meet the collaborator Jess, The Ricketty Desk

Tell me how The Ricketty Desk came to exist?

The Ricketty Desk first evolved in 2006 as a concept but didn’t materialise as a business until summer, 2011 when I chose not to return to my uninspiring job in retail after maternity leave. I created a job where I could stay at home and work around my 1yr old’s busy social calendar! I already had a few clients and had crafted my own wedding stationery, word quickly spread that I was now making stationery and illustrating as a profession and things grew from there.

What does The Ricketty Desk do?

The Ricketty Desk creates illustrations for homes, businesses, and children’s book authors. 


I draw people, places, and items in ways that can’t be captured in a photo, such as story portraits and illustrated nameplates, giving clients a unique piece of art to treasure or gift. I work alongside this incredible photographer (aw, shucks!) combining art and photography to deliver full portrait experiences that result in 21stthcentury heirloom works of art. Not only do these pieces capture people, but they capture a moment. 

Alongside this, I also have a range of everyday cards and prints to brighten up interiors and encourage people to send post (I’m a major advocate of snail mail)! To date, some of my favourite pieces include a portrait of a childminder and the children she looked after for 14 years, the lifelong timeline of a health worker as a retirement gift, and a card I designed for BookBlock to help raise funds for the NHS during the pandemic.


I create engaging, scroll-stopping illustrations for use in marketing and publications. Whether it’s in-house or customer-facing, illustrations can go a long way to helping make the often mundane engaging. From storyboards for staff training to live illustrating at events and conferences, I have helped a wide variety of clients, such as Russell and Bromley, Florence and George, Firewalk Scotland, and Dunfermline Heritage Partnership Fund, reach wider audiences and get their message delivered. I’m currently experimenting with window illustrations and am loving having the support (and window!) of Happy Earth Place to allow me to practice this. 


I illustrate what isn’t written. I take imaginary worlds and make the impossible visible, bringing them into reality. My style is whimsical and intricate with a nostalgic nod to the vintage styles of children’s books from the 80’s. Latest publications include Granny’s Big Secret by Katie Pavey and a client’s personal publication called ‘Peter Pootletron’. 

What type of business or individual can benefit from your services as an illustrator?

People who don’t want stock image art on their walls or to promote their businesses. Those who value the power of uniqueness and imagination in any setting, home, or work. I’m an idea’s person who has a knack for seeing things from a different perspective. 

Meet the collaborator Jess, The Ricketty Desk

Tell me about your process, favourite medium to work in, and how you blend drawing and digital?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you! Actually, not true. I’m very old-fashioned and everything I draw is first and foremost physically created on paper. Each illustration starts life as a pencil sketch which is then reworked in ink (my favourite medium) and the pencil markings rubbed out. I then photograph the drawing and transfer it to my laptop for ‘colouring in’. I often photograph different surfaces and patterns I’ve drawn or created to use as textures on the piece, for example, a yellow ruler could become a seagull’s leg! Large pieces, such as street scenes, are created by layering several of these drawings together to create the composition. This means if there is an item a client would like reworked or moved I can do this without starting over, saving on time and costs.

What are the tools you use the most?

A standard black and yellow old school Staedler HB pencil, Staedtler eraser, my set of Pigma Micron and Uni pin fineliners, and my Grandpa’s drafting brush (for removing eraser shavings). Oh, and paper, lots and lots of paper. I prefer to draw on 250gsm mixed media paper but will and have been known to, draw on anything, even bananas. 

The Ricketty Desk - Sketchography - JB Moments Photography

What’s the best thing about your job?

The variety in tasks, one day I can be drawing shoes and fairies the next day aliens and cake. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

You should spend an hour in this brain, it’s tiring! Everywhere sounds corny but I really can find inspiration in the most unexpected places. A lot of my ideas stem from experiences and conversations with children. Not so long ago a 7-year-old on the school run told me that to reveal a fairy door on a mushroom you must first tap the spots in a secret order – who knew!

