Christening Photos – Then and Now

Christening Photos – Then and Now

Christening Photos – Then and Now


My last blog about printing your digital photos was maybe a little ‘heavier’ than my usual spiel so I thought I would lighten the mood with a few then and now Christening Photos just to show how things have changed.

Yup, that’s me! Check out the woolly tights and the very bulgy nappy area. Disposable nappies were still to be invented so I am in the good old fashioned terry towelling nappy that was washed and re-used over and over and over (and eventually became dusters I do believe). I can almost feel the collective sigh of relief from modern mums out there! I am also sporting an adjustable silver Christening Bracelet. These used to be all the rage but I don’t know if they are still a thing anymore? I no longer have mine as my little brother destroyed it (that’s right, Lee, still haven’t let it go)!

Fast forward a few (ahem 😉 ) years and I am taking the Christening Photos at my youngest Nephews big day.

Christening Photography - parents

Total cutie, am I right? The parents aren’t too bad either!! Although that is the bracelet crushing culprit right there!

Christening - Oscar

As you can see from the Cutie-Pie above, as well as my nephew, waistcoats and bow-ties seem to be quite the thing for a modern day boy on his Christening! This is Oscar perfecting his ‘GQ Pose’. Very dapper!

Back, North of the border in Scotland and this wee chap still had the de rigueur bow-tie on his Naming Day but in tartan to match his gorgeous tartan trews.

Naming Day - Rorie

Isn’t Rorie just a bobby-dazzler? – Slight aside, bobby-dazzler, is a term not used nearly enough anymore, I’m on a mission to bring it back!

So what’s changed from my Christening Photo to modern day? Well they are in colour for a start! Apart from stating the obvious my photo, I believe, was taking formally before the Christening either at home or the Photographers studio. Today photographers get to capture the child at the actual event and like the top photo of my Nephew you get to capture a lot more of the parents, friends and family that have turned up to celebrate the little person.

Christenings and Naming Ceremonies seem to happen now when the child is a bit older, maybe almost a year to just over. This is great for the photographer as you get to capture a lot more emotion and interaction! Talking of Naming Ceremonies, they have become more common with humanist Celebrants and Guide Parents taking on the roles traditionally going to vicars and God Parents.

There is lots the same though, all the celebrations are lovely. Faith or non-faith led the message of love, care and guidance is the same. There is still usually a party afterwards, involving sausage rolls and booze!

I hope the tradition of celebrating the arrival of new life continues in traditional and modern ways and that we continue to capture the memories for years to come.