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Personal Branding Shoot – Ethical Beauty with Tracy

Personal Branding Shoot – Ethical Beauty with Tracy

Dog People Are My People

I first met Tracy when we were both out walking our respective dogs. My boys loved Tracy’s good-natured Doodle Max and so we would natter whilst the dogs chased each other. Fast forward a little and I am a regular customer of The Body Shop goodies from Tracy. And when she wanted some branding photography done…She knew who to call.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

It’s fair to say Max features in a lot of the pictures!

Branding Plan

At our consultation, we agreed that Tracy wanted a mix of images that reflected her brand and her personality. And a mix of business and personal. If I had to describe Tracy I would say fun-loving and with a huge heart so I wanted to make sure her images conveyed that as well.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

As usual, when I do a branding shoot for someone that works predominately from home I ended up in almost every room of the house taking photos!

We started in Tracy’s office to capture some ‘at work’ images. But we couldn’t resist also capturing where Max likes to sit when Tracy is working!

Whipping Up Some Marketing Images

When I asked Tracy what she does in her spare time, one of the things she mentioned was hanging out with her daughter whilst she baked.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I loved the set of images we captured in the kitchen of them. Both being very good sports at my ridiculous directions!

Take Me To The Bedroom

Okay, this isn’t where I usually end up with clients but as Tracy’s business is all about beauty products we knew we could have some fun with face masks and a ‘girls night in’ set of images.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Of course, Max wanted in on the action as well, and well, with that face, how could you resist?

Good Sport

As I said, Tracy is good fun and was such a good sport on the day. As well as selling beauty products, Tracy is also a makeup artist. We captured some ‘sensible’ images of that and then…

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments PhotographyThat said, look at those amazing cheekbones! We were having way too much fun at this point.

Coffee Break

We wanted to add some location images to Tracy’s gallery as well so she organised a team meeting at her favourite local coffee shop Savana. I like to get as many images as possible for my clients in any location so as well as her team images I captured her working remotely as well.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I love working with like-minded businesswomen like Tracy and I can’t wait for our next session!

You can find out more about what Tracy does here.


Personal Branding Shoot – Falkirk Sewing Studio

Personal Branding Shoot – Falkirk Sewing Studio

Falkirk Sewing Studio is an amazing social enterprise formed in June 2019 to benefit the Falkirk community. Their studio is based at the Callendar Square Shopping Centre in Falkirk. Here, they provide the right environment to promote sewing and other creative art and craft activities for newcomers, women, children, minority groups including ethnic minorities, LGBTI and anyone who feels they would benefit from inclusion in the project.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Check out the hand crafted sign!

The main woman I met behind this inspiring space is Uatandua Kahere.If I could peek inside this Wonder Woman’s brain I’m sure I would be exhausted after a few seconds.

As well as the sewing studio she runs Kahere Kilts and makes bespoke kilts from all manner of materials, many that are up cycled.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

She also makes organic toiletries and I’m sure a whole host of other things that we didn’t even scratch the surface of in our two hour shoot.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Sew be it

You know I love a pun, just lean into it. I had to show Uatandua doing what she does.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Wool the world

Sorry not sorry for that one, it’s brilliant! One of the main thing Uatandua needed from me was good images of her wool stock to go onto her new website to enable people to buy online. I spent a lot of time photographing balls of wool!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Artists at Work

Uatandua is the only one working in the space. Other artists also use it as their studio space.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

And also to display and sell their pieces.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Well worth a browse, especially if you are looking for unique local Christmas gifts.

Classes and Groups

The space is great for creative groups to have a safe space to get together and do what they love. Whilst I was in taking pictures there was a local chochet group meeting. You should see how fast their fingers were!!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Uatandua has also added classes for all manner of creative projects to her website for people to book.

The Future

As large department stores and shops have closed down in Falkirk the high street, like many others up and down the UK has become empty and less inviting. Most people are simply doing their shopping online from the comfort of their own home.

Iniatitives like this one are breathing new life into tired old high streets and bringing back a sense of community and belonging. I for one think that deserves to be celebrated.

Delighted to have been involved in some small way. Dissapointed that nobody has guessed my little joke I gave them whilst photographing all their haberdashery stock!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Do you get it???



Answer: It's that old saying 'Pins & Needles' of course!

Personal Branding Shoot – OOSHASC

Personal Branding Shoot – OOSHASC

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mel Anderson the owner of OOSHASC for her personal branding shoot. And I say absolute pleasure because Mel is one of those people who makes you feel like a BFF the moment you meet her. We met virtually through the wonderful Facebook Group Women Together Network a few months ago and at our pre-shoot Zoom consultation, I knew she was going to be fun to shoot. But when we finally met in the flesh for her shoot, it was like I’d known her for years.

Building a great rapport with your client is so important for a Personal Branding shoot. I knew instantly I was going to get some great images with Mel.

Not sure what personal branding photography is? Unsure if you need it for your business or not? You can check out a helpful guide here 🙂


Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

OOSHASC stands for Once Owned Should Have A Second Chance and is a high-end preloved clothing boutique that Mel runs from within the grounds of her house in Dollar. It’s a great idea to buck the current (and unsustainable) fast fashion trend and ensure that quality garments get re-worn rather than end up in landfill.

Mel has been running the business since 2012 and the C-19 lockdown made her rethink her online presence and appeal to a much wider audience. I urge you to check out her Facebook Lives as she gives the QVC presenters a run for their money!