You are the brains behind Sketchography, tell me how the concept came about and why you picked me to be your photographer?

I used to co-run a business called Fife for Kids and when this launched I created an image of our children on swings with an illustrated background. This re-sparked an old idea of teaming illustration with photography and the possibilities within that. Placing people into storybook settings and capturing moments that can’t be necessarily photographed, like your imaginary friend at age 5.

I knew in order to build this I had to team up with someone who doesn’t just see a box, they imagine what they can do with the box. It needed to be a fun-loving, people person with awesome photography skills and childlike imagination, you couldn’t have fit the brief more perfectly! ( 🙂 )

You have many strings to your bow and you recently added becoming a plastic-free champion to your many super powers, can you share more about the movement and what you do?

I became a Plastic Free Champion at the start of 2021 having eliminated over three items of single-use plastic from my business. Working towards being more sustainable and environmentally conscious is really important to me; the last thing I want is for my products to contribute to damaging the planet further. This award is accredited by Surfers Against Sewage, a nationwide charity raising awareness about the plastic crisis. I decided that becoming a champion wasn’t where this story ended and joined Plastic Free Dunfermline, our local plastic warrior group, in February 2021 as a committee member. I look after the memberships for the group and built a fully illustrated membership pack which launched at the end of last year. The pack is full of tips on how to reduce single-use plastics in your life, how much plastic you can save by doing so, lists of local places to shop plastic-free, and vouchers too! 

Meet the collaborator Jess, The Ricketty Desk

What’s next for the Ricketty Desk?

Books, books, and more books! I’m currently penning four of my own books, one is called ‘There’s an Alien in My Lunchbox’. Which came from a series of post-it notes that I made and popped in my youngest son’s lunch when he returned to school after the first lockdown. Another, you’re part of, is called Best Foot Forward and celebrates the power that women can feel from wearing the right shoes. 

I’m also looking to grow the corporate side of my illustration offerings showing businesses how they can utilise this art form in their marketing and print to stand out from the crowd.  Including a brand new Sketchography product for businesses too!

What advice would you give anyone wanting to be an illustrator when they grow up?

Draw, experiment, and draw some more. 

Try out all the materials and all tools.

Learn to walk before you run, and learn the basics of drawing before contemplating experimenting with digital art. 

Make mistakes, but keep everything you create, as a tutor once said, ‘You’re never in exactly the same mind frame therefore you will never create the same piece of art more than once.’ 

Be inspired, fill sketchbooks, and take a pen and paper everywhere you go.

Listen and talk to other creatives. 

Meet the collaborator Jess, The Ricketty Desk

Thanks, Jess, that was amazing! Here are all the places you can find Jess and her Ricketty Desk.


Etsy Store

Thortful Cards





Studio Sessions – First Birthday Celebrations

Studio Sessions – First Birthday Celebrations

Every birthday counts…especially the first.

I don’t know about you but I love a good birthday celebration.  I love the cake, I love the balloons, I love the bubbles… Luckily at JB Moments Photography, you can have all three!

The Smart Pictures

Before the birthday boy or girl gets introduced to what they are smashing (usually cake, but can be doughnuts, fruit, spaghetti, etc) I like to get some nice portrait images. You know the ones grandma might like.

First birthday shoot by JB Moments Photography

Some, like Miss Lyla, opt for a non smash n splash first birthday shoot and so we get to have fun with outfit and backdrop changes.

First birthday shoot by JB Moments Photography

If the little one brings older siblings with them I like to get them in front of the camera as well. I was particularly in love with Miss Lyla’s crown that she had no issue wearing.

First birthday shoot by JB Moments Photography
Where’s my cake, lady! I was promised cake!

Master Caleb also bought his big brother with him but I had to share this serious image him! Mum has asked for a ‘jungle theme’ and I fell in love with the palm leaf banner I managed to source.

