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Age is just a number – Mums and Daughters Photoshoot

Family Photography

“Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research” – Carl G. Jung

It had been a busy week with Corporate Headshots and High School Prom photos but on Saturday morning I sprung out of bed excited about the photoshoot I had at lunchtime.

Sara had enquired about a birthday present idea she’d had for her friend who was having a milestone birthday. Was I up for taking pictures of the two friends and their daughters? Hell yes, I was!

I’ve found my tribe

Those of you that are regulars to my blog know how important printed memories are to me  (and if you’re not you can read about it here!).

I arrive at Sara’s house and it is beautiful. In an area of Stirling, I had fantasised about living in when I was a student at the University there. The inside was tastefully decorated but what struck me instantly about the decor was the number of pictures. On the walls, the mantelpiece, the sideboard, etc. Weddings, family members, babies, you name it, all the memories were there, displayed proudly to be enjoyed. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!!!

Hot Mama

I digress (sorry I get a bit excited). The birthday girl Tania looked stunning!JB Moments Photography, Family photographer in Stirling

Little Stars

JB Moments Photography, Family photographer in Stirling

Isla (8), Maia (7) and Freya (6) couldn’t wait to get in front of the camera and to see what props I’d brought with me! All three were totally up for whatever poses I had in mind and the fact that they were all so gorgeous and well-behaved was just a total bonus!

I love seeing little girls this confident and happy in their skins.  Long may it continue!

Flossy the Flamingo

JB Moments Photography, Family photographer in Stirling
Cheers to looking fabulous

Now it isn’t a party until there are bubbles and cake and Sara did her friend proud with prosecco and themed cupcakes! The bubbles came served in a flamingo called Flossy that had to make it into the photoshoot (to be fair they were very lucky it didn’t make it into my camera case).

Mum and Me

Both Sara and Tania admitted during the photoshoot that there are very few pictures of them with their daughters. Why? Because they are usually the ones holding the camera, documenting the family moments. This is a real shame as when their daughters are older they are going to want to see pictures with their mums – especially when their mums look as smokin’ as Tania and Sara do. Hopefully, we rectified that a bit on this shoot.

JB Moments Photography, Family photographer in Stirling

JB Moments Photography, Family photographer in Stirling

Never work with Children or Animals

Rubbish is what I say to that! Bramble, one of the families gorgeous dogs wandered in so we simply had to get her in some shots.

JB Moments Photography, Family photographer in StirlingDo I get extra treats for this?

Life is better with friends

JB Moments Photography, Family photographer in Stirling

It was a great, fun session to shoot and I hope that Sara, Tania and the girls enjoyed it as much as I did. As I drove home I reflected on friendship and how lucky Tania was to have a friend like Sara who gave such excellent birthday gifts 🙂