Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



“The important thing is not to stop questioning” – Albert Einstein

In my old life I used to tell my team there was no such thing as a stupid question and it’s true in my photography business as well. If you have a question, chances are loads of other people have had the same question, you’ve just been the one brave enough to put your hand up!

JB Moments Photography - Child portrait
Me! Ask me! I’ve got a question…

There are some questions I get asked regularly so I thought I’d compile them all into this handy blog post.

I hate getting my picture taken, I don’t want posed photos, how can you help me?
JB Moments Photography - Wedding couple

I don’t like stiff, posed photos either! My aim is to get you to relax enough that you forget you are getting your picture taken. Seriously! I will do this by chatting with you, getting you to undertake certain activities and getting you to interact with other people in the shot. Check out my reviews – it works!

What should I wear to a photo shoot?

It depends on the type of session you are having but generally, I always suggest you keep it simple – it’s best to avoid wearing bold colours and patterns when you come to a session. If it’s a family session try and coordinate your clothes with the other family members. If in doubt a pair of blue or black jeans and a neutral top is always a winner. With babies and little ones feel free to bring a few outfit changes! Once you book a session with me I send you out a handy guide to help you get the best out of your specific session.

Blue jeans and white t-shirt combo - JB Moments Photography

Can I have the pictures straight out of the camera?

I shoot all my pictures in RAW (which is a bit like shooting in film, for those of you old enough to remember!). You need software to convert the RAW images into pictures and like film they need to be ‘developed’. A RAW image straight from the camera is pretty flat and needs bringing to life in post-processing.

When taking group shots I tend to overshoot so if someone closes their eyes I can fix it. You don’t want lots of  varaitions of the same picture so part of the post-processing is to edit and cull the images until you have a beautifully curated set of images from the shoot.

Why do you charge so much for a Newborn, Wedding, etc?

Groom and Groom - JB moments Photography

When you hire me to photograph your wedding, you aren’t just hiring me to photograph you in all your finery. You are enlisting me to help you remember fleeting moments and feelings you just can’t put into words. That feeling when you see each other for the first time on the day. That moment when your dad gives you away and your two families join together through your union.

Likewise, when you hire me to photograph your newborn child, you aren’t just hiring me to photograph your cute wee bundle of joy. You are procuring me to capture that moment when unconditional love took on a real, tangible meaning. The moment you fully transition from being in love to being a family.

In order to provide you with the highest level of service tailored to your needs, I maintain my insurance, training and membership to professional bodies to the highest level. I also ensure my equipment is up to date and my product line is top quality.

I know that your family and loved ones are the most important thing in the world to you, and I know you want images you can treasure for the rest of you life. Every photographer has different ways of operating their business and the quality of the final product reflects that. Make sure you do your research and find the photographer that is the best fit for you.

Why do photographers prices vary so much?

Just as in any other business Photographers have different ways of running their business and have different outlays and overheads that will affect their prices. Doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive photographer will be any better than a cheaper one but they may be more experienced, been in business longer, renting an expensive studio space, etc. Always look at a potential photographers website and portfolio to make sure you like their style.

Some photographers prefer in-person sales (or IPS for short) and this means that you will pay a small, (or sometimes no), shoot fee and will return once your photos are ready to pick and purchase which prints you want individually. Others charge one upfront fee that includes your shoot and your images.

Neither one is better or worse than the other, it all depends on personal preference. Having had a terrible experience as a customer of the IPS version when I felt pressured into buying far more expensive items than I wanted I decided that wasn’t for me. My fees include shooting time, editing and all edited images on a USB device that you can print and share as you wish up to 10×8” size. You can order prints, canvases and books from me via your online gallery or in person – but only if you love your images, not due to a hard sell!

How many photos will I get?

Every session is different but rest assured you’ll get as many as I can. The expected minimum number is quoted on my full services and price list (but I usually go over this!).

Can you make me look younger, taller, slimmer, etc?

My aim is to shoot you in the best possible light and in a way that flatters you. I will retouch images if I think they need it and to help you look your absolute best. I will remove anything that isn’t normally there e.g. blemishes, pimples, strap marks, etc but I won’t change somebody fundamentally. You’re gorgeous just as you are!

Bride close up - JB Moments Photography

How long will you keep my pictures for – I might not be able to afford a wall canvas/album/storybook now but might want one in the future?

I will hold your images for twelve months on my online client gallery. Don’t worry I will contact you before I remove them.

Still got a question that I haven’t answered? Message me and I’ll do my best to help 🙂