Personal Branding Shoot – Ethical Beauty with Tracy

Personal Branding Shoot – Ethical Beauty with Tracy

Dog People Are My People

I first met Tracy when we were both out walking our respective dogs. My boys loved Tracy’s good-natured Doodle Max and so we would natter whilst the dogs chased each other. Fast forward a little and I am a regular customer of The Body Shop goodies from Tracy. And when she wanted some branding photography done…She knew who to call.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

It’s fair to say Max features in a lot of the pictures!

Branding Plan

At our consultation, we agreed that Tracy wanted a mix of images that reflected her brand and her personality. And a mix of business and personal. If I had to describe Tracy I would say fun-loving and with a huge heart so I wanted to make sure her images conveyed that as well.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

As usual, when I do a branding shoot for someone that works predominately from home I ended up in almost every room of the house taking photos!

We started in Tracy’s office to capture some ‘at work’ images. But we couldn’t resist also capturing where Max likes to sit when Tracy is working!

Whipping Up Some Marketing Images

When I asked Tracy what she does in her spare time, one of the things she mentioned was hanging out with her daughter whilst she baked.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I loved the set of images we captured in the kitchen of them. Both being very good sports at my ridiculous directions!

Take Me To The Bedroom

Okay, this isn’t where I usually end up with clients but as Tracy’s business is all about beauty products we knew we could have some fun with face masks and a ‘girls night in’ set of images.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Of course, Max wanted in on the action as well, and well, with that face, how could you resist?

Good Sport

As I said, Tracy is good fun and was such a good sport on the day. As well as selling beauty products, Tracy is also a makeup artist. We captured some ‘sensible’ images of that and then…

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments PhotographyThat said, look at those amazing cheekbones! We were having way too much fun at this point.

Coffee Break

We wanted to add some location images to Tracy’s gallery as well so she organised a team meeting at her favourite local coffee shop Savana. I like to get as many images as possible for my clients in any location so as well as her team images I captured her working remotely as well.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I love working with like-minded businesswomen like Tracy and I can’t wait for our next session!

You can find out more about what Tracy does here.