First birthday shoot by JB Moments Photography

Miss Holly’s theme on the other hand was ‘pink and girly’. I love how this one turned out. Holly’s Smash n Splash session was the final part of her Grow with Me year of photoshoots.

Let Them Smash Cake

Once the ‘formal’ portraits are done it’s time to reveal the cake (or other smashable items). I always provide a wooden spoon as well so that the little one has something to bash the cake with if they prefer.

Reactions to the cake vary from huge enthusiasm and diving in headfirst (yes really!) to not at all enamoured and every reaction in between. I would say that both Master Caleb and Miss Holly were somewhere in the middle of the fence when it came to the cake.

First birthday shoot by JB Moments Photography

Master Caleb’s cake was caramelised biscuit flavour and once he got into it enjoyed feeding himself with the wooden spoon!

First birthday shoot by JB Moments Photography

Miss Holly’s cake was a vanilla, white choc and plum jam concoction that Daddy seemed most excited by. Holly was quite a delicate picker of her cake. However, she still managed to cover her tutu, hands, feet, and face in the cake!

Birthday Bubbles

Now at my age, the only type of birthday bubbles I am interested in are the ones that pop out of a bottle with a name like Dom Perignon!

But when you are one, the best sort of bubbles are the ones that come in a tub you can splash around in. Throw in some rubber ducks and a bubble machine and you are in one-year-old heaven.

First birthday shoot by JB Moments Photography

I mean, just look at Master Caleb. He is living his best life right there! For mum and dad, it is also a chance to get rid of some of the cake debris that has worked its way into most orifices by now. So it’s a win-win!

First birthday shoot by JB Moments Photography

And despite Miss Holly having the biggest, bluest, roundest eyes that I love to photograph. I absolutely adore this image of her enjoying herself.

And if you can’t enjoy yourself on your birthday, when can you?


Personal Branding Shoot – Ethical Beauty with Tracy

Personal Branding Shoot – Ethical Beauty with Tracy

Dog People Are My People

I first met Tracy when we were both out walking our respective dogs. My boys loved Tracy’s good-natured Doodle Max and so we would natter whilst the dogs chased each other. Fast forward a little and I am a regular customer of The Body Shop goodies from Tracy. And when she wanted some branding photography done…She knew who to call.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

It’s fair to say Max features in a lot of the pictures!

Branding Plan

At our consultation, we agreed that Tracy wanted a mix of images that reflected her brand and her personality. And a mix of business and personal. If I had to describe Tracy I would say fun-loving and with a huge heart so I wanted to make sure her images conveyed that as well.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

As usual, when I do a branding shoot for someone that works predominately from home I ended up in almost every room of the house taking photos!

We started in Tracy’s office to capture some ‘at work’ images. But we couldn’t resist also capturing where Max likes to sit when Tracy is working!

Whipping Up Some Marketing Images

When I asked Tracy what she does in her spare time, one of the things she mentioned was hanging out with her daughter whilst she baked.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I loved the set of images we captured in the kitchen of them. Both being very good sports at my ridiculous directions!

Take Me To The Bedroom

Okay, this isn’t where I usually end up with clients but as Tracy’s business is all about beauty products we knew we could have some fun with face masks and a ‘girls night in’ set of images.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Of course, Max wanted in on the action as well, and well, with that face, how could you resist?

Good Sport

As I said, Tracy is good fun and was such a good sport on the day. As well as selling beauty products, Tracy is also a makeup artist. We captured some ‘sensible’ images of that and then…

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments PhotographyThat said, look at those amazing cheekbones! We were having way too much fun at this point.

Coffee Break

We wanted to add some location images to Tracy’s gallery as well so she organised a team meeting at her favourite local coffee shop Savana. I like to get as many images as possible for my clients in any location so as well as her team images I captured her working remotely as well.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I love working with like-minded businesswomen like Tracy and I can’t wait for our next session!

You can find out more about what Tracy does here.


