Distinguished Gentlemen & Sketchography Reviews

A busy Sunday

Not only did I have a session booked with Master Rory on Sunday I also had a review of my new Sketchography collaboration by Fife for Kids. I got roped into capturing an event as well!

Distinguished Gentlemen

Most of the time it is a hard life being a photographers husband. Poor Mr JB has to spend endless time on holidays taking pictures of me taking pictures. He doesn’t get to eat a meal in a restaurant or take a sip of a drink in a pub before I shout “wait! I need to get a picture for Instagram”! But occasionally it has some perks. Like when you want a photographer to capture your event on a Sunday morning you don’t have to book one because you live with one!

Tally Ho

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a worldwide event that brings together classic motorcyclists to raise money for men’s health. Usually, they ride in big organised events in cities across the world. This year due to Covid-19 their slogan was ‘Ride Solo Together’ and so far over $2.5m has been raised this year.

Mr JB is a bit of a hipster, loves a vintage vibe and has been dying to take part in the DGR since he passed his bike tests and got his bike. He was gutted that this years Edinburgh event wasn’t taking place and even though he was riding solo had arranged to meet a couple of other gentleman riders for a photoshoot at Stirling Castle. Cue the wife!

Event photography by JB Moments Photography

Don’t tell him, but I was secretly happy to do it. It meant I could test my sexy new Canon R5 camera outside for the first time. It didn’t disappoint.

I say, spiffing old chap

You are meant to dress the part for the DGR and MR JB didn’t disappoint. Waistcoat, bowtie and vintage goggles. He even bought props, much to the envy of the other chaps. A cigar completed his look.

Event photography by JB Moments Photography

We were lucky it was such a gorgeous morning. Blue skies and views for miles.

Event photography by JB Moments Photography

Chocks away

Then it was off for his solo ride and time for me to head back to the studio.

Event photography by JB Moments Photography

I’m very proud to say Mr JB has raised over £500 so far for men’s health. What a gent!


Back to the studio and Claire from Fife for Kids and her Family were coming to trial the Sketchography Family Crest Experience. Now I can’t share with you the finished results yet as they are with my collaboration partner Jess at The Ricketty Desk to work her wonderful magic on the images I’ve taken.  But I can share some bonus images I took of Claire’s kids and the newest edition to the family Sally the dog!

Children and animals

I love capturing kids interacting with their pets. In these images, Tom and Lois are both feeding Sally treats

Pet and Children Photography by JB Moments Photography
A trainer in the making?
Pet and Children Photography by JB Moments Photography
The concentration on both their faces is priceless!

Pretend you love each other!

That’s what I said to get this image!

Pet and Children Photography by JB Moments Photography

I think Tom really does…Lois – the jury’s out!

Sally Dog

What a cutie and so well behaved considering she’s only been with the family a little while.

Pet and Children Photography by JB Moments Photography

She is already a much-loved member of the family, that much was clear to see 🙂