Lauren and Thomas’ Wedding

Lauren and Thomas’ Wedding

Lauren and Thomas’ Wedding


Orocco Pier – Lauren and Thomas’ Wedding

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” – Graham Greene


Sharpen your pencils, straighten your tie, and pack your gym kit as this wedding tale starts at High School. Lauren was best friends with Thomas’ brother and one day at his house she met her best friend’s brother – Lauren and Thomas became childhood sweethearts.

Food for Thought

Fast forward to 2020 and Thomas met Lauren after work and told her he had a surprise for her. Lauren, a girl after my own heart, though it was a food-related surprise, turned around to find Thomas on bended knee. Her first words were, ‘Is this a joke?’. Presumably still smarting that there was no food. Thankfully her next set of words included, ‘Yes’!

Cake by the Ocean

This is a picture of a wedding cake

My couple chose to have their wedding at Orocco Pier and I love shooting weddings there as there are loads of great places to get photos taken. If the weather is nice that is and this April wedding was blessed with no rain and bright skies.

Man about Town

This is a picture of the groom in his kilt

Before the ceremony started I had the opportunity to capture Thomas as well as members of his family outside the iconic building frontage. Thomas scrubbed up very smartly in his kilt from Caledonia Scotia Kiltmakers.

The Main Event

Lauren looked beautiful in her dress from Thistlekiss Edinburgh. As her mum walked her down the aisle she only had eyes for Thomas.

This is a picture of the bride walking down the aisle

And that’s where they stayed throughout the ceremony.

This is a picture of the wedding ceremony

Quite often I capture the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife from the back of the room. Lauren had asked if I could capture their moment from where the registrar was stood so I captured the guests in the background. Luckily the registrar was amenable to me standing there (some aren’t) and it was a lovely moment to capture.

This is a picture of the bride and grooms first kiss


Don’t Mess with the Grans

Sometimes at Orocco Pier weddings, we take Group Pictures on the beach but not everyone likes traipsing on the sand in their fancy heels and I don’t think it’s the best view around. So instead we walked the bride, groom and all the wedding guests through the bar and out to the back terrace.

This is a picture of the whole wedding party


Much better and no sandy shoes either!

I hadn’t bought my trusty stepladder for this wedding so I am actually balancing on a wobbly chair to get these images. Totally worth it though.

By the time I had finished balancing on chairs and all the groups Lauren and Thomas wanted captured had been taken I was getting them ready to go off to get their bride and groom formals done. I felt a small, firm and insistent tug on my sleeve. I turned around and was met with an unsmiling grandma of the bride. She had found out I had taken pictures of the groom with his grandparents. So she wanted one with her granddaughter. And she was quite right. You should never upset grans, I love grans, they are my favourite people at weddings.

This is a picture of the bride with her gran

I hope by including her lovely image in this blog she will have forgiven me.

A Wee Jaunt Around South Queensferry

I like to work my couples out at this location because as you walk around South Queensferry lots of interesting places present themselves as good picture spots. Luckily Lauren was wearing bridal trainers and not heels!

Some of my favourite spots include.

This is a picture of the bride and groom in South Queensferry

The pier.

This is a picture of the bride and groom in South Queensferry

The tiny little lanes and alleyways.

This is a picture of the bride and groom in South Queensferry

The painted houses in the high street. I love how the black of this one makes Lauren’s dress pop!

All too soon it was time to let Lauren and Thomas head back to their party and for me to head home to reflect on a bank holiday bonanza of weddings.

This is a picture of the bride and groom in South Queensferry

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs McGill xXx