Personal Branding Shoot – Kuka Studios

Personal Branding Shoot – Kuka Studios

It should be illegal to have this much fun whilst working – but here I am living my best life! Personal Branding shoots are so much fun 🙂

My Branding

My relationship with the wonderful Kuka Studios started when I was looking for a website and logo designer in 2017. A friend suggested this husband and wife dream team and it remains one of the best decisions I have made for my business.

My logo gets plastered on anything that stands still long enough and 4 and a half years on I am still in love with it. A true testimony to the fact that Kuka properly listens to what you need and gets it right. The same goes for my website.

We bonded over a love of all things skulls and every year I am delighted to shoot their kids back to school pictures for them.

Their Branding

Imagine how honoured I felt when they got in touch to ask if I would shoot some images for their re-branding (if you can’t imagnine – very)!

I can’t share many of the images from their fab photoshoot as the re-brand hasn’t happened yet. This is what happens when you are a highly succesful digital maketing studio. You never have time for your own website.

Kuka Studios can help with all sorts of stuff from website and logo design to copywriting and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to training and education. Jill and Harry are a super talented couple and I wanted to capture that as part of the shoot. I think it is one of the USPs of their business.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

They also get to hang out (sorry work) with their good friend and fellow copywriter and artist Kathleen.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments PhotographyI love it when people tell me they hate getting their picture taken. I just keep spouting rubbish until I get them to laugh. Job done!

All The Team Members

As well as cute kitten named Thor, Jill and Harry also have a mahoosive floof called Loki. I had to include him in the photoshoot.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Isn’t he gorgeous?

At Your Service

People often ask what do you shoot at a branding photoshoot if the company provides a service rather than a physical product?

As well as capturing behind the scenes images of everyone hard at work I also take pictures of them doing things they enjoy outside of work and their passions. This ensures a full gallery of images that can be used not just for a website re-design but for social media posting as well.

As a copy writer Jill has a love for all things stationery.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The company ethos is warm and welcoming with an emthasis on taking the time to listen to their customers needs and coming up with tailored solutions for them.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Is there a better way to do that, than over tea and cake? Erm – I don’t think so.

I can’t wait to see how they use all their images. I know for sure that it wont be in anyway boring.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography
The modern handshake?




Personal Branding Shoot – Your Wellness in Mind

Personal Branding Shoot – Your Wellness in Mind

Man alive I am so behind on blogging my sessions. But I can’t feel bad about it as I am behind because I have been so busy shooting 🙂

Aloe me to introduce my client

Yes, you read that right, Mhairi is the owner and founder of Your Wellness in Mind where she helps health-seeking individuals source high-quality wellness products to enable them to look and feel better. A big part of her ethos is the many benefits of Aloe Vera, but more on that later. I just wanted to explain my glorious pun!

Place of work

Personal Branding images cover a whole range of things but when using them to post on social media or your website your clients love to see behind the scenes at your place of work.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Mhairi has a gorgeous home office that we took lots of images in but she can literally work anywhere so we also took some pictures in a local park and one of her favourite coffee shops.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Doing what you do

The people that become your tribe also like to see you in action. I got to shoot Mhairi meeting with a customer and using her hero products.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography


Product baby

The good news is that you don’t have to be in every shot (unless you want to!). It is always useful to have a library of beautifully curated product and lifestyle images that you can pull from when the need arises.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

People buy from people

In every personal branding shoot, I try to capture the personality of the business owner. As a busy mum, a business owner, and an NHS worker she has very little free time to herself. So every moment is precious.

We took some gorgeous photos with her daughter and also showing what Mhairi likes to do when she does get a spare moment. One of those things is watching movies.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I always come away from each personal branding session totally inspired by the drive and commitment each owner puts into their business and Mhairi was no exception. I also came away with a much better appreciation of all the benefits aloe Vera can have on the body both externally and internally and now happily take an aloe vera gel shot every morning. Want to see what aloe vera can do for you? Join Mhairi’s Wellness Community.

