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Nephews, Universities and Rainbows

A Busy & Varied Week back for JB Moments Photography

Ohhhh emmmm geeee it is soooooooooo good to be back! Although I kept myself busy during lockdown with training and admin, nothing beats picking up my camera and shooting real clients.

As well as a full Grow with Me session and Newborn session in the studio I got to flex my photography muscle on a few other things too.

These Boys!

As lockdown eases my brother and his family managed to get up for a few days mid-week. I hadn’t seen my two littlest nephews since January so I was very excited to get to see them. They have both grown so much so of course I had to squeeze in a sneaky photography shoot with them and their dog.

Family photos by JB Moments Photography
Look who’s in town!

Lester the dog was by far the best at taking direction!!

On Location

Next up it was great to be back at the University of Stirling to update some corporate headshots for the Director of Advancement.

Professional headshots by JB Moments Photography
Stirling Uni has the hardest working and best-looking staff!

The University was looking beautiful and the new Sports Centre complex will be open very soon which will be amazing for all the returning students.


I had Easter Mini Sessions booked in before the C-19 lockdown and with Easter a very distant memory I contacted each client to see what theme they wanted for their re-scheduled session.

Lucy’s mum requested a Rainbow session to celebrate Lucy being a Rainbow baby.

Child photography by JB Moments Photography

I was very proud of the fluffy clouds I had made and I knew I could add the rainbows in post-production. I couldn’t get over how much Lucy had grown since I had last seen her in the studio. She was totally modelling her dungarees in this image!

Child photography by JB Moments Photography

But it was her rainbow tutu that stole the show. Mum told me they did them in adult sizes as well. I’m totally off to hunt down one. Imagine how much more fun the weekly trip to the supermarket would be in one of those!

Child photography by JB Moments Photography

My cloud prop that my dad made for newborn clients also worked really well on this set. A little throne for my rainbow princess. I love capturing kids like this when they are totally engrossed in something. They forget I am pointing a camera at them.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton

What a great week! In the Studio and on Location

Studio Update

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.” -William Cowper

I love my job!

I know, I know I say that A LOT! But what other jobs would have me shooting Easter bunnies in the studio on Monday, getting all creative at Fife College with the extremely talented jewellery making students on Tuesday, back in the studio cake smashing on Wednesday and at a Photocall at the University of Stirling on Thursday?

Hop to it

My Easter mini sessions in the studio all happened before Easter. But poor Ella was poorly when it was her turn and I couldn’t have her missing out on being an Easter bunny, could I? So I snuck her into the studio on Easter Monday.

Child photographer near Falkirk, JB Moments Photography

How cute is she as a little bunny? VERY! Yet again though I really wish I had a camera pointing at the parents behind me. To get Ella to laugh, her Daddy was standing behind me in bunny ears beatboxing!!! I wish I’d got a shot of that.

Getting to experiment

Fife college wanted something a bit different to showcase the students work. Rather than the usual white high key images. Two of the students (the very brave and beautiful Erica and Jake) agreed to model all the pieces. I got to play in the college’s studios and with their lighting equipment so to say I was like a kid in a candy store would be an understatement! The brief was to display the jewellery unconventionally and everybody joined in the creative process so we created something weird yet also wonderful.

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

This is one of my favourite images. Jake is wearing brooches as knuckle dusters and Erica has various rings on. I think they look FIERCE!

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

And here Jake is wearing a beautiful bracelet in his hair.

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

I just love Erica’s earrings in her hair. Who knows we might have started a new trend!

I had so much fun and I got paid to do it. My job is amazing!

Smashed it!

Back in my studio on Wednesday for lovely Lucy’s cake smash for her first birthday. Her theme was ‘Some bunny is one’ so we had lots of pink, silver and white.

She was a little shy to start off with but soon warmed up and had a smashing time (sorry, not sorry!) and gave her mum, dad and grandma some precious memories to treasure.

1st birthday milestone photographs at JB Moments Photography

I even managed to steal a kiss off those gorgeous cheeks at the end (and yes she tasted of cake – delicious!).

Time for your close up

On Thursday I was back out on location again and on familiar territory at the University of Stirling. I love the jobs I get at the University for two reasons. 1) it is my University and I have a soft spot for the campus and 2) I adore all the Directorate of Internationalisation and Partnerships team. This time I was taking pictures of individuals and small groups who have secured funding through The Stirling Fund.


