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Glenbervie House – Sarah & Ewen’s Wedding

Glenbervie House – Sarah & Ewen’s Wedding

Glenbervie House is literally on my doorstop. I could walk to it. And you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to shoot a wedding there.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

It only took a couple from Manchester to book me…

Wait, Manchester?

Okay, let’s back up a little. Ewen is originally from Stenhousemuir and he met Manchester born Sarah when they were both working in Germany.

Ewen asked Sarah out for a drink. Despite taking her to a venue a train ride away and only paying for his own ticket (he claims it was a faulty ticket machine), they had a good time and saw each other again. Fast forward a few years and Ewen proposed to Sarah at home whilst they were both snuggled on the sofa, to her total surprise!

They decided on Glenbervie House and booked me (yay!) for a spring wedding. Then Covid struck and they were postponed until November and my penultimate wedding this year.

Tying the Knot

Sarah and Ewen had decided on a humanist ceremony and a hand fasting. Ewen’s ribbon was his tartan and Sarah’s chief bridesmaid and best friend embroidered one especially for her.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

With a bumblebee for Manchester and three hearts, one for each of Sarah’s children. Isn’t it beautiful? Mind you, Vicki who did it had plenty of practice as she had already created one with the first date on and unpicking wasn’t an option so she had to redo it all over again!

This wedding was full of so many personal and sweet touches like this.

A Bevvy of Beauties

As well as Sarah’s best friend, her eldest daughter was a bridesmaid and her youngest daughter and nieces were flower girls.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Aren’t they stunning. The flowers were gorgeous all done by local florist Irene’s Florist. I love the wands the two littles had.

The Greatest Walk

Sarah’s dad had been poorly and I think everyone was relieved and a little emotional to be able to see him walk Sarah down the aisle.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

It was also his first time in a kilt and despite needing some help from the best man to get it on properly he looked very dapper. I don’t think it will be the last time he wears one!

Totes Emosh

Sarah was trying to hold in her happy tears from the moment she arrived. It was a beautiful ceremony and there were many glistening eyes in the audience. Sarah’s daughter had told me beforehand that she wasn’t the emotional type and that she wouldn’t cry. Imagine my surprise then when I saw this…

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography


Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I love this image I captured just after their rings were exchanged. I was going for a tight crop of just Sarah and Ewen’s hands but I had to leave her beautiful smile in. Sarah didn’t stop smiling the whole day.

The Weather Gods were Smiling

It had been an atrocious  week leading up to the wedding day with heavy rain but from the moment the bride arrived the sun came out. Despite it being bitterly cold the autumn colours were beautiful so we got the whole wedding party outside for the obligatory wedding group shots and then took some of the smaller group shots inside.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The bare walls in the house provided a lovely background and this image of Sarah and Ewen with their little daughter and Sarah’s son and daughter gives me all the feels. They all look so happy 🙂

But that autumn light was calling me and luckily Sarah and Ewen were game enough to brave it for some stunning couple images (even if I do say so myself!)

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Sarah’s dress was amazing and had the most amazing back to it that I had to capture.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography


Readers of my blogs will know that at the last wedding I shot the Groom had baked and decorated the wedding cake. Well this time the Star-Baker crown went to the Groom’s Mother who made the cake.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Dancing the Night Away

I love it when couples book me to capture the first dances.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

But it was the 2nd dance that moved me, the father daughter dance.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I love how happy Sarah and her Dad are and how her Mum and Daughter are cuddling watching them. It was a lovely moment.

I always tell my couples I’ll capture some shots of the dance floor filling up after the first dances and then slope away quietly to let them get on with partying the night away in peace.

I tried to do that here but Sarah and Ewen had other ideas and caught me before I left the building 🙂

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Douglas on a truly beautiful wedding.


Dunblane Hydro – Pamela & Paul’s Wedding

Dunblane Hydro – Pamela & Paul’s Wedding

“Now that I know you are mine you bring me your love and peace of mind. You see the real me and I know that you’re the key.” – Suddenly by Angry Anderson

Wait, isn’t that the song that Charlene & Scott got married to in Neighbours?

Yes, yes it is and all will become clear later on in this blog.

Pamela and Paul are amazing people that work for the NHS. They met in 2010, even though they were both working in different wards. They started chatting in the canteen and when Pamela’s bank card was broken, Paul did the gentlemanly thing and offered to buy her lunch. Fast forward 10 years and two kids later and on Christmas Eve 2020 Paul proposed.

How about this for a proposal? Remember the scene in the movie Love Actually when Andrew Lincoln’s character turns up at the door with music playing and shows Kiera Knightly cards with his love declarations written on them? Well with the help of their kids Lochlan and Emmylou Paul did that. At the front door. With the very last card reading, “P.S. Will you marry me?” Talk about the best wedding proposal ever!

Wet Day for a Wedding

By the day of the wedding, it had been raining nonstop for about 4 days and there were floods all over the place. At one point I thought that Pamela and Paul were going to begin married life on some sort of ark!

Luckily their chosen wedding venue Dunblane Hydro has loads of gorgeous spaces indoors for photographs and whilst I may have mourned for a nanosecond about not getting pictures on the steps at the front of the hotel – I had a plan up my sleeve.