Her brand colours are pink and purple so you’ll see those crop up a lot in the images I took.

Behind The Scenes

Social Media loves to know what goes on behind the scenes (or BTS if you’re feeling fly). For every business that is different. For Mel, it was important to document what happens to clothes once she takes them in and the care and attention she gives them before they go out on her racks.

I ask all my Personal Branding Clients what tools they use in their business. I like to make sure we incorporate them into the images.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

One of Mel’s tools is her iron and steamer so I put her to work! look at that gorgeous smile. What a hottie!

Mess With My Images

When I capture wedding and portrait images my contract very clearly asks people not to tamper with my images by adding filters etc. When it comes to a personal branding shoot…all bets are off. I encourage you to crop, add text, add a colour wash, etc to make them fit your brand aesthetic.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

With that in mind, I often include a few ‘whiteboard’ shots like the one above. Mel could easily use an app like Canva to add quotes, thank you messages, sale news or any other thing she likes!

Flat Lays

Where appropriate I also like to include some flat lay. I also show the client how to take great flat lay images themselves with their phones. Clothing is perfect for a flat lay and Mel picked out a cute first date outfit for me to use.

Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

All Work And No Play

We also took images around the shop, with Mel’s customers and many many more but it would be remiss of me to steal Mel’s thunder.

Likewise, we took lots of images of Mel being Mel in her spare time, including a few surprises that I can’t wait to see how she uses!Personal Branding Photography by JB Moments Photography

I can share this one as Mel has already used. Needless to say Alfie and Purdie her two beautiful labs feature quite heavily.

This was a 2-hour session but it felt like 5 minutes. It’s true what they say that time flies when you’re having fun and I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

Yet again proving that I have the best clients. #LoveMyJob

What is Personal Branding Photography & why does your Business need it?

What on earth is Personal Branding Photography & why does your Business need it?

More than just a headshot!

What is Personal Branding Photography?

The concept of branding is more important now than ever. With the enormous boom in social media in the last few years everyone, from teenagers to executives, is developing their online branding. A brand, as you know, is not just a logo or a set of colours; a brand is the whole business. “Brand” covers everything from packaging to ethos, and it’s how businesses portray themselves to their clients and showcase the goods and/or services they provide.

Branding photography
Lifestyle shoot of product being enjoyed.

Personal branding photography is photography that reflects the spirit of the business

One of the best ways to define a business is through images. Personal branding photography is thriving right now because people understand the importance of personalising their offerings—whether that be a service or a product.

Personal branding sessions are becoming very popular for small businesses; a single headshot is no longer enough! In the endless search for content, businesses now need to create posts for their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts as well as their LinkedIn profiles and websites. Not to mention flyers, business cards, newsletters, and other promotional stuff!

A comprehensive and well-planned brand session is a great foundation on which to build a consistent brand persona. It’s important to show different parts of the business to their clients. Yes, it’s nice to see a smiling face in a headshot; but it’s also great to see the business owner in action!

Branding photography
Portrait of illustrator doing what she does best!

What if I don’t offer a product?

For a business that creates a product, clients will love to see the making process as well as images of the finished product and styled shots of it in use.

If the business provides a service, it’s important to showcase how they interact with clients.

How I Prepare a Client for Their Personal Branding Photography Session

It is essential I get to know my client or business owner’s needs well in advance. As businesses, branding, and personality are so intertwined these days, it’s important to focus on all aspects.

The best way to do this is to use my personal branding photography preparation guide to find out everything I need to know about my client and their business. Before a session, I will meet with a client or business owner, speak to them over the phone and interact via email to make sure I have all the answers I need.

I will study their existing website, social media platforms, and responses to my questions to get a feel for their brand. Can I help them to portray themselves in a better way?

Working Together

Although clients understand the importance of a personal branding session, most will need guidance on the best way to capture their product and service. Planning the session together is essential. I use my expertise to collaborate with my client or business owner to show off their work in the best possible way.

Every Session is Different

Each client is unique and has their own set of requirements. No two assignments will be the same. I’ve photographed creators, illustrators, jewellers, rum distillers, and a writer over the last few years. Each shoot has been approached and planned in a different way.

Branding photography
Product shot

How long does a shoot last?

As personal branding photography is so multi-faceted, there will always be many different parts to a branding session. It’s really important to capture portraits of my client (everyone still needs a headshot, right?), but it’s equally important to capture things like:

  • my client at work
  • interactions with their own clients
  • products (styled in context and/or as a flat lay)
  • work in progress

This can be across a few locations and can take a couple of hours. So sometimes it works best to split the branding session into two shoots if that works best.

Branding photography
Styled product and packaging shoot.

How are the images delivered?

Most personal branding clients want their images provided digitally. My clients use their images across all their social media platforms as well as on their websites. So I deliver a curated library of digital images for them to download and use. They are provided in a social media resolution, ready to drop into websites or Instagram, etc. And in a higher resolution for any printed needs, they may have. For example, the jeweller wanted to use her product images on a show banner.

Branding photography
Me when I still dyed my hair! Used for lots of social media posts.

So there you have it. The days of grabbing a stock image of the internet are over (especially those ones that still have the copyright printed all over them!). Now more than ever businesses need to stand out from the competition online. The best way to do that is with images that convey who you are and what you are selling.

Get in touch if you would like more information.