So there you have it, never a dull moment and plenty of spice! I’m looking forward to next week as well as I have lots of model calls in the studio to test out a new collaboration that I am very excited about. Oh and before that, just the small matter of my newest nephew’s christening where I will, of course, be playing the role of family photographer and Godmother 🙂

Guest Blog – Lorna Shaw on Professional Headshots

Corporate Headshots in Edinburgh - JB Moments Photography

Upon finding myself willingly adding what can only really be described as a bad photo of a senior leader into the header of an email they were going to be sending out, I started questioning my own complicity in allowing this photo suicide to take place alongside an otherwise carefully crafted message.

You see, as a comms manager, part of my role is to ensure that our leaders are presented in the best way. That’s not just in written form but in visual representation too, you know, putting faces to names and making messages more personal in the process.
It was at this juncture that the penny dropped; our management team needed saved from their own photo demise! We needed a photoshoot to get professional headshots done. We needed some sort of credible visual representation of our leaders and these badly cropped photos (was that someone’s ex hanging off their arm?) were not cutting it. We needed JB, is what I concluded.
I’d been on the receiving end of JB’s camera lens before (it’s a very kind and flattering lens, I must add) and knew that she would pitch up, put them all at ease and crack on with taking really good pictures of them all, without so much as a feigned smile or forced grin amongst them.
A natural people person, JB instantly put everyone at ease. Clickity click, click click click and voila! the job was done. The very next day we had all the proofs sent through to view online and choose which ones to get produced in the final hi-res finish. As it happens, the team were struggling to pick which ones they wanted to use – because they were all so good – so JB kindly produced the whole lot in final versions and sent them through.
Upon using one of the new headshot photos in a business email message the following week, the email in question solicited a few comments. None of which were anything to do with the content, but all about this manager’s new headshot photo!
‘Is she a model?’ ‘Wow! What a cracking photo!’ ‘Who’s the photographer? I need one of these!’ were some of the responses it got.
A simple but very effective professional headshot photo can absolutely make or break a communication. So my advice is really straight forward; if you want to be visually represented in the best possible light, literally, then go to JB and let the pro create your show!
These views are all Lorna's own and are in not those of the company she works for. She has also not taken any money or bribes from me!

What to wear for your photo session

What to wear to a photo session

The question I get asked the most as a photographer is ‘what should I wear when I get my photos taken?’

This will vary depending on the type of portrait session you are having. Boudoir will involve a very different wardrobe from your professional headshot (unless you happen to work in the glamour business)!

Once you book with me I provide a helpful tips document relevant to your session. But in summary.


If you feel good, you radiate confidence and that shows up in your pictures so wear something you feel good in! My only aside to that is to wear something you can move in. If it’s too tight or short you might not be able to sit down comfortably which will limit your photo options.

Unless you are extremely thin (you lucky devil!) I always suggest you wear something that covers your upper arms or ‘bingo wings’, as mine are affectionally called! Long or three-quarter length sleeves are very flattering.

If you are going to wear jewellery, aim for subtlety and not something that you will be fiddling with. 

Makeup is recommended. If nothing else go a little heavier on the mascara and wear a lipstick that isn’t too dark but shows a nice contrast against your natural colour – this will look awesome in the finished product. If you are wearing nail polish make sure it isn’t chipped (and if not make sure your nails are clean).

Mummy and Me by JB Moments Photography


Have a fresh shave or trim, and use a new razor with shaving foam and a moisturising after-shave lotion to limit bumps and redness. Make sure nails are clean and trimmed. 

Make sure your shoes are clean and your socks don’t have holes in them! Go for jeans or trousers, tucked polo or dress shirt with a belt, or go casual with just a T-shirt or untucked polo, casual shirt, etc.

Corporate Headshots by JB moments Photography


My top tip for children is clean, clean, clean! Clean nails, clean hair, wipe away eye boogers, clean feet, wipe snotty noses, fresh-scrub teeth. The cleaner the kid, the better their photos will turn out.

Toddler photographer in Stirling

If your child is still in nappies or pull-ups, tuck them in or cover them up where possible.

For girls, you can’t go wrong with cute dresses, romper suits, and dainty hats or headbands. For boys, jeans and polos or a button-up shirt, or a T-shirt with a button-up over it can be very cute. Overalls or dungarees on the right age and personality can look great on both girls and boys. 

Toddler photographer in Stirling

For siblings, the children don’t have to match perfectly, just coordinate. You can’t go wrong with dark, rich monotones, which drive the attention in photos to sweet faces and innocent expressions instead of loud prints or colours. If in doubt or undecided, pick a colour that compliments your child’s eye colour.