Team Bride

It was all go in the bridal suite when I arrived. So I got straight to work capturing memories. Pamela, Paul,and their family had made so many personal touches for this wedding.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Pamela made the wedding bouquets and buttonholes as well as making and decorating the post box for their wedding cards. The pendant she chose to wear was her mum’s that her mum had received from her parents when she was a young lady.

Pamela’s mum had also had embroidered hankies for all the bride squad including Emmylou. Something they were all going to need in a short while.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Pamela’s dress was a gorgeous whimsical affair and I just love this tender moment with Emmylou.

Team Groom

Paul had a whole groom squad to help him and two best men.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

All of them looking very handsome in their kilts. Paul especially so (and no he didn’t pay me to say that!).

Ceremony of Tears (happy tears)

When people say you can feel the love in the room, it is often just a figure of speech. But in the case of Pamela and Paul’s wedding you really could feel it surrounding the couple and all their family and friends.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

From the Awwww moment when Lochlan walked his wee sister Emmylou down the aisle. Then he got teary waiting for his mum to appear.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

To when Paul first laid eyes on his beautiful bride, being given away by her mum.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

To the reading one of the groom squad gave and then the sweet vows the couple had written each other. There wasn’t a dry eye left in the audience.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The bridesmaids were clinging onto each other to keep it together and somehow I managed to hold the camera steady as I started to get emotional! It really was a poignant, heartfelt ceremony. Finished with a burst of Suddenly by Angry Anderson and a confetti cannon (see it all makes sense now!).

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I honestly fely humbled and honoured to not only witness it but to be able to capture it as well. Proving once again that I have the best job, with the very best clients in the world.

Informal Formals

Time for the group shots and I have discovered a new way of getting the whole group to smile at once…getting trapped in the automatic doors whilst trying to take their picture. Worked a treat!

One of the bar areas had a lovely bay window and it was perfect for the bridal party images.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I feel like this has a Downton Abbey vibe going on.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I had Paul’s groom squad stand all around him for a formal pose then I told them to rugby tackle him. Well, they didn’t need telling twice and piled on the poor groom! These guys are Paul’s ride or die guys that have been with him through thick and thin and their connection shows.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Likewise Pamela’s bridesmaids have been friends from school and are with her all the way.

But what about those steps?

Once we had completed all the formal images and group shots my couple wanted I asked if Pamela would mind getting the bottom of her dress a wee bit wet for a photo outside in the rain, under one of my wedding umbrella’s. Yes it was pishing it down but I had a vision of how good this picture would look…

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

…and they absolutely nailed it!


Paul made and decorated the wedding cake. Three sumptious tiers of lemon and poppyseed, red velvet and chocolate and guiness flavour.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I bet it tasted as good as it looked.

More Happy Tears

Just when I thought everyone (including me) had pulled themselves back together emotionally, it was time for the speeches!

Pamela’s two older brothers gave speeches that were equally charming, funny and tearjerking. Heavily featuring Lochlan and EmmyLou as well.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Paul and his two best men also gave good speach. So much so that everyone was welling up again.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I had a wonderful time capturing this wedding. Pamela and Paul’s love for each other, their kids and their family and friends envelops you like a warm blanket.

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs McCaffery

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Wedding Aisle Order

Order, Order

Before your big day arrives, you’ll want to get well acquainted with your wedding ceremony structure. From the order of a wedding processional to the closing remarks and recessional, you should be familiar with it all. For now, let’s focus on the first part. The wedding processional, your grand entrance, as you’ll want to start things off on the right foot (see what I did there!).

When does the Processional Happen?

Consider the wedding processional the kick-off to your entire celebration. Once your guests have been seated, your officiant will find their place at the altar front of room, the groom (usually accompanied by his best man) will make his entrance (usually from the side), and the music will begin to play. This signifies the beginning of your processional.


Who will be in the Processional?

The first thing you need to do is figure out who will be a part of the processional. This all depends on who you’ve invited into your wedding party, so it could be one person, or it could be twenty people. Typically this will include all of the bride and groom’s immediate families, bridesmaids, the maid of honour, the best man (if he’s not already at the altar), the flower girl(s), the page boys/ring bearer, and, of course, the bride and her usher (usually her father).

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

What is the traditional order of the Processional in the UK?

After the groom has made his way to the altar, the bride and groom’s immediate families will walk down the aisle to their seats (the bride’s family is usually seated on the left and the groom’s on the right). They can fly solo, walk arm in arm, or be ushered down by friends or members of your extended family. Once they’re seated, the mother of the bride takes the right arm of the father of the groom and they walk in together and take their seats (the mother of the bride will be seated on the left-hand side). If the minister or officiant isn’t already at the altar, they will be the next person to walk down the aisle.

