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Studio Session – The Competition Winners!

In December I ran a competition across my Instagram and Facebook pages to win a free photo shoot in my newly expanded studio. All people had to do was like or follow me and say what kind of shoot they wanted.

It’s fair to say I got a lot of entries across both platforms and the shoots people wanted ranged from newborn to family, headshots to pets. I took out all the family members that entered (sorry mum 😉 ) and assigned each entry a number based on when they submitted. Then using a random number generator I found on the internet I picked the entry that corresponded with that number.

It was Jennifer and she wanted some nice photos of her son who was two and his new 4-month-old sister. As well as some pictures of them all as a family. She was delighted when I told her she’d won the prize worth £120 🙂

She ain’t heavy she’s my sister

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Not only was this two-year-old turning into a very handsome chap indeed. He was also very well behaved – he only needed one bribe for doughnuts. (to be fair I would do anything for doughnuts as well, just saying). Despite making sure mum and dad were close by, just out of camera, he was very careful with his baby sister.

As for the baby sister…Look at that hair, those eyes, that dimple!! As you can tell I was totally smitten. She was such a good-natured little girl as well. No tears or tantrums here!

I’ll look out for you

This big brother loves his little sister. I think as she gets older she is going to have him wrapped around her cute little fingers.

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography
The best gift our parents gave us was each other.
Sometimes you gotta race cars

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

With up to an hour in the studio, you get to mess around with different backdrops and props. It’s important to get shots of each child individually as well and find ways to let their personality shine through. My little red racing car was just the thing for this young man ( I think dad was secretly a little jealous).

Time for my close up

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Meanwhile, this little cutie was perfectly content to sit in the chair and pout and pose for us.

All too soon the session was over and it was time for me to pack the toys away and start acting like an adult again (booo).

The family went off for doughnuts (not at all jealous!) and I couldn’t wait to get started on editing and delivering back their digital gallery.

The sprinkles on the doughnut

Sorry, but that’s all I can think about now…..

The best bit was getting such a lovely review back from my winners.

Fab photos done with our little ones! Jenny was great and made us all feel comfortable so she got the best pics possible of the kids! Will definitely be back for more photos in the future!

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Studio Session – The Murray Family

“Marriage is a relationship in which one is always right and the other is the husband!”

Margaret and Don Murray have been married for forty years. To celebrate they wanted a family photo shoot with their nearest and dearest. Their two sons, one partner, two grandkids and the most important members of their family. Bailey and Tia their Labradoodles.

Bert and Ernie Approved

Those of you that know me know I am besotted by my two Frenchies, Bert and Ernie. I also happen to think they are an excellent judge of character. We first met Don out walking Bailey and Tia and the dogs all loved each other. Not only that, Bert and Ernie took a shine to Don as well. Definite seal of approval in my eyes! And of course, they were right as the rest of the family turned out to be lovely as well.

What’s the Secret?

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

I can’t have a couple that has been married for 40 years in the studio and not ask them what the secret to wedded bliss is? The answer from Don was “do what you’re told!”. I have advised Mr JB of this handy tip immediately 🙂

It’s a Family Affair

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

The family had great banter and you could tell they were all very close-knit. The session was great fun and Margaret told me at the end she had been dreading the session but actually enjoyed it. That’s music to my ears and the reason I do this job.

My newly expanded studio coped admirably with 5 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs.


Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Beautiful Lois and child modelling superstar Blair are clearly much-loved grandkids and I could see why. Brilliantly behaved with the perfect amount of cheek, these two needed the least amount of direction from me.


Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Everyone was in agreement that Margaret and Don’s absolute favey faves are their fur babies Bailey and Tia. The best bit – because they are so darn cute nobody seemed to mind.

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Bailey arrived on the scene first and was named after a well-known drink because of his creamy colour. He was the couples first Labradoodle and they were soon totally smitten. So much so that they felt he needed a wee sister.

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography
Did someone say Sausages?

Sticking with the alcohol theme along came Tia. I had the pleasure of meeting her as a pup during our walks and she is a total cutie.

So there you have it. Families take many forms and all of them should be celebrated. This was such a fun shoot to do. Reason number 634 why I love my job 🙂


Studio Sessions – Three generations and Hugo

“I am a strong women because a strong woman raised me.”

