Studio Session – Olivia is One!

Studio Session – Olivia is One!

Studio Session – Olivia is One!


First birthday photoshoot

“Every birthday counts…especially the first.”

JB Moments Photography - Child photography
Tutu cute!

Mum Alyson certainly thought the occasion warranted marking with a photo shoot and booked me to help capture the moment.

This was my last studio session of the year and what a little cracker to end on! Mum and Granny came to the session complete with a super cute outfit for Olivia. Her ‘one’ t-shirt and pink tutu went perfectly with the big ONE letters I’d painted in non-toxic metallic paint and had been dying for the right occasion to use 🙂

Look! No hands!

JB Moments Photography - Child photography
Tutu much sass!

Well, actually that’s a little white lie as Olivia isn’t quite walking yet so mum had to support her up to get this cute shot. That’s what Photoshop is for in post-production.

Mama’s got moves!

Olivia is a beautiful girl with huge brown eyes like milk chocolate buttons framed with long curly lashes. She was a little shy at first but mum started busting out the dance moves and that soon had her smiling and giggling. I’m not going to embarrass mum by disclosing what she was singing and dancing (what happens in the studio, stays in the studio!), but mama got some serious moves!

JB Moments Photography - Child photography
Smiles are always in fashion!

When in doubt, add fairy wings

Olivia was a little trouper but it can be a long session for little ones. When she started to flag a little I bought out my secret weapon…fairy wings and she was soon back on form.

JB Moments Photography - Child photography
Modelling is hungry work

Olivia’s first birthday photo shoot was a smashing way to end 2017 in the studio. I can’t wait to share all the fun we are going to have in there next year!

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