The bride takes her father’s right arm, holds her bouquet in her left hand, and the bridesmaids, flower girls and paige boys take their places behind the bride in pairs, usually with the youngest directly behind the bride. They process down the aisle towards the groom who takes a step forward to greet the bride. Once the bride is next to the groom, the bride’s father moves to the left side and the bride gives her bouquet to her maid of honour. The bridesmaids will take their place on the left side of the bride and be seated in the first row. If the bride has no attendants, her father takes her bouquet and either places it on the front pew or gives it to the bride’s mother. Some couples choose to go a different route for the order of a wedding processional and ask the bridesmaids, flower girls, and paige boys to enter the ceremony venue first. Leaving the bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle as the grand finale of the processional. Keep in mind there is no “right way”, so choose what suits you best.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Can I change things up?

Of course! If you don’t want to follow the traditional order of a wedding processional, you definitely don’t have to – especially if you’re hosting a non-religious ceremony. For example, the bride could walk down the aisle alone, with her mother, with both her parents or even her child (like this bride). You could skip the processional altogether and everyone could arrive through side entrances (great for couples who are a little shy). Or, you could follow the American-style (bridesmaids walking in first and then standing by your side at the altar). The world’s your oyster, so don’t be afraid of doing something different.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Wedding Buttonholes

Wedding Buttonholes

What Is a Wedding Buttonhole?

A buttonhole, also known as a boutonniere, is basically a smaller version of a wedding bouquet. Don’t worry, they’re not as extravagant as the handheld arrangements – they’re quite modest in size because they rest on the lapel of a jacket or blazer (they can be stuck through a buttonhole – hence the name – or pinned atop the lapel). Typically, they are composed of a single flower or a small collection of flowers and/or decorative accents.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The origins of the Buttonhole

The tradition of wedding buttonholes, as with all wedding flowers, originates from ancient Greece.

The male wedding party members would wear a small bunch of flowers, usually mixed with fragrant herbs, pinned close to their hearts in order to ward off evil spirits. It was believed that these evil spirits would cause the groom to turn his heart against the bride and refuse to love her.

Buttonholes travelled to England during Medieval times. Knights of the realm would wear their lady’s colours upon their chest to show their everlasting love and commitment.

Even without their armour, these colours would be displayed on their left lapel. Just as they are still worn by grooms today

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Types of Buttonholes

Traditionally it is designed to co-ordinate with the bride’s bouquet. But for grooms that want to put their own twist on things here are some ideas.

  • Paper flowers made from old books
  • Feathers in coordinating colours
  • Flowers arranged in a jacket pocket instead of a hanky
  • Succulents
  • Dried flowers
  • Chillies or other fruit/veg
  • Pinecones, acorns and seed-heads
  • Lego figures, playing cards and other playful items that reflect the groom’s personality

    Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

How do you wear it?

The groom and any other men wearing buttonholes should wear them on their left with the flowers facing upwards.

Mothers of the bride and groom and female wedding guests should wear their buttonholes on the right and with the flowers facing downwards. The same goes for corsages, they should be worn on the right.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The groom will often have a slightly more elaborate buttonhole than the rest of the male guests (it is his day too after all!). Likewise, the mothers of the bride and groom will normally have larger floral decorations than other female guests to signify their status in the wedding party.

When I am photographing getting ready preparations or meeting the groom at the ceremony venue I will always check and offer to help make sure their buttonholes are wedding-ready. It’s all part of the JB Moments Photography service 🙂

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Inglewood House – Samantha & Jamie’s Wedding

Inglewood House – Samantha & Jamie’s Wedding

The final wedding of my triple wedding weekend bonanza was forecast to be rainy but the day was bathed in beautiful sunlight.

Did you ask her or did you Jamaica?

Is it me, or are my puns getting even better?! Samantha and Jamie stayed in the same village but it took a friend introducing them 10 years ago to meet. As a couple, they love holidaying in Jamaica (hence the pun) and 3 years ago Jamie smuggled an engagement ring in a sock in his suitcase and proposed whilst they were out there. All a complete surprise to Samantha.

Location, Location, Location

Samantha and Jamie chose the stunning venue of Inglewood House & Spa in Alloa for their wedding.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Their wedding ceremony was to take place in the great hall in front of the stunning stone fireplace.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Check out that gorgeous wood paneling.

First Look

Before Samantha made her grand entrance down the stairs it was lovely to capture a candid moment of the groom chatting to his soon to be father-in-law as he waited at the bottom of the stairs to give Samantha away.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Then the moment she appeared at the top of the stairs, all eyes were on the beautiful bride.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I always have to remind myself to turn around and capture the groom’s expression when you get an entrance as stunning as this.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

But I’m glad I did 🙂

The Ceremony

Samantha and Jamie opted for a simple Humanist service conducted by Lucy Black .

During the ceremony, they were bathed in the most beautiful light from the stained glass windows.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

After the official signing of the marriage certificate took place I knew that Lucy was going to read a poem to conclude the service. So I dashed up the stairs to the balcony to get some overhead shots.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

More Balconies

The bridal suite also has a balcony that overlooks the front of the property. Perfect for full group shots. I must confess I was momentarily distracted by the amazing roll-top bath in the huge bathroom. I hope they got the opportunity to use it. Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, group shots.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography


After some more group shots, the bride and groom were kinda done with photographs and wanted to enjoy some time with their family and friends. I’m not a monster, so I allowed them a while, even though I was itching to get images of them against the beautiful backdrop.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I mean, come on, right?