Personal Branding Shoot – Falkirk Sewing Studio

Personal Branding Shoot – Falkirk Sewing Studio

Falkirk Sewing Studio is an amazing social enterprise formed in June 2019 to benefit the Falkirk community. Their studio is based at the Callendar Square Shopping Centre in Falkirk. Here, they provide the right environment to promote sewing and other creative art and craft activities for newcomers, women, children, minority groups including ethnic minorities, LGBTI and anyone who feels they would benefit from inclusion in the project.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Check out the hand crafted sign!

The main woman I met behind this inspiring space is Uatandua Kahere.If I could peek inside this Wonder Woman’s brain I’m sure I would be exhausted after a few seconds.

As well as the sewing studio she runs Kahere Kilts and makes bespoke kilts from all manner of materials, many that are up cycled.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

She also makes organic toiletries and I’m sure a whole host of other things that we didn’t even scratch the surface of in our two hour shoot.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Sew be it

You know I love a pun, just lean into it. I had to show Uatandua doing what she does.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Wool the world

Sorry not sorry for that one, it’s brilliant! One of the main thing Uatandua needed from me was good images of her wool stock to go onto her new website to enable people to buy online. I spent a lot of time photographing balls of wool!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Artists at Work

Uatandua is the only one working in the space. Other artists also use it as their studio space.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

And also to display and sell their pieces.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Well worth a browse, especially if you are looking for unique local Christmas gifts.

Classes and Groups

The space is great for creative groups to have a safe space to get together and do what they love. Whilst I was in taking pictures there was a local chochet group meeting. You should see how fast their fingers were!!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Uatandua has also added classes for all manner of creative projects to her website for people to book.

The Future

As large department stores and shops have closed down in Falkirk the high street, like many others up and down the UK has become empty and less inviting. Most people are simply doing their shopping online from the comfort of their own home.

Iniatitives like this one are breathing new life into tired old high streets and bringing back a sense of community and belonging. I for one think that deserves to be celebrated.

Delighted to have been involved in some small way. Dissapointed that nobody has guessed my little joke I gave them whilst photographing all their haberdashery stock!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Do you get it???



Answer: It's that old saying 'Pins & Needles' of course!

Who Will Marry You?

Who Will Marry You?

Let’s take some time to review the legalities of getting married in Scotland, just so you can make sure you tie that knot nice and tight. As with any legal commitment, there are hoops to jump through and paperwork to sort, but – if you have all your facts straight – this can be a painless and stress-free process.

The basic requirements for getting married legally in Scotland are the following: both parties should be single, divorced, or widowed; both parties should be above 16 years old and not related to one another, and at least two witnesses must be present. This means that you, your partner, and your two witnesses must sign the marriage register or civil partnership document on the day of the legal ceremony. This applies to everyone – whether UK nationals or foreign nationals.

Civil Ceremonies

Generally speaking, a civil ceremony is a marriage without any religious context but with full legal recognition.

A civil marriage can take place at a registry office or any approved venue – a list of which can be obtained from the General Register Office for Scotland. If you’re hoping to apply for a temporary approval for a venue of your choice (for example, your family home), you can contact your local authority for more information. You would normally give notice to marry in the district you’re tying the knot in, not where you live – this means you don’t have to be a resident of Scotland to get married there. The civil ceremony must however be performed by a registrar or an authorised assistant registrar.

You don’t need to exchange formal vows for a civil partnership, but you can do so if you wish. In fact, you can write your own vows, as long as you include the statutory declarations. When choosing your readings and music, keep in mind that there must be no reference to religion for either of these, and it will all need to be approved by your registrar before the day. Some are stricter than others, so make sure you have that conversation as early as possible in your planning!

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Religious Ceremonies

The basic eligibility criteria for having a religious wedding in Scotland are the same as for civil ceremonies.

