Female Photographer in Central Scotland

Female Photographer in Central Scotland

Female Photographer in Central Scotland


What a difference a year makes…

Wedding Photography - bride and groom

I was reflecting on this picture as I put together the one year anniversary video for the happy couple a week or so ago and the journey I’ve been on since I took it.

I’ve always been a documenter of memories. With my first camera aged 8, I spent an inordinate amount of time arranging my mum’s cats and happily snapping away on holidays. I used to send my film off in the post (anyone else remember doing that – or am I really showing my age here?!) and rush to the door excitedly when the postie delivered my photos back. Then, if I was lucky one or two of the 24 were decent and every now and then one would be amazing.

Fast forward a few years and I fully embraced the digital revolution, suddenly I had no film limitations and the pictures were instant…nobody was safe! I felt at home behind the camera and it was always my go to accessory of choice.

Over the years I have honed my craft, I’ve studied, read and I’ve practised a lot (sorry family). I might have gone to University and studied Economics to embark on a long career in banking, but I was always at my happiest when I could shoot people (not literally, but  in my previous line of work the thought did cross my mind). I get the biggest buzz when I see pictures I have taken hanging on my family and friends walls. When people use a picture I’ve taken as their profile picture on social media, I’m stoked. I wanted to be a photographer.

So…back to the photo, my friend was getting married and having a small event, (maybe 12ish guests at the ceremony) and wasn’t going to hire a professional photographer. I offered to take the pictures as a wedding gift. Fast forward to nearer the event and over 50 guests were invited! I had a massive wobble the night before, I remember calling my then boss and panicking about not capturing the day right and what if I messed up? She told me just to be myself and I would be fine (plus every guest had a smart phone so worst case my friend would have some document of the day!).

I LOVED every minute of that day. This was my calling, I was in my element. Making people relax and enjoy the picture taking experience is my skill and I am now happy to OWN it! The bride and groom loved their pictures, the album and the whole  experience (if you don’t believe me, check out the review in the wedding section). From that moment I had the confidence to become a full time photographer and I haven’t looked back.

Find something you love, because if you love what you do, you’ll never spend a day at work – Mario Batali

What a difference a year has made.