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography


Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Like something from a fairytale.


Before the wedding guests got called to eat I took some pictures of the cake, or rather cakes.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Due to Covid-19 safety measures, they decided to have individual cupcakes for each guest instead of slices of cake.

The Jamaica theme carried through during dinner with each of the tables named after some of their favourite places on the island.

Is this love?

As day turned to night and the evening guests arrived. The band started playing the first dance. Jamie had kept this a surprise from his new wife. It was an arrangement of Is This Love originally by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Grattan.


Paisley Registry Office – Nikki & Kris’ Wedding

Paisley Registry Office – Nikki & Kris’ Wedding

This was the 2nd of my hatrick of weddings at the beginning of September and what a beautiful day it was for a wedding. It was also my first time at Paisley Registry Office. Thank goodness I always leave myself lots of extra time as it took me a while to find where to park! I was still there before the groom and his party but not before the brides gran who always likes to get there early – a women after my own heart!

Quite the Performance

Around 2013 Nikki and Kris were both performers travelling the same circuit. Nikki was a burlesque dancer and Kris was in a band. Kris claims that Nikki ignored him at first but then they became friends, then moved in together and then had their gorgeous son Harrison.

Kris planned to propose to Nikki at Christmastime on a night out to Glasgow by a big Christmas tree. But when they got to the spot the tree wasn’t there so there was a bit of an awkward silence and then he propsed!

Camera ShyAt their pre-consultation Kris had mentioned his mum hated getting her photo taken. She clearly loves her sons though so I made Kris and his brother give her a kiss. She forgot about the camera and beamed from ear to ear.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Miss Amber her granddaughter and flower girl thought this was hilarious!

Sweet Ride

Nikki arrived in a stunning vintage car and looked absolutely stunning. “Like a Princess” said Harrison and I had to agree.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Harrison was rocking his kilt and the Mother of the Bride’s outfit was gorgeous as well.

Let’s Do This!

Harrison and Amber looked so darn cute leading the procession down the aisle.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Amber had a basket of confetti pouches that she diligently gave out to everyone. Harrison meanwhile kept a tight grip on the rings.

Nikki and Kris also wrote their own vows to one another which was a lovely touch. I am not going to lie, I felt something in my eye at that point!

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I wasn’t the only one. I spotted gran dabbing her eyes with a hanky as well.

Confetti Time

Rather than spill all the confetti outside the registry office we got the guests to cross the road to the conveniently located Paisley Abbey.

Nikki, Kris and Harrison went in style in the vintage car wit the roof down.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Whilst we were there I had to capture the bride with her mum and gran. It’s not often you get to be lucky and have the three generations around on your wedding day.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Strike a Pose

As the guests all headed off to the resturant, I followed the bride and groom to their lovely hotel, the Ashtree House Hotel.  Their gardens were perfect to set up some images in.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

With plenty of trees to hide behind.

I loved Nikki’s veil so I had to get the classic kiss under it.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Love how emotive this is in black and white.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I am under the veil in this image with Nikki and I love how it turned out. If you look closely you can see the diamante micky mouse pins in the flowers – just one of the many lovely little touches the couple had in this wedding.

Hell Yeah

Another one was the handpainted biker jacket that Nikki painted herself. It had loads of details personal to them on it. I tototally think she could start a business painting these for brides.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I am an absolute sucker for leather and lace together so I spent a lot of time photographing  this!

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

We were setting this up to be a super serious moody image and then just as I was about to click the shutter I saw Harrison combat rolling in from the side with a big stick. I now love it even more!

Then it was time to let the guys head off to meet their friends and family and celebrate the night away.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Nunn, you rock!

Dollar Park, Falkirk – Diana & James’ Wedding

Dollar Park, Falkirk – Diana & James’ Wedding

At the beginning of September, I had the great pleasure of capturing this wedding.

Stalker Alert

When I asked Diana how they met she told me that she stalked James on Facebook! Not quite as sinister as it first sounds, she knew his family but he was based in Ireland at the time so after she saw a post about him she kept a close eye on him.

Six years and two children later in the Graeme Hotel in Falkirk, James surprised Diana by getting down on one knee and popping the question.

Like so many other couples this last 18 months, Diana and James had a large wedding planned but, after all the postponements and cancelations they decided to heck with it and just got on with it!

Where’s Mum?

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

James had to wrangle two tots into kilts before making his way to Falkirk Registrars’ office. They might have made him work for it but by gosh they looked so stinking cute it should have been illegal!

Let’s get Married

Diana’s eldest son walked her down the aisle towards James who couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride. Their two kids and his uncle and wife made up the rest of the wedding party.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I love this image of the three boys during the ceremony.

Micro Wedding

After the brief but poignant ceremony it was off to Dollar Park for some photos.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography
A small but perfectly formed wedding party!

It was a beautiful day and the park has so many stunning locations for photos. I was in my element.