You can currently legally marry in Scotland by having a Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic, Jewish or Quaker ceremony. For all other religious ceremonies, make sure to ask your celebrant, as you may have to arrange a civil ceremony as well in order to be legally wed.

For religious ceremonies, you and your partner will still need to give notice – but how this happens will depend on the church you’ve chosen.

Religious ceremonies may have restrictions related to specific dates, depending on the faith, and timing will also depend on the church’s schedule. For Church of England ceremonies, Easter and Advent (the lead-up to Christmas) are strongly discouraged – and if you do get agreement, there may be restrictions on certain hymns and floral decorations. In the Catholic Church, you can’t generally marry during Lent (the 40 days before Easter) either. Jewish couples can’t get married between Passover and Pentecost, during three weeks between July and August and on the Sabbath (Saturday) unless it’s two hours after sundown.

The content of the ceremony will be much more fixed in the case of a religious ceremony and will depend on the faith. You can’t typically say your own vows, and instead must exchange formal wording as instructed by the priest or vicar marrying you. Hymns and readings will usually need to have a religious context, although some priests are stricter than others on this front – just make sure you ask with plenty of notice, so you know where you stand and what your options are.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Humanist Ceremonies

Humanist ceremonies are a wonderful option for couples looking to have a secular ceremony with more freedom to personalise their vows, readings, music, and structure. Unlike England and Wales, it is legal to have a humanist ceremony in Scotland.

So what are they exactly? In essence, a humanist ceremony is whatever you want it to be. It’s a way of standing up in front of your loved ones and making a public declaration of your commitment to each other, with no specific rules and no association with a religious faith. It’s conducted by a celebrant, who will work closely with you to create a meaningful ceremony that is right for you. There’s no requirement of any specific vows being said, and you can include any rites or rituals that you feel reflect your union and/or your spirituality (if any!). This may seem like a bit too much freedom, and if you don’t know where to start, remember that humanist celebrants are a great source of ideas, advice, and suggestions. There are no requirements or limits on length, date, time of year, and so on.

This kind of ceremony is available to all, both straight and same-sex couples, and you don’t have to yourself be a “humanist” in order to marry this way.

You can have your humanist ceremony anywhere, as long as your celebrant is happy to join you there – but do keep in mind that a religious building or register office is unlikely to welcome this kind of ceremony, understandably. Humanist ceremonies don’t have to take place in a structure that has a fixed roof – which means you can get married by a secluded loch, in the midst of a field of wildflowers, or anywhere that means something to you!

Finding the right celebrant for you is particularly important for this kind of ceremony, as they will work very closely with you both to design a ceremony inspired by your story. Speak to your wedding planner if you’re thinking of going down this route, so he or she can suggest some celebrants for you or check out the Humanist Society Scotland. Do keep in mind that humanist celebrant fees are typically higher than the fees involved in a civil or religious ceremony, so this option does require having scope for that in your budget.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Other Stuff That’s Good To Know

A religious or humanist marriage can take place anywhere and venues don’t need to be approved, as long as the minister/religious official/celebrant agrees. Unlike in England and Wales, it’s the celebrant, not the venue, that’s licensed for marriages, which is why there is much more freedom regarding ceremony locations. In a religious wedding, a minister, clergyman, pastor, priest, or other person approved to do so under the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977 must perform the wedding.

Once you’ve decided you want to marry in Scotland, you will both need to complete and return a Marriage Notice form (which tells the local registrar you want to marry). This form and any other documents must be returned to the registrar at least 29 days before your wedding. If you’re having a religious or belief ceremony you’ll also need to collect the ‘marriage schedule’, which is a form you sign during your wedding ceremony. You can collect this from 7 days before your wedding It will need to be either you or the person you’re marrying collecting it in person. This marriage schedule needs to be returned to your local registrar within 3 days of your ceremony.

You can find out more about processes and criteria for getting married in Scotland from official sources here and here.