Ever since Samantha gave birth to gorgeous Thea 15 months ago her own Mum has been desperate to get a photo of the three of them. Unable to get a good one by themselves they booked me to capture their three generations of women for them.

Family Photographer near Stirling - JB Moments Photography

I am always really honoured when I get to capture these types of moments as it will be amazing for Thea to look back when she is older at her heritage.

Baby Blues

Thea certainly kept us all on our toes but was easily bribed with Cheerios :-). She had the most amazing blue eyes that mum had emphasised with her pretty blue and white floral dress.

Child Photographer near Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Who run the world (girls)

Any excuse to quote Beyonce (am I right?)

Family Photographer near Stirling - JB Moments Photography

But with this amazing Mum and doting Gran I think Thea will go on to do anything she wants in life – maybe even run the world.

Baby Hugo

Who can forget gorgeous baby Hugo and those immensely kissable cheeks? Well he was in for the second of his Grow with Me sessions now he is 4 months old (I know, where has that 4 months gone?!).

You think they can’t have grown that much in 4 months! As I used my vintage suitcase prop at his newborn session I thought I would use it again at this stage to chart how much he had actually grown…..WOW!

Baby Photographer near Falkirk - JB Moments Photography

There wasn’t even any room for Ted this time!

I’m going to use the suitcase at all his sessions as I think it will make a cool montage at the end for his mum and dad. But I don’t think he will be in it for any more sessions!

His next session will be around the 8-month-old stage when he can sit up by himself. Then we round off at around one year old when he can stand by himself (or with a little help). I absolutely love it when parents book a Grow with Me package as it means I get to see these little people grow and develop. It was amazing the range of expressions Hugo has now and how much he recognised his mum’s voice. He still let me snuggle him as well so that was an added bonus 🙂

Coming Soon

The next few weeks in the studio are busy busy busy! I have a pet shoot this weekend and more pets in the coming week for family shoots. Then it will be Christmas Mini session madness! This week I am getting to try something new photographing handmade jewellery for a local college. Watch this space…

Studio Session – The Robertson Family

“Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years multiply.” – Zane Grey

The Robertsons were gifted one of my gift vouchers for their Ruby Wedding Anniversary. A family photo shoot with their two grown-up sons, their partners and their super cute two-year-old grandson Lewis.

What’s the secret?

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Married almost twenty years myself I was keen to get the inside scoop from these two lovebirds how to double that number! Without any hesitation, they both said, perfectly in sync, “Patience”. I’m gonna need to work on that then!

Their Boys

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Before my studio expansion, I wouldn’t have been able to take a mum, dad and two grown up sons image like this. The room was just too small. Now I am able to move around my clients to get the best angle in comfort. As a bonus the rest of the clients not in the image can relax in comfort at the other side of the room.

But wait, there’s more!

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

If I couldn’t do the last shot I certainly couldn’t fit six adults comfortably in. We had space for more as well. Could’ve had a full on party! Although to be fair this crew were so much fun we were having our own party!

I love seeing the bond between family members and watching how they interact with each other in the studio. This family unit was TIGHT 🙂 There were lots of in-jokes, genuine affection and laughter.

The star of the show

Without a doubt, the star of the session was Master Lewis.

Family photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

At two years-old he was killing it in the fashion stakes with his checked shirt and cool jeans (I checked I can’t get those monkey knee patches on adult jeans – actually gutted). He was so good during the hour long shoot as well. He only needed the occasional bribe with some white chocolate buttons to keep going. Especially as he was in nearly all the pictures.

The happy couple has already come back and told me that they “Love, love, love” their photos and I am delighted that the family have some cracking memories to look back on. I’m off to work on that patience thing – wish me luck!

Baby picture - JB Moments Photography

Studio Session – Baby Warren

The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.

Baby picture - JB Moments Photography

Baby Warren at just over three weeks new came and trampled all over my heart with his ten perfect toes. To say I was smitten was an understatement! He took a while to get off to sleep as well so that meant LOADS MORE SNUGGLES FOR ME!!

Rooting for him

When he did doze off after a bottle of the finest white stuff, it was so worth the wait. I had a new tree root prop that I’d been desperate to try. (Yes I know my prop shopping is a serious addiction, but in my defence, it was on sale).