After some group shots, the kids went to the play park with James Uncle so we could get some bride and groom shots.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

As well as beautiful trees, benches and walls there were archways everywhere to take pictures in.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography


Luckily for me James and Diana were extremely good sports and when we headed over to meet the kids at the play park I started to suggest that James push Diana in one of the swings.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Before I could get all my words out they were both on the swings! Love this picture 🙂

James also went to the top of the climbing frame with the two youngest boys as well!

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

No small feat when they are all in kilts!

Shhh, it’s a Secret

Apart from their witnesses James and Diana hadn’t told anybody else that they had ditched the big wedding plans and were just going to go for it. Originally they planned to keep it a secret for a while and announce at a time that was right to their families. As a result I wasn’t going to do a sneak peek like normal on Facebook the next day. But they were both high on love and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before they shared the happy news. Sure enough Diana messaged me later that night to say that James had told everyone 🙂

Good news deserves to be shared.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Congratulations again Mr & Mrs MacDonald.

DIY Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

DIY Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a glamorous party for 300 or an intimate micro-wedding for 30, there are tons of ways you can cut costs and still pack a punch when it comes to decor. From full-blown DIY centerpieces to smaller do-it-yourself projects, you can leave your mark in a way that’s personal.

Line the Table

Capitalise on the simplicity a linen runner brings. Minimal but still elevating, you can even change up the fabric to more accurately reflect the style of the day, whether it be bold stripes for something modern, or a lighter colour palette for a natural, outdoor wedding. Works best if your tables are long trestle tables.

Embrace Taper Candles

I love the natural elegance a taper candle brings to any tablescape. Keep it sophisticated with candles all in the same shade, or mix it up with a handful of colours that coordinate with the overall wedding colours.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Find your Favourite Flowers

In small vases, arrange a handful of your favourite blooms that are easily accessible, I’m talking spray roses, hydrangeas, even baby’s breath. Depending on where you live, you can usually source some pretty spectacular greenery from your own back garden or the side of the road too. But be sure to have some sharp floral sheers or gardening shears, your hands will thank you!

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Top tip from florists is to use string or wire to tie a handful of flowers together and then cut it short to fit in a 5″x5″ clear glass vase.

Use Potted Plants

It’s no secret how much potted plants are en vogue when it comes to wedding decor. The perfect DIY project for a crowd, choose a vessel you’d look forward to reusing after the wedding, and plant flowers or herbs for an eco-friendly, cash-saving centrepiece.

Provide a Fruit Bowl

Placed fruit on the tables or in baskets for your guests to enjoy with dinner. A quick trip to the local grocer or farmer’s market will have your guests thanking you for the fresh fruit treats, like bowls of oranges, peaches, and apricots.

Stick to Single Stems

Single flower arrangements are far easier to design and tend to look more elegant. Opt for the easiest flowers to source year-round such as roses, hydrangeas, and tulips. Although seasonal favourites like peonies and ranunculus will also be available from the local florists and flower markets as well. One stem per vessel is a charming look for an eclectic tablescape.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Consider Cacti

Bring the desert straight to the table with miniature cacti! Perfect for the laid-back couple, you can customise this trend by placing mini pots of any variety, from Prickly Pear to Peruvian Apple, amongst candles and metallic tableware for an ultra-modern design.


Hosting a summer wedding somewhere sunny? Lining the table with pineapples requires little to no preparation ahead of time, beyond purchasing, for a quick, kitschy set up the morning of the big day!

Opt for Succulents

For a climate not so fresh-flower-friendly, opt for something like will thrive come rain or shine. Take a quick trip to the garden store to scoop up a variety of shades and plant them together or separately—and just like that, you have a wedding centerpiece, and your own succulent garden to take home once the dancing’s over!

Fill up your Vases

No matter how you slice it (pun intended), using citrus is a great way to brighten up the celebration. Line clear glass vases with thick or thin cut slices of lemons, limes, or even oranges, or keep them whole and fill them straight to the top.


If you’re looking for something beautifully simple a pretty white birdcage filled with baby’s breath (gypsophila) is perfect for a winter wedding. Research your DIY centrepiece flowers and check they are in season. Your flowers should be more affordable as well as being more widely available. Try using a mix of fairy lights and holly in Winter, or try daisies and cornflowers in summer. You could even try small potted plants for your DIY centrepiece, especially as daffodils and snowdrops begin to bloom.

Books and Flowers

A small bouquet of dusty purple spray roses, anemone, and seeded eucalyptus on a stack of vintage books wouldn’t look out of place at any beautifully styled fairytale wedding. You could even use your own books to add extra height, as well as creating a special and thoughtful DIY centrepiece for the table. Pretty hand-tied flowers could be made using real or artificial flowers and you could also use your bridesmaid bouquets.

Fire and Ice

If you’re looking for an alternative to floral decorations there are lots of other options available for your DIY centrepieces. Using a selection of clear containers on each table filled with faux ice and candles will create a beautiful simple table decoration that sets the perfect romantic atmosphere. Combined with some scattered tea lights or fairy lights in jars this pretty centrepiece can look just as enchanting as any floral display.

Spill the Tea

It’s tea time! Make an elegant statement at your wedding by putting your floral arrangements in antique teapots instead of traditional vases.

