Stirling Registry Office, Wedding Photos, Chan & Rennie

Stirling Registry Office, Wedding Photos, Chan & Rennie

Stirling Registry Office, Wedding Photos, Chan & Rennie


Whilst I may have been booked at relatively short notice this isn’t a whirlwind romance story. Neil and Raymond met sixteen years ago on a double date. The interesting part of that story is that they weren’t even each others date!!! That swap certainly worked out for my guys (I’m not sure if the other couple is still together but this isn’t their love story)!

Neil wanted to marry Raymond for years but whilst Raymond loved Neil to bits he wasn’t sold on the institution of marriage. Eventually, all that patience paid off and Raymond said ‘yes’ and the date was set.

This was an intimate wedding with their very closest family and friends. Neil and Raymond paid special attention to all the details to make the day truly personal and special to them.


Wedding photographer - JB Moments Photography

Their rings were from Beaverbrooks and engraved with their initials and the wedding date.

Man, their bespoke 3-piece suits from House of Henderson Kilts were seriously sharp! They were embroidered with their initials and the date. Their linings co-ordinated with their ties and buttonholes from Fleur de Lis.

Neil and Raymond looked super handsome and smelt lovely as well – I know this as I went in for lots of hugs (for research purposes, you understand ;-).

It would, however, be remiss of me to not mention Ella in this love story. Ella is the couples beloved dog and her preparations for the big day were just as impressive. The day before she was fully groomed and had a blueberry facial at the groomers. I’m beginning to think I’d like a dog’s life if I got to be pampered like Ella!

She also had not one, not two, but three outfits for the day! A doggy bridal veil above, a bow-tie in keeping with her owners suits and a super fly rainbow tie!

Each of the wedding party had their own unique buttonhole or corsage from Fleur de Lis and my favourite was the wand that Olivia, Raymond’s niece had.

She was a total cutie and very well behaved all day.

Raymond and Neil went to Stirling Registry Office in two separate cars along with their wedding party. Not just any old cars, either…

Two beautiful Rolls Royces from UPH. Complete with car seat for Olivia.

The ceremony was held in the beautiful Drummond Room in the old Stirling Council Offices. From the Grooms to the guests and even the registrar at one point, you could feel the love and emotion in the air. These were two people totally in love with each other being supported unconditionally by their family and friends. My hay fever also decided to flare up (ahem!).

A quick blast of Tragedy by Steps at the end of the ceremony added a touch of humour to the proceedings 😀

Then it was off to Stirling University for some wedding photos in the stunning campus grounds.

Ultimate Private Hire certainly made sure the new Mr and Mr Chan-Rennie travelled in style!

Stirling University campus was looking lush and green for our two grooms and we were surrounded by cygnets and some pretty protective swan parents!

Pictures taken it was back in the Rollers for more champagne on the way to the wedding reception at a well known venue in Airth. The wedding party carried on partying right into the couple’s newly installed hot tub and no doubt into the wee small hours!

Congratulations Mr and Mr Chan-Rennie. XOX