Heather and David’s Wedding

Heather and David’s Wedding

Heather and David’s Wedding


Heather & David's Wedding


Remember, remember the 5th of November. Now remember back 12 years ago. Heather and David went on a Bonfire Night date having been introduced by Heather’s brother.

Heather having been married before wasn’t so sure about getting into another relationship. But David gradually won over her trust and her heart. He proposed at Christmas 2016 and whilst she said yes Heather still wasn’t sure about the whole marriage lark.

Gradually David made Heather believe in love again. When he came home before Christmas last year and said that he had tentatively booked a date at the Registry office for February 2024. Heather agreed to finally have a wedding.

Tow Life

When Heather got in touch to book my services she said she thought I knew David or Dave as I knew him.

Dave runs a tow truck company and is a regular fixture at my house picking up (or dropping off) Mr JB’s race car. Turns out the confident guy I knew in overalls hoisting Mr JB’s prize possession onto trucks wasn’t so confident about getting married and having his picture taken.

In fact at their pre-wedding consultation both Heather and Dave told me time and time again how it was going to be a small, intimate and quick wedding with just close family in attendance. That they hated getting their pictures taken and being the centre of attention. But I noticed that Heather’s face lit up when she talked about her two little grandkids and that their lovely home was covered in photos of them. I was determined that I was going to capture some photos of their day that they both loved.


Let's Get Started

Picture of registrar talking to the groom before the ceremony

The Registrar set about quelling Dave’s nerves before the ceremony.

Picture of bride with her mum and dad

Heather arrived with her Mum and Dad and was anxiously waiting for her daughter to arrive with her grand babies. I know! I can’t believe my gorgeous bride is a grandma either!

Picture of flower girl and ring bearer with the bride

And oh boy, when they arrived, what a couple of cuties. 

A Family Affair

With Heather being walked down the aisle by her daughter, her grandkids led the way as ring bearer and flower girl.

Picture of flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle

Despite being so young they were so good at their jobs. They loved having a role to play at the wedding. They got involved in the whole wedding ceremony and were super well behaved. An absolute credit to their parents and a joy to photograph.

Picture of bride and groom holding hands

Heather and Dave chose a simple hand holding ceremony whilst making their vows.

Picture of bride and groom holding hands

I think it really kept their nerves at bay as they focussed on each other and the promises they were making.

Heather’s daughter and Dave’s Dad witnessed the marriage. Whilst that was getting set up I got the chance to capture Heather’s beautiful bouquet by Trudi Todd and the unique ring box they had designed for the day.

Picture of bouquet and ring box

And Now The Part Everyone Was Dreading

Time for the formal photos. I knew everyone was dreading this. Because they were nervous, hated getting their picture taken or were worried if the kids were going to behave.


Wedding Photo of full group

But they needn’t have worried. Everyone performed very well in front of the camera! Smiles all round! Can I also take a moment and say how much I love the decor in Alloa Registry Office. A former swimming baths I love the art deco tiling and lights. A little photoshop magic to remove the council signage and posters and it creates a lovely background when the weather is chilly outside.

I did however make Heather and Dave go outside for a some variety for their gallery.


Picture of Bride and Groom

I love how Dave is looking at his new wife in this image.

All In The Details

Picture of bride and grooms feet showing brides customised converse trainers

Heather had some customised ribbons for her white Converse so we had to show them off!

Once we had finished capturing images the family were all off to a restaurant to celebrate the wedding with a meal.

As I drove home I thought about all those photos of their grandbabies adorning the walls of their home and wondered if just maybe they might add one of them on their wedding day.

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Lough xXx