LeaPark Hotel, Grangemouth – Rebecca and Johnpaul’s Wedding

LeaPark Hotel, Grangemouth – Rebecca and Johnpaul’s Wedding

LeaPark Hotel, Grangemouth – Rebecca and Johnpaul’s Wedding


LeaPark Hotel, Grangemouth – Rebecca and Johnpaul’s Wedding

“Because you don’t live near a bakery doesn’t mean you have to go without cheesecake.” – Hedy Lamarr

What a wise woman Hedy was! Cheesecake is kind of where Rebecca and Johnpaul’s story started fifteen years ago. You see Johnpaul was a waiter at Frankie and Benny’s in Falkirk and one day he served the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, Rebecca. He immediately upgraded her table to a VIP table and did so every time she came in after that (which was quite a lot so the feeling was obviously mutual)!

From then on whenever Rebecca was parked up in the Retail Park Johnpaul would bring a slice of cheesecake out to her in the car. Now that’s love!

Fast forward to 2021 and Rebecca came home from work to a surprise proposal from Johnpaul and she was delighted. Whilst they were telling me their story their two kids were cringing and apparently they did the same during the proposal too!

Tropical Downpours

You would think that a wedding in August would be pretty safe from rain, but oh no, not in Scotland. When I arrived at the LeaPark Hotel and started getting my kit out of the car the heavens opened.

Undeterred I did a quick mooch around the hotel to check out where I could take pictures of my bride and groom inside if I had to and still give them a good variety in their gallery.

Johnpaul arrived with a couple of his brothers and his son. I decided to get some pictures of him and his son in the doorway. Luckily my pro cameras are waterproof!

This is a picture of the groom and his son

Don’t they look smart in their matching kilts?

The Garden Suite at the LeaPark was the perfect size for an intimate wedding. It also had plenty of space for group photos if I needed it due to the weather. I tried it out with John Paul’s brothers, nephews, and dad.

This is a picture of the groom and his brothers

Nervous Times

Johnpaul was nervous. Not about marrying Rebecca but about being in the spotlight, something neither of them liked.

This is a picture of the groom

Rebecca was nervous as well when she arrived for the same reasons.

This is a picture of the bride and her bridesmaids arriving

She looked absolutely gorgeous alongside her mum who was giving her away. Her sister as bridesmaid and daughter as flowr girl. On the plus side the rain had stopped just before the bridal party arrived.

What Nerves?

As soon as Rebecca started walking down the aisle towards her man her nerves dissapeared.

This is a picture of the bride walking down the aisle

And as soon as Johnpaul turned around for a first look at his soon to be wife he was all good.

This is a picture of the groom

From then on the wedding ceremony went without a hitch…well almost…there was a moment when the Registrar asked if there was any reason why they couldn’t be married that Johnpauls dad made a few noises.

This is a picture during the ceremony

But it was all in jest and husband and wife sealed the deal with a kiss.

This is a picture of the bride and groom first kiss

And much applause from all their family and friends. There was also a special certificate for their daughter for her role on the day.

This is a picture of a flower girl

With the legal paperwork signed and sealed it was time to celebrate as Mr and Mrs Mowatt.

This is a picture of the bride and groom

Quick It’s Stopped Raining!

Are the exact words I shouted bossily at all the wedding guests to get them outside for a group picture.

This is a picture of the whole wedding party

It was still dry so I chanced my luck and managed the other group images my couple wanted outside and we even had time for some enthusiastic confetti throwing!

This is a picture of a confetti toss

It was still holding off so I led the newly married Mowatts and their kids to the private garden area perfect for images (in the dry).

This is a picture of the bride and groom and their kids

By this point the kids had understandably had enough of photos and wanted to get back to their cousins.

Nailed It

Rebecca and Johnpaul had already confessed to me that they hate getting their pictures taken. With a little gentle guidance and a lot of laughter I think they were naturals. And I think they quite enjoyed it!

This is a picture of the bride and groom

Wedding Insurance

With the rain still holding off we chanced our luck and headed to the front of the hotel to take advantage of a pretty garden they have there. There are some beautiful trees and a cute bridge that I had my eye on for a posed picture. I sent Johnpaul up onto the bridge first of all and due to all the rain and shiny kilt shoes he immediately lost his balance. He very nearly showed us what he was wearing under his kilt! I thought I would try next and almost went over with both my cameras strapped to me. This wasn’t worth the risk. I mean I have liability insurance on my business but this isn’t a claim I wanted to make. So we aborted that plan and Rebecca and Johnpaul stood next to the bridge instead.

This is a picture of the bride and groom

Just as we were finishing these portraits some big rain drops started falling on us so we ran as fast as two people in formal wedding attire and someone with lots of camera gear strapped to them can back inside.

As this was a two hour coverage my time was nearly up but before I leave a shorter wedding I like to capture my couple with their wedding cake as I wont capture it being cut later on.

This is a picture of the bride and groom cutting their cake

As I left Rebecca and Paul to get back to their wedding guests and enjoy their party I reflected how lucky we had been with the weather. Allowing us to get lots of lovely images outside. And then I got absolutely drenched as I loaded my car back up and the heavens opened again!

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Mowatt xXx

This is a picture of the bride and groom