Come On Barbie Lets Go Marketing

Come On Barbie Lets Go Marketing

Come On Barbie Lets Go Marketing


Come On Barbie Lets Go Marketing

This is an image of JB Moments Photography as Barbie
Warner Bros Marketing Masterpiece

Pink Power

By now you must have heard of the Barbie Movie, if not indeed seen it. And there is probably a really good reason for that…the movie itself cost $146 million to make but reportedly had a $150 million marketing budget.

Can you imagine that? Spending more on your marketing than it costs to make your product?

The campaign turned the world pink. Some of the multi-faceted campaigns they ran included:

  • A website to make Barbie posters (like the one above)
  • An insurance partnership with
  • An AirBnB partnership to create a life-size replica of Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse
  • A Burger King collaboration on a pink burger

It paid off.  Barbie has dethroned Hogwarts and broken a 12-year Warner Bros record (sorry Potter fans) and continues to smash records and gain accolades. And now as it becomes available to stream at home they have turned the Sky TV home screen Barbie Pink along with other activities.

What does all this Barbie chat have to do with your business you may be thinking?

Well… think about the marketing you are doing. We can learn a lot from the Pink Marketing Machine

Is your marketing multi-faceted – not just on Facebook and Instagram but consider mailing lists and flyer drops? To name but a few.

Have you considered collaborations with other businesses that are mutually beneficial to both parties?

Is your business instantly recognisable? Are you consistently using your brand colours, fonts, and logos? Is your face on some of it?

Have you invested in a marketing budget for your business? I’m not suggesting $150M but investing in the right, tailored marketing for you will pay you back.

Food for thought? (Maybe not that pink burger though!).

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