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Studio Session – Amber’s Family

Family Photography

About five months ago I had the delight of the lovely, bubbly Amber in the studio. Well, she was back last weekend and this time she’d brought reinforcements!

It’s a family affair

Amber’s mum had been in touch to get images of Amber with her two older cousins Oscar and Maisie. She was hoping that they would be able to get some good ones to potentially use for Christmas gifts for grandparents (ssshhhhh).

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Poor Dad had his work cut out with the tickle stick and my squeaky chicken to get everyone to look at me!

The combinations are endless

Of course, because you get all the edited digital images after a full session from me it is a good opportunity to get some pictures for both families to treasure as well.

I took some gorgeous pictures of Amber playing with her dad as he’d missed out on her last photo shoot. As well as some cute family ones that I also designed into a Christmas card for them 🙂

I also took pictures of both dad’s together as those same grandparents might like pictures of their two sons (;) )

Brothers and Sisters

Oscar and Maisie were very cute together. Despite pretending that they didn’t really like each other!

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I also took images of each of them by themselves.

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Oscar took a bit of warming up but chatting to him about his one true love – football yielded some great smiles and some more pensive ones. Like the one above that I love.

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Maisie, on the other hand, was a natural model and was happy to pull all sorts of expressions for me to capture. But I also love this natural one of her taken in-between model requests.

Adorable Amber

Undoubtedly the star of the show was little Miss Amber. Her smile just melts me. And I can’t believe how much she’s grown in the 5 months since I first saw her!

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

She was the mistress of crazy facial expressions as well. This next one made me smile so much I had to keep it in the gallery!

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Captions, please….

The C word

I know, I know it is still only early November but Christmas is just around the corner and with all the talk about potential prints as Christmas gifts. It got me in the mood to turn a few of each families images into Christmas designs that I added to their gallery (because I’m desperate to get on Santas nice list this year).

And just because I could, I couldn’t resist putting Amber inside a snow globe! It is almost the season after all!

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography
He’s behind you!

Christmas Mini Sessions 2018

Christmas Mini Sessions

Christmas comes early to the JB Moments Photography Studio. The middle of November to be precise. This is to ensure that any families wanting to make Christmas Cards from their session can do so in plenty of time to get them printed.

Sleighed it

The antique sleigh from last year made a comeback but this year in the editing I worked out how to add moving snow. I know, right!

Couch Potato

This year I took advantage of the bigger studio and added a ‘cuddle on the couch’ set up. Complete with Christmas throws and ‘The Night before Christmas’ book.

Is your little featured?

I had so much fun I’ve created a video of some of the sessions. Take a look and see if your little one is featured.


Studio Sessions – Christmas Minis

Christmas Mini Sessions

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” Edna Ferber

If you thought I got excited about Halloween then hold onto your hats for Christmas. As soon as the calendar flips into December I am sipping mulled wine, mainlining mince pies and watching Elf. I love the excitement and build up to Christmas and this year I was delighted to offer Christmas mini sessions in the studio.

Mini Sessions?

A Mini Session is really a studio taster session. For a much-reduced price, you get a short amount of studio time and 10 digital images. It’s a great way to dip your toe in and try a photographer before you invest in more expensive full sessions. Not to mention they are fast, frantic and bags of fun (well for me anyway) 🙂

Sleigh my name

Not strictly a mini session this one but when the gorgeous Glen gang came for their photoshoot they brought with them some super cute Christmas outfits so we just had to get the Christmas backdrop out and take the sleigh for a test run!

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling
Is it me or is Santa getting younger and younger?

Happy Holly Days

Next up was 17-month-old Violet who looked beautiful in her new dress that she was testing out for Christmas Day.

JB Moments Photography - Family Photographer in Stirling

I think the dress is a winner!

Have a lolly-jolly Christmas

Then super cute 13-month Harrison came to visit me in his Christmas suit along with is 4-year old sister Kayla and his 2-year-old cousin Zack. Zack wasn’t very keen on getting his picture taken at first but after he saw his cousins having fun he warmed up and joined in. But it was Harrison that stole the show with the faces he pulled and his absolute joy with his Christmas lolly.

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling
Christmas Sweeties!

Take an ‘Elfie!

Remember Ella the miniature schnauzer? Well she now has a little sister called Ruby and they came in for a mini session along with Olivia the Elf!

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling

All three of them looked adorable in their elf jumpers. They all completely disproved the theory that you should never work with children or animals by being absolute angels. Definitely on Santa’s nice list 😉

The snuggle is real

Roisin (5) and her little brother Leo (2) are no strangers to my camera. It was great to see them in the studio (especially as mum bought some of her birthday cake for me!!!). Leo gave his sister a massive cuddle on the sleigh and well… my heart just melted.

JB Moments Photography - Family Photographer in Stirling

Room for Nana?

I have a confession to make…these sessions are meant to just be for kids (or fur babies) but when my dear friend Ruth came with her daughter and grandson Aizak (5) I had to squeeze them all on the sleigh. This is how Christmas memories are made.

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling
Sleighing it!

Incredi bauble time

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of capturing Rorie’s Naming Ceremony so it was lovely to see him again for a Christmas mini session. He had an absolute blast with the baubles I had out for props.

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling

Christmas Greetings

Alongside the mini sessions, I offered personalised Christmas cards using pictures from the session. Quite a few of the families took up the offer and the feedback on the cards has been excellent.

I, of course, had to use Bert and Ernie as my business Christmas card models. Here is one of the pictures that didn’t make the card!




JB Moments Photography
You said I could be Santa, Bert!

If you are unsure about taking your little ones to a photo shoot a mini session is a great way to start off.  Next up will be Valentines Mini Sessions so keep an eye on my Facebook Page for more info and to get yourself added to my newsletter mailing list so you don’t miss out on future Mini Sessions.