Studio Sessions – Family!


“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.” – Albert Einstein

As well as lots of yummy babies I have had the honour of capturing lots of family images recently too. These types of sessions mean so much to me because I know there is usually a reason for them and as such, they create a beautiful memory for the family in them.

The Grow with Me One

I love doing Grow With Me sessions as I get to see how cute bambinos grow and develop over their first year. Miss Cora came in for her 2nd session and I just had to include her big brothers in the pictures.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I love how much they dote on her. She even has a cool nickname ‘Baby C’. That’s what being in a family is all about. This little lady is always going to have her big bros looking out for her.

The Turning One One (!)

Little Miss Erin was about to turn one and mum wanted to celebrate with a family portrait.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Such a cute family. One day, when she is much older. Erin will look at these pictures and get all the warm and fuzzies. Just like her mum and dad will when she is in her difficult teenage years and they remember what a precious little dot she was!

The We Are So Proud Of Him One

This family have all their kid’s graduation pictures in frames proudly displayed. Just because their youngest son’s graduation was cancelled due to C-19 they still wanted to mark his moment. The gown was still hired and I did my best to recreate the graduation images his sisters had taken.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I love that this will be hung in pride of place in the family home. Bonus points that he graduated from the Univerity all the best people graduate from, Stirling 😉

The Baby Is Flying The Nest One

This was a very personal session for me. I gifted a Family Photoshoot at my local virtual Christmas Fair last year. It was a prize draw with all the proceeds going to local family charities. I used a random number spinner to generate the winners to keep things all above board but I was delighted when my good friends won!

I’ve been wanting to shoot this family for ages. Dad is an over 6-foot mountain of a man and Mum is so tiny and petite. How she managed to give birth to twin boys and then another son is beyond me! I mean I’m guessing they didn’t appear as big as they are today but even still!!!

It was a poignant moment for them as well as their youngest son was flying the nest off to training college.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

We had a blast in the studio and I think that comes across in the images. To me, if grown-ass boys can still hug their parents and come along to a session like this, then they have been bought up right!

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I love how mum’s smile stretches from ear to ear as she is getting loved on by her sons. Images like this are important to me. Showing the mum at the heart of the family as all too often she is behind the camera capturing the images.

Family Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I smile because you’re my brother. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.

A Tail of Two Dogs

A Tail of Two Dogs

“Every dog owner thinks their dog is the best dog in the world and every dog owner is right”

Can we have a moment of applause for my witty blog title? I’m rather proud of it! I seem to have had a run of dogs recently in the studio with Hugo and Hector the Pugs joining Adam’s cake smash and Arnold the Bulldog protecting his newborn human baby sister Payton.  And I am definitely not complaining, quite the opposite in fact. Then to my utter joy a week or so apart I had two doggos in that couldn’t be any more different.


First up, named after the loveable and huge monster in Monsters Inc was Sully the St. Bernard.

Be still my heart, ever since watching the movie Beethoven as a kid I’ve loved St Bernards. This was the first time having one in the studio though.

Pet Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Look at him!! He was a gentle giant as he plodded up the stairs to the studio. Armed with a pack of ham his owners didn’t have to give him much direction he pretty much sat down and chilled.

He was booked in for a very special reason. It was his first birthday.

Pet Photographer - JB Moments Photography

So he had a birthday hat!!! That also means he hasn’t finished growing yet. Yikes!

Pet Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Just look at those paws! Humungous!

Despite taking lots of breaks to fuss this gorgeous fella I made a beautiful gallery of images that his owners love and record his first birthday.

Pet Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Alas, I couldn’t keep him so I had to let him go home and then wipe the drool off of, well everywhere, in the studio!


Luqa’s owner had been gifted a Pet Photosession by her mum for Christmas 2019!! Finally, after 3 lockdowns, I was able to honour her original voucher.

Luqa is a Yorkie/Maltese cross and where Sully was huge, Luqa was teeny tiny.

