Maternity Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Studio Session – Maternity Photo Shoot

If you are anything like me, you also believe that pets are family too. Which is why I was delighted when Richard booked his girlfriend Sara in for a Maternity photo shoot and said he wanted to get some family shots with their cockapoo, Benji.

Maternity Photographer - JB Moments Photography
I promise to be a good furry big brother
Loving the bump

Sara was absolutely glowing and despite being about 33 weeks pregnant if she’d had her back to me I wouldn’t have known she was pregnant. Her bump was super cute too.

Maternity Photographer - JB Moments Photography

A New Fan

Richard and Sara know that they are having a boy and one thing is certain as far as his proud daddy is concerned. He is going to be a Man City fan just like his old man.

Maternity Photographer - JB Moments Photography
I know I said he was kicking but honestly!
Who’s a Good Boy?

Benji was very well behaved throughout the session (putting my doggos to shame). He just wanted to be in every picture. I think he is as excited to meet the new baby as the parents are.

Maternity Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I had such a blast on this maternity photo shoot. Such a good fun couple that were up for all my crazy ideas. All too soon the hour was up 🙁 But Richard and Sara obviously had a good time too as they are coming back to get their son photographed once he arrives and I couldn’t be happier.

In Other News

It wasn’t just maternity shoots this week though. I also had not one, but three shoots at the University of Stirling for the Alumni and Fundraising Team. What I love about getting booked by the team at the Uni (apart from the fact that they are a great fun team to work with) is that the work is so varied.

This week I started off taking headshots for the Aquaculture teams new brochure. Then it started to get really interesting…

Kicking off the University’s Japanese season was an introduction to Shogi. A kind of like Japanese chess (only way more complicated).

Event Photography - JB Moments Photography

After the guest lecture, the attendees got the chance to try out the game. As I walked around the tables taking pictures I felt like I could actually hear the cogs in people’s brains whirring away!

In my final shoot this week at the Uni things started to get very surreal. I photographed a giant squirrel playing bridge. Yes, you read that right!

Event Photography - JB Moments Photography

The giant squirrel is the Universities mascot and it was there to launch the start of the Keep Bridge Alive crowdfunding initiative being launched to fund more research into this mind sport.