What makes good Customer Service? Part 3

What makes good Customer Service? Part 3

What makes good Customer Service? Part 3


Customer Service

Good Morning!

Time for the third and final part of my article on Customer Service. If you missed part one on Listening or part two on Responding you can catch up using the links.

The final part of this series is to Delight 😍. You’ve listened and responded now to set you apart from the competition you need to DELIGHT your customers.

So how do you delight your customers? What does ‘going the extra mile’ often spouted out by well-meaning training companies mean?

For me it means a few things. Each one alone is maybe okay but put them all together and WOW – Butterscotch Angel Delight with chopped bananas! 🍨

Under promise and over deliver

take my wedding clients, I always manage expectations when I leave the reception that a sneak peek will be on social media in a few days and their online gallery will be available within 4 weeks. Then I work my socks off and get sneak peeks up the day after the wedding, email the new couple a bespoke slideshow and get their gallery delivered in a mobile-friendly format before they get back from their honeymoon. 🏝️


Every client gets a surprise free gift when their images are delivered. I’m not going to tell you what they are here (that would ruin the surprise – doh!) but when they are opened people seem genuinely delighted. Happy customers, happy business owner…result. 🎁


The experience doesn’t end once the customer has paid their money. If you are passionate about your business, care and attention must go into every step of the experience. I want each of my clients to feel special from the moment they look at my beautifully designed website (thank you Kuka Studios); inquire and use my online contract, info, and payment facility (I have invested in a decent software system – thank you Light Blue Software); Preparation guidelines that are thoughtfully written to help clients have the best possible shoot experience; the gorgeous packaging and USB sticks the images are delivered in, and of course the gift and after sales care. 😍

So there you have it, that’s my take on how to give customers great service.