Diane and David’s Wedding

Diane and David’s Wedding

Diane and David’s Wedding


Inglewood House & Spa – Diane and David’s Wedding

“Time spent with the right person feels like a vacation from the world.” – unknown

Chatting with David at the wedding he told me that everything ‘just felt so natural and easy’ with Diane. They had found the right person in each other.

It started at a bar

In a tale as old as time itself Diane and David’s story starts in 2016 in a bar. David spotted Diane and went to chat with her. Fast forward some time to a Christmas Day, surrounded by Diane’s family, David popped the question.

They chose to get married seven years to the day that they met. Luckily for me, Diane’s bridesmaid, whose wedding I captured in 2018 recommended me to Diane and I got to preserve their beautiful day for them.

A grand entrance and a very special guest

Diane was very calm as she got ready with bridesmaid Charlene and mum. Inglewood House has a fabulous set of rooms for brides getting ready and with the help of some music and some fizz the ladies happily prepared for the day.

Meanwhile, downstairs a very special guest was getting ready for her starring role.

This is a picture of a dog with wedding rings on her collar

Cassidy the couple’s beloved dog was getting ready to be the ringbearer complete with her special collar containing the rings!

When couples get married in the main hall at Inglewood House, the ceremony is carried out in front of the huge fireplace. The bridal party makes their entrance via the grand staircase.

This is a picture of the mother of the bride being escorted by her grandsons

First down was the bride’s mum escorted by Diane’s two sons. Didn’t they all scrub up well? I loved the colour of her dress.

This is a picture of the bridesmaid

Next came bridesmaid Charlene in a beautiful dress from Pamela Jayne’s Bridal along with Diane’s spectacular wedding dress.

This is a picture of the groom

I love capturing the Groom’s expression as he waits to see his bride for the first time and David was no exception.

This is a picture of the bride and her brother

Diane accompanied by her brother was absolutely glowing.

There may be giants

The ceremony was carried out by celebrant  Andrew D. Scott who describes himself as 6’6″ and beardy. It was a first for me working with Andrew and I can confirm he is tall, he has a cracking beard and he gives a very good ceremony.

This is a picture of the wedding ceremony

Without this context, I fear the pictures of him make my bride and groom look like people from Lilliput!

And whilst focussing on tiny Cassidy delivering her human’s rings I chopped his head off completely!

This is a picture of the wedding rings being delivered by a dog

She was intent on being part of the ring exchange now she was reunited with her humans.

This is a picture of the ring exchange

Look how happy she is 🙂

Are you sure this is April? In Scotland?

After the ceremony, it was time for the group portraits and formals. I had planned to take the full group portrait on the entrance steps to the house but the sun was blazing, yes actually blazing. It would have meant the sun would be in everyone’s eyes so I reversed them and I stood on the steps!

This is a picture of the wedding group

People have got sunglasses on it’s that bright!

Once the group images were finished I took Diane and David across the lawn for some images by an impromptu pond (very large puddle) that had sprung up. Because the weather had been so wet in the week before Diane’s heels were sinking into the mud but she gamely carried on so I could get the shot I was prattling on about.

This a picture of the wedding couple

I think it’s worth it and wee Cassidy even photobombed them!

Diane and David were such good sports they even let me take photos of them between setups.

This a picture of the wedding couple
This a picture of the wedding couple

Secret Service

Diane had kept a secret. A secret from everyone including her new husband (apart from the venue and me).

Just before dessert was served a waiter was heading to the top table with a trayful of spoons. He tripped dramatically just before he got there and the groom rushed to help him up.

This is a picture of the groom with a singing waiter

Only he wasn’t a waiter. He was one half of a singing couple from Singers Secreto and over the next 20 minutes or so they proceeded to get everyone on their feet singing and dancing and the longest conga I’ve ever seen at a wedding breakfast!

This is a picture of wedding guests doing the conga

Dancing Queen

My time was nearly up. Diane and David cut their cake.

This is a picture of the wedding cake cutting

and headed onto the dancefloor for their first dance as husband and wife (if you don’t count the antics during their meal!).

This is a picture of the first dance

Then Diane danced in turn with her brother.

This is a picture of the bride dancing with her brother

And her two sons.

This is a picture of the bride dancing with her son

This is a picture of the bride dancing with her son

Whilst David held onto the other important lady in his life…

This is a picture of the groom and his dog

As I left a fantastic day I reflected that whilst Diane and David maybe ‘DD’ their wedding day was most definitely AA+.

Congratulations once again Mr and Mrs Kay xXx

This is a picture of the bride and groom