Ostrich Glam

If you’re going glam for your wedding, ostrich feathers will make the perfect statement centrepieces. Choose any colour to coordinate with your decor.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Callendar House & Park – Kelly & Darren’s Wedding

Callendar House & Park – Kelly & Darren’s Wedding

“People love dogs. You can never go wrong adding a dog to the story.” – Jim Butcher

Young Love

Childhood sweethearts are a very rare and precious thing to behold, especially those that go the distance. Kelly and Darren met at school when they were just fifteen.

Ten years and one dog later they went out for a meal to celebrate their anniversary. Afterward whilst walking Belle the dog around Linlithgow Palace, Darren got down on one knee and asked Kelly to marry him.

That was in February last year and this July I had the absolute honour of capturing their wedding.

Quickest Wedding

I have never witnessed such a quick ceremony! My couple were keen to be married with minimal fuss and attention.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

It was an absolutely glorious day and they couldn’t wait to be outside at one of their favourite spots.

Favourite Tree

Callendar Park is a favourite place for Kelly and Darren to walk Belle and the wooded areas make for some great images. When I met my couple for their pre-wedding consultation we had a good traipse around all their favourite spots including Kelly’s favourite tree.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Guest of Honour

After a slightly delayed arrival due to a very bad ‘shortcut’ Kelly and Darren’s best girl arrived. Once Belle appeared you could see them visibly relax and start enjoying themselves along with their immediate family and friend.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Belle was such a good girl and was delighted to be amongst all her family.


If you know, you know! The second spot we agreed on during the pre-meet was a part of the woods that gave me serious Twilight vibes. Luckily Kelly was a big fan too 🙂

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

I had this image in mind from the moment we went there and I’m happy to say it executed even better than I imagined. Plus this lot don’t even need to sparkle to look good! (again if you know, you know.)

Belle of the Ball

Can I request a dog at every wedding? Capturing these images was so much fun.

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography
My hoomans are married!
Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography
They are totally kissing behind me, aren’t they?

Honestly, she was such a model and better behaved than some guests I’ve witnessed over the years!

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography
I wuff you too.

Park Life

We met back up with Kelly and Darren’s guests for some pictures outside Callendar House, well it would be rude not to really!

Wedding Photographer in Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

Then everyone was off for a meal to celebrate.

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Wilson and Belle xoxo

Sensible Advice for a Long Lasting Marriage

Sensible Advice for a Long-Lasting Marriage

Bit of a change of pace from my usual wedding tips and guides this month. Usually, I talk about topics for the day itself but with my own 22 year wedding anniversary just happily celebrated I wanted to share some tips from therapists, relationship experts, and other professionals about making a marriage work long after the confetti has been swept away.

What are the rules for a truly happy marriage? There aren’t any, really. More like guidelines. Why? Because what works for one couple might be laughed off by another. It all depends. One thing remains, however: couples must know what works for them and be intentional about weeding out the bad habits that can sink their relationship. Because the happiest marriages aren’t happy all the time. They require fluidity, communication, evolution, curiosity, and an agreement from both partners to constantly do the work to help it adapt and flourish. That said, there are things that all couples should pay attention to — guidelines about arguments, bad habits, staying flexible, and more that every couple should understand. Taking note of these 23 pieces of marriage advice — culled from therapists, relationship experts, and more professionals — is a good start.

Remember your Commitment

Life can get blooming messy. You both signed up to stay together during whatever comes your way. And the foundation you’ve built along the way needs to always be top of mind — and sustained. “When there is a foundation of caring and love, then you can trust at all times that you will get through whatever difficulties you are facing,” Janet Zinn, a New York-based LCSW and couples therapist shared. “Commitment means you can gently lay your head on your partner’s shoulder because you know he or she is there for you when you’re vulnerable or simply tired. It’s a basic shared intimacy, and a necessary ingredient to a healthy, happy marriage.”

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Assume the Best of One Another

Whatever happens, it’s important to understand that your partner probably means the best. Even if they pee you off something awful, their intentions were likely pure. W “If you assume your partner is doing their best, it is less likely there will be blaming and disappointment,” says Zinn. “And there will be an active engagement to resolve issues as they arise since you know you both have each other’s best interests in mind.” Remember “your best” doesn’t mean perfection – it means you’re giving the situation everything you can at that moment in time.

Don’t Ever Stop Trying

Happiness can be a kind of trap because it comes in short bursts. It’s like watching your favourite comedy. It’s great for a few episodes, then it becomes boring. You have to strive for contentedness, which is a continuous state of mind, and one that feels doable. “Being happy comes with pressure. It makes it sound like it’s the partner’s job,” Dr. Pat Love, relationship expert and co-author of How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It, said. The unavoidable piece is just the commitment to trying. It’s doing things like being generous, showing appreciation, and saying thank you more than you probably are.