Child Photographer in Stirling

Newborn babies will be swaddled in the studio so they can wear what they like!


You don’t all need to match (unless you are going for the Waltons or Brady Bunch look) but you should coordinate and make sense. So if Dad is in a T-shirt don’t put the kids in dress shirts, etc.

Family Photographer in Stirling

If you are into Pinterest take a look at family images you love and check out what they are wearing. Do you have similar colours, styles in your wardrobes that would work? Or think about where you might like to hang your finished picture. Do you have clothes that coordinate with the wall colour?

Lay all the outfits out on your bed, go out of the room and then go back in…does anything jar or stick out? If so remove it and replace with something that makes the overall scheme look and feel more pleasing.

Try to avoid anything heavily logoed, large stripes or overly baggy. Fun patterns can work well if they coordinate with everyone else but if in doubt stick to solid colours.

Don’t over think it, have fun. If in doubt bring a selection of outfits and we can select on the day. I can’t speak for other photographers but personally, I love a good costume change 🙂

One group bought a suitcase of outfits with them to a shoot once and I fricken loved that session.

Why my customers are the best

“From caring comes courage” Lao Tzu

I have the best customers in the world. Period! Others may think they have the best customers but I KNOW mine are. FACT!

How do I know this? Well because they TRUST me. Not in the way I trusted vodka when it assured me I could dance like Beyonce but trusting me with their brand new, first born, few days old baby. Letting me wrap and soothe and pose their most precious bundle of joy is one of the greatest gifts ever and one I never take lightly.

JB Moments Photography

Trusting me when I say, “put your 6-month old child in this wooden box the pictures will be great!”. That not only will it actually be great but that I’ve made sure the wooden box in question is smooth, non-toxic and completely free of any splinters. Not to mention properly padded out to ensure the said child doesn’t slip or slide.

JB Moments Photography

Trusting me outside of the studio, that I have done the necessary safety checks to ensure their one-year-old won’t fall out of a tree but will create beautiful Autumn shots.

JB Moments Photography

Trusting me when I suggest a seemingly ridiculous pose on their wedding day or get them to walk about chatting on their wedding day that it will create cool and/or natural looking gorgeous pictures of them to treasure.

JB Moments Photography
JB Moments Photography

Trusting me to take pictures of their beloved parents diamond wedding celebrations and said parents trusting me when I ask them to kiss for the pictures (I think the parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves, btw) 😉

JB Moments Photography

Trusting me to capture their corporate headshot in a way that is a pain-free and relaxed as possible but produces great looking results.

JB Moments Photography

And finally, trusting me to take pictures when they are at their most vulnerable, dressed only in their underwear and letting me turn them into sexy goddesses that make their partners swoon and will make their daughters more body confident.

JB Moments Photography
I could go on…my customers have trusted me with their kids, their grandkids, their pets and themselves and I strive to make sure each and every one of them never regrets that. And that my friends is why I have the BEST customers EVER!

Studio Session – George, Chan and Smudge

I’m always up for a good challenge so when George phoned me up and asked if I could do some headshots for business and online purposes…and…also include pictures of his two dogs in the same session? ‘Bring it on’ I said!

JB Moments Photography - Portrait Photographer in Stirling

George works for an amazing charity, Scottish Veterans Residences that was established in 1910 in reaction to the sight of veterans sleeping rough on the streets of Edinburgh and provides high quality, supported accommodation for veterans who are homeless or in need.

George was nervous when we started shooting and like most people hates getting his picture taken. However, having two dogs running around my ‘compact and bijou’ studio sure did break the ice quickly. George couldn’t help but smile at Chan and Smudge’s antics.

[Mental note to self – maybe always have dogs running around!!!]

But it was his interactions with his dogs that made my heart melt.

JB Moments Photography - Pet Photographer in Stirling

Chan was George’s first dog that he rehomed from the Dogs Trust. I love seeing the interaction of dogs with their owners. It was clear to see that these two adore each other. I loved Chan’s white socks!

JB Moments Photography - Pet Photographer in Stirling

Not long after Chan, George also got Smudge from the Dogs Trust and he was another cutie with the most soulful chocolate brown eyes. The stories I bet he could tell if he could talk.

George did a great job following the prep guide I sent him. Both dogs behaved really well (with a little help from some yummy treats).

We had lots of fun capturing them independently and together.
JB Moments Photography - Pet Photographer in Stirling

JB Moments Photography - Pet Photographer in Stirling

JB Moments Photography - Pet Photographer in Stirling