Grow with Me Studio Session – Arya Dickson

Grow with Me Studio Session – Arya Dickson

Grow with Me Studio Session – Arya Dickson


“Let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore”  Michelle Thevenot

According to a recent study, the average British parent will share a staggering 1,498 photos of their child by it’s fifth birthday. Even if you don’t post online you are likely to have snapped thousands of pictures of your baby with yoghurt smeared all over their eyebrows, sleeping like a contortionist, grinning in the bath or  your faces squished together in a selfie.

It’s only when you see a time line of your pictures do you see how much your baby has changed and it is never more stark than in their first year.

At JB Moments Photography I offer two ‘Grow with Me’ packages that offer big savings on having each of the sessions individually. At the end of each session you get an on-line proof gallery from which to order specific prints and after the one year old final shot you get a beautiful USB of all the edited images and a customised Photo Book detailing all the different stages. The difference between the two packages? One starts right at the beginning with a maternity shoot and the other at the newborn stage.

Want to continue documenting your child’s development? You then get a 10% discount on an annual studio shoot of them for as long as you want!

The parents of the beautiful Arya Dickson chose the newborn to 1 package.

JBMP Grow with Me Newborn

This is her at 5 weeks old. Utterly beautiful! New born shoots are all about capturing your angel in their sleepy, squishy tiny perfection.

Fast forward to the 4 month session she just had in the studio last week and oh my!

JBMP Grow with Me 4 months

She looked super cute in her dress her great granny had bought her. What a difference a few months has made.

At 4 months your baby has usually been smiling for a number of weeks, recognises their parents voices and a big milestone will be that they are lifting their own head unsupported.

JBMP Grow with Me 4 months

As you can see Arya had this nailed! Perfection.

When she comes in for her 8 months shot the milestone I am looking to capture will be her sitting up by herself (even if just briefly). Working with babies at this age is great fun, they are usually chubby and bubbly bundles of giggly gorgeousness 🙂

The package will culminate around about her first birthday with a Doughnut Smash! This is the most challenging session as the baby is almost always on the move. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve (and no they don’t include gaffer tape)! A key milestone to capture here is the baby walking or at the very least standing for short periods. Of course if Mum or Dad don’t fancy a Doughnut Smash then I can do cake or even non-food related.

I love seeing how each child develops and grows when they come into the studio. Creating these memories are one of the nicest parts of my job.

“Happy girls are the prettiest’  -Audrey Hepburn