Stop Stonewalling

One of therapist John Gottman’s traits that doom a marriage — “stonewalling” is as common as it is incredibly corrosive. It’s the act of shutting down during an argument. The person stonewalling stops responding and maintains a calm exterior, which tells their partner that they don’t care at all about what they’re saying. “The stonewaller is right to try to calm things down but the way he’s doing it is very destructive,” Donald Cole, Clinical Director of The Gottman Institute, advises. What to do instead? Ask for a break. Tell your partner that you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed and go for a walk or otherwise put your brain on ice until you’ve cooled your boots. Then, return to the discussion — sooner rather than later — and continue the discourse.

Communicate Respectfully

Good communication is the backbone of any relationship, yes. No, you don’t have to act like that special breed of weirdo couples who never ever argue or get on one another’s nerves. Rather, couples need to argue and attack the issues at hand without getting defensive, digging up the past and throwing it in the other’s face, dismissing a partner’s experience, or any other such bad habit. Does this take work? Totes. But it’s worth it.

Always Be Flexible

Life throws a lot of haymakers our way. And it’s important for partners to understand and anticipate that, well, they can’t anticipate anything and must therefore react with flexibility. “Unexpected events, expenses, and situations come up in relationships,” says Zinn. “If we are too rigid, we resist facing the unexpected. A couple’s ability to ‘go with the flow’ – especially when it’s dramatically different from what they expected – gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and, more importantly, get to know each other in ways they might never have known before.”

Curiosity Saves Couples

There’s no way around it: Growth as a couple or an individual requires curiosity. Being curious together can result in tremendous learning experiences that strengthen your relationship. “In difficult or challenging situations, you can both learn from what makes those situations hard for you,” says Zinn. “And you’ll grow in the process. In this way, you will both have pride for yourselves and each other in the ways you got to the other side.” She adds, “Keep in mind, too, that your partner will likely change over time, so a shared sense of curiosity — being open to the ways in which he or she changes — can allow you to identify the ways you’ve changed as well.

Be Willing to Grow and Learn

Spoiler alert: Everyone screws up, says dumb things, gets stuff wrong. It’s all about how people react that defines a relationship. “If we are willing to learn from our mistakes as they relate to our partner’s needs and desires, we will thrive – personally, and in the relationship,” says Zinn. “The willingness to admit mistakes, and apologise sincerely, is an important key in creating a deeper bond with our partner.” So, swallow that pride and squeeze out an “I’m sorry” the next time you make a mistake.

Stop Invalidating

Emotional invalidation is a frequent — and sinister — force in relationships. It occurs when someone discounts their partner’s feelings, implying that, for them to be saying or doing something, they must be either crazy, stupid, or some combination of the two. It can happen in a quick, almost casual manner (“That’s ridiculous”), or it can even be done passive-aggressively, telling a partner how they should react before you even speak (“Don’t freak out, but I have to tell you something…”). In the worst-case scenarios, the invalidation can devolve into situations that can be humiliating and degrading (“Don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”). Needless to say, doled out over time, invalidation can be incredibly destructive to a relationship. Marriages thrive on mutual trust, respect, and security, and if a partner doesn’t feel as though his or her feelings are being treated with respect, then the relationship will eventually corrode.

Use a Special Code

A good rule to consider: think about a secret signal or code to share with your partner. Yes, this will make you feel like spies which is always cool. But it also helps if one person needs to ask for a time-out during an argument or needs to leave a party where they feel uncomfortable. When the word or phrase is said, it means “No questions, we have to stop — or leave.” The couple can figure out later if the time-out was warranted, or if one party was overreacting. But the agreement can give couples space to gain perspective. In the end, it’s about trust and being considerate.

Play Catch, not Tennis

Many of us get defensive (Me? Defensive? How very dare you!). It’s a learned behaviour — and one that can be very difficult to fight. But it’s incredibly toxic and leads to a lot of resentment and communication issues in a marriage. According to Anthony Chambers, Ph.D., the way to think about defensiveness is you’re not being receptive to your partner’s feedback.“It’s a combination of defending yourself and poking holes in the other person’s perspective so that when you’re trying to communicate, you’re constantly in this defensive pattern,” he says. So how can a couple reshape their thinking? “If you find yourself playing tennis, I always tell couples that’s the wrong game,” says Chambers. “You really want to be playing a catch because it’s a much slower game. You’re taking the ball and you’re trying to throw it so that your partner can easily receive it. They catch it. They look at the ball in their hands and toss it back to their partner. It’s a much more intentional form of communication in this game.”

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Be Open About Your Finances

Talking about money is one of the most intimate conversations a couple can have. Whether you keep separate bank accounts or are a share-everything type of couple, talks about finances need to happen early and often. Because if you’re not talking openly about money, you’re not building a shared future. And, per financial advisor Jacquette Timmons, “Otherwise I think you leave the window open for a lot of distrust to seep in, and that’s never good for any relationship, whether it’s triggered by finances or anything else.”

Create Boundaries

How do parents keep their marriage strong when kids are in the picture? By setting boundaries. “This means keeping kids out of the bedroom most of the time, having regular dates (even if you don’t leave the house), going on adults-only outings, and deciding to limit extra-curricular activities,” Leslie Doares, a couples counsellor, suggests. “Too many parents buy into the idea that children have to be involved in every activity open to them or they show interest in. This can be costly in terms of time and money. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to some things. It’s okay for your children to be disappointed sometimes. It prepares them for the real world.”