Pet Photographer - JB Moments Photography

You could easily fit him in a teeny tiny handbag. Luqa didn’t want anything to do with me at first but eventually came around with some of my doggy treats.

For such a tiny pooch he had the biggest expressive eyes.

Pet Photographer - JB Moments Photography

This is a toddler-sized wicker chair. When I was editing this image he reminded me of another cute creature but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then it came to me.

A Porg
Credit: Lucasfilm

Tell me you see it too??

As Luqa was so little and inquisitive I used a variety of props to keep him still for a moment to capture an image.

Pet Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Like little boxes.

Pet Photographer - JB Moments Photography

And even a tiny bowl!

I have to say big or tiny, both dogs were very well behaved.

If you would like to get your furry friend professionally photographed but not sure how they’ll be or want to invest in a full shoot I am currently running a ‘Dog Day’s of Summer” Mini Session on two dates. One for outside images and one for Studio images.

Dog Mini Sessions by JB Moments Photography

(and yup Sully made it onto the ad poster!).

You can book here.




Personal Branding Shoot – OOSHASC

Personal Branding Shoot – OOSHASC

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mel Anderson the owner of OOSHASC for her personal branding shoot. And I say absolute pleasure because Mel is one of those people who makes you feel like a BFF the moment you meet her. We met virtually through the wonderful Facebook Group Women Together Network a few months ago and at our pre-shoot Zoom consultation, I knew she was going to be fun to shoot. But when we finally met in the flesh for her shoot, it was like I’d known her for years.

Building a great rapport with your client is so important for a Personal Branding shoot. I knew instantly I was going to get some great images with Mel.

Not sure what personal branding photography is? Unsure if you need it for your business or not? You can check out a helpful guide here 🙂


Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

OOSHASC stands for Once Owned Should Have A Second Chance and is a high-end preloved clothing boutique that Mel runs from within the grounds of her house in Dollar. It’s a great idea to buck the current (and unsustainable) fast fashion trend and ensure that quality garments get re-worn rather than end up in landfill.

Mel has been running the business since 2012 and the C-19 lockdown made her rethink her online presence and appeal to a much wider audience. I urge you to check out her Facebook Lives as she gives the QVC presenters a run for their money!

Her brand colours are pink and purple so you’ll see those crop up a lot in the images I took.

Behind The Scenes

Social Media loves to know what goes on behind the scenes (or BTS if you’re feeling fly). For every business that is different. For Mel, it was important to document what happens to clothes once she takes them in and the care and attention she gives them before they go out on her racks.

I ask all my Personal Branding Clients what tools they use in their business. I like to make sure we incorporate them into the images.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

One of Mel’s tools is her iron and steamer so I put her to work! look at that gorgeous smile. What a hottie!

Mess With My Images

When I capture wedding and portrait images my contract very clearly asks people not to tamper with my images by adding filters etc. When it comes to a personal branding shoot…all bets are off. I encourage you to crop, add text, add a colour wash, etc to make them fit your brand aesthetic.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

With that in mind, I often include a few ‘whiteboard’ shots like the one above. Mel could easily use an app like Canva to add quotes, thank you messages, sale news or any other thing she likes!

Flat Lays

Where appropriate I also like to include some flat lay. I also show the client how to take great flat lay images themselves with their phones. Clothing is perfect for a flat lay and Mel picked out a cute first date outfit for me to use.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

All Work And No Play

We also took images around the shop, with Mel’s customers and many many more but it would be remiss of me to steal Mel’s thunder.

Likewise, we took lots of images of Mel being Mel in her spare time, including a few surprises that I can’t wait to see how she uses!Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

I can share this one as Mel has already used. Needless to say Alfie and Purdie her two beautiful labs feature quite heavily.

This was a 2-hour session but it felt like 5 minutes. It’s true what they say that time flies when you’re having fun and I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

Yet again proving that I have the best clients. #LoveMyJob