Not Sure What Photos You Need For Your Business?

Not Sure What Photos You Need For Your Business?

Not Sure What Photos You Need For Your Business?


Not Sure What Photos You Need For Your Business?

I’m here to tell you why that’s not a problem!

Are you dreaming how nice it would be to have your own curated bank of images for your business? That you could use on your website and social media platforms? But you just don’t know what kind of images you need. Or the images you’ve taken with your mobile are just a bit…well…meh?

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

Are you Worried about Booking a Personal Branding Photography Session?

Are you thinking about investing in personal brand photography but feel reluctant to contact a photographer until you have it all figured out?

What if they ask you what you would like photographed and you just don’t know?

Or what if you end up with a pile of generic-looking images that don’t match your brand at all?

Relax, there’s a Plan

Don’t worry – I got you! Every personal brand photography session with me includes a planning session, even if I’ve shot you and your business before.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

Every business is different and has different photography needs. In your own business, campaigns and projects will change throughout the year, too. Planning is important to make sure all the images I take will convey the right message to the right audience at the right time. And to make sure your pictures don’t look the same as Fenella’s down the road who runs a similar business to you!

Sometimes my clients do have an idea of exactly the kind of images they need to tell their brand story and attract the right customers, but it doesn’t always happen that way.

As a personal brand photographer, I know the types of images that work for different areas of your business and will help you to work out what’s right for you.

As one lovely customer said in her review:

Jenny was amazing taking photos for my business. Normally I hate having my photo taken but this was completely different. She helped me to relax to take photos not only did they portray me as I would have wanted but also I was proud to use them.

Also what a tremendous response I’ve had as a result with new business leads created!


As soon as you are all booked in, I’ll send you my prep guide. Where you will work through all the important aspects of your brand.

This will form the basis of our planning meeting. I’ll get to know all about you too. People buy from people so potential customers need to know who you are!

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography


By the time we get our heads together to discuss your photography, you’ll have an idea about what you want your brand to say about you and the types of images you want.

We will go through the prep guide together and decide on things like:

  • your location(s)
  • outfits
  • props
  • how you’re going to tell your story

From this, we will come up with a general shot list.

Once we’ve explored all options and made our decisions, I’ll send over an email full of everything we’ve discussed to make sure we’re on the same page. You won’t even need to write anything down!

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

You didn’t think I’d just turn up with my camera and hope for the best, did you?

Still fancy that curated bank of brand images for your business? Give me a call or drop me a message and let’s get planning.