Prioritise Sex

Woohoo, now we are getting to the juicy stuff! Melody Li, an Austin-based therapist, often works with couples whose love lives have “simply disappeared” after they had kids. This is unfortunate. Fortunately, the solution is a pretty simple one: make time for sex. When you’re busy, this means putting it on a schedule and sticking to it. “Much like other self-care activities (e.g. going to the gym) if you don’t block time out in your schedule, it’s not going to happen. Couples tell me that when they schedule sex, they actually get a bit excited as they anticipate their alone time. They find themselves fantasising about their partner and planning fun ways to pleasure each other. So in reality, it’s not as un-sexy as it sounds,” says Li. Is it me or is it getting hot in here?

Go on Date Nights

Speaking of regular sex appointments, here’s one way to kill two birds with one stone: regular date nights. “Going to the movies with your kids can be fun, but make sure to do a parents-only date night at least once a month,” says dating coach Andrea Amour. “It’s so important to have evenings where you don’t worry about nappy-changes, spilled popcorn, or public tantrums. Go have unencumbered fun.” Yes, costs factor in. But you can have a night on the couch or a neighbourhood walk that is planned and intentionally date-ish. It’s the intention to spend undisturbed fun time together that matters.

Get on the Same Page

Being on the same page about everything from how and what involvement in-laws will have, how many activities the kids should participate in is so, so, so, so important in a marriage. When parents touch base regularly and are on the same page, stress is reduced and they can spend time functioning graciously and flexibly.“In my experience, the most important thing parents should do to maintain a happy marriage while raising children is to schedule regular time to discuss issues, practicing effective communication techniques,” says parenting coach Elisabeth Stitt. “Of course parents need to work out logistics of who’s going to pick up whom when, but they also need time to discuss the bigger issues that can tear a couple apart like ‘What constitutes a discipline problem and how should discipline problems be dealt with?’ or ‘What is the right balance between warmth and connection and maintaining high expectations?’”

Learn How to Move On From Arguments

Disagreement is unavoidable in any marriage — as are spats, snipes, and all-out fights. One of the defining aspects of a strong, happy marriage, however, is the ability to get past a fight. “It doesn’t matter if you argue, because all couples do, it’s about coming back to the table afterwards and talking about what happened and owning your part,” says marriage and family therapist Melissa Davis Thompson. “It’s important so issues don’t get stored away. It allows a couple to share deeply how they feel without being angry or frustrated during an argument.”

Laugh it Up

Staying in good humour requires, well, a bit of humour. “The best thing parents can do to maintain a happy marriage is laughing together every day,” says marriage and family therapist Katie Ziskind. “I’ve worked with couples and families in all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, cultures, genders, and personalities. If parents can laugh together, even when they may want to cry of frustration, they can get through anything.”


Always Be Validating

Validation is one of the most important things couples can do for each other. Having your partner hear what you’re saying, appreciate you, and understand you speaks to a basic need for connection. It’s okay to disagree, as long as you can respect where each other is coming from. “Healthy couples know that feelings aren’t right or wrong or true or false,” says Thomas Gagliano, a social worker, speaker, and author of The Problem Was Me. “This is a very important message to give to your children as well. It helps resolve conflict instead of doing a destructive dance feeling that we don’t matter to each other.”


Stop Obsessing Over Who Wins

The compulsive need to be right can be incredibly destructive in a relationship, with spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle describing it almost as a form of violence. The need creates fear and resentment between couples and will eventually wear the relationship down over time. When couples respect each other, they can accept not being right in favour of maintaining a healthy balance. “Successful couples know how to choose their battles knowing that closeness means more than being right at times,” Gagliano says.

Stay in Tune With Self-Care

“Successful couples know that they need to take actions of self-care,” says Gagliano. “This affirms that it’s important to work on the relationship you have with yourself.” In other words: It’s not enough to take care of your spouse. You also have to look after yourself. That means exercising regularly, eating well, getting enough sleep. Even making regular doctor and dentist appointments is important. By investing in yourself and your own well-being, it shows your partner that you want to be at your best for them.

Pay Attention to the Little Things

Small gestures carry a lot of weight, and for couples who have mutual respect, those small gestures are second nature. A simple love note, a slightly longer hug or kiss goodbye can make your partner feel validated and appreciated. “One short and sweet text or email per day can make your lover’s heart pitter-patter — without causing his or her head to spin from electronic overload,” says family psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish

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Give One Another Space

It’s important to be supportive and engaged with your spouse. But you also can’t hover over them and try and solve all their problems for them. Couples who have mutual respect believe in each other’s strengths and have enough faith in each other to know when to step back and let them handle something on their own. “They realise they can’t fix their partner’s problems more than their partner wants to,” says Gagliano. “They know when they need to let go of control and let their partner figure things out for themselves.”

Oofftt, congratulations if you’ve stayed with me until the end. What do you think? I recognise some of the things that Mr JB and I do already (secret codes anyone!!) but also some things we could put into practice to make sure we last another 22 years…