Welcome to a brand new concept – Sketchography.

What is Sketchography you ask? Let me tell you 🙂 It’s a collaboration between the amazing Jess, the illustrator and owner of The Ricketty Desk and me.

We have created an amazing experience that results in a bespoke piece of art that is uniquely yours. Not only that, it is ready to hang in your home on a fantastic quality gallery block from my professional lab that hand-finishes every item.

I know you want to know more, so we’ve put together this Sketchography Brochure for you.

Oh, and because Sketchography is a fully interactive experience it makes a perfect gift for a special family or child you know 😉

Sketchography Colloboration
I love the concept and the image of Fern works well with the illustrations.
Paula Boyle


We opted for the Family Crest experience and I can say without a doubt that we are photo shoot converts…. well that is as long as it’s always Jenny shooting us! It’s hard to explain how skilled Jenny is at putting you at ease, she must be magic? She’s laid-back, funny and nothing that the kids (or dog) could do, phased her. She had us all in fits of laughter and the resulting photos she took (well at least the ones she picked) are absolute keepers. We left with a lollipop each (yep even the grown ups) and having to gently explain to the kids that nope, we can’t come every week 🤣

Claire Wheatley