Baby picture - JB Moments Photography
Tree-mendous !!
Bear with me

Whilst slumbering we took advantage and dressed Warren up as the cutest little teddy bear.

Baby picture - JB Moments Photography
Beary cute
Funny shaped balls

Warren’s dad is a professional rugby player and had recently been awarded his 100th cap which mum wanted to incorporate into the shoot. Now I’m not a rugby expert (okay confession time I just watch for the tight shorts), but Mr JB advises me that getting this cap is a HUGE deal.

So I got a rugby ball shaped stress ball that was the perfect baby size and went with a wrap covered in stars to commemorate the achievement and I think it turned out pretty good.

Baby picture - JB Moments Photography

Warren was pretty chilled about the whole thing as you can see 🙂

Nice Try Dad!

I love creating images that look like the baby is being held aloft in dad’s hands. As a baby photographer, safety is my first priority so Warren is actually on a beanbag the whole time and I create the look with some Photoshop magic in post-production.Baby picture - JB Moments Photography

Warren clearly seems to think that dad’s catching skills are hilarious!!!

Three is the magic number

I think a baby photo session is more than getting some cute images of your new bundle of joy whilst they are still teeny weeny. I like to think I’m capturing the moment that your unconditional love takes on real, tangible meaning. The moment you fully transition from being in love to being a family.

Baby picture - JB Moments Photography
You are so loved baby boy


Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Low Parks Museum & AlonA Hotel – Carly & David’s Wedding

“Where does the family start? It starts with a young man falling in love with a girl – no superior alternative has yet been found.” – Winston Churchill

Swipe right for love

About three and a half years ago David, an Army recruitment officer, was posted to a job in England. Whilst there he used a well-known dating app and he and Carly had a memorable first date in a local pub. Not long after he was posted somewhere else for a month but they agreed to meet up again when he returned and the rest, as they say, is history!

By the time David got posted back to Scotland, he and Carly were inseparable so they set up house together. Then a few days before Christmas they were getting ready to go out and David surprised Carly by going down on one knee and proposing.

The greatest gift

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

To complete this perfect love story they are expecting their first baby next year. I’m not sure that they could’ve given each other a greater wedding gift.

A trip to the museum

Carly and David chose Low Parks Museum in Hamilton for their ceremony.

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Inside the Assembly Room was a complete hidden gem. Carly and David admitted they only found out about it after they attended another wedding there.

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Stunning Venue
Hip to be a Groom

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Being a military man David was very good at taking orders. So every time I asked him and his best men to take a swig from their hipflasks for a photo he obliged 😉

After a week of gales and rain, storm Ali had abated and the sun was shining. So much so that it was hard to get all the guests inside before the bride arrived. All wanting that last little bit of vitamin D!

Eventually, the venue staff and the best men got them all seated and the piper, the registrar and I waited for the bride to arrive with her super proud dad.

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Carly looked beautiful, she was absolutely glowing and couldn’t stop smiling as she headed down the aisle to her Dave.

Husband and Wife

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Carly and David’s vows rang out loud and clear and then, just like that, they were husband and wife.

Best of all for me I then had a captive group before the coach picked up all the wedding party and took them to the reception venue. Greatest scenario EVER for a wedding photographer as all too often getting group shots of the whole party is like herding cats once they discover the bar!

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Travelling in style

Whilst the rest of the guests travelled to the reception in a luxury coach the bride and groom had this beautiful machine from Enchanted Limousines.

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Inappropriate Photographer Alert!

People that know me well know that I can be a tad inappropriate at times. But never at a clients wedding. I try my utmost to be as professional as possible. This time it wasn’t even my fault (honest guv). At the AlonA Hotel in Motherwell Carly and David had hired the LED lights of their initials. All was going well with the formal photos until I innocently asked someone to put their hands on the D (for David!!) and people started sniggering…Once I realised my faux pas everything I said sounded unintentionally smutty!

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Shocking speeches

Soon it was time for the meal and speeches and it was David’s best men that stole the show. His childhood friend went first and shared a story about a parachuting hamster that nobody could quite believe.

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Judging by the bride’s face she’d never heard this story either!!

The other best man hinted to even more scandalous stories but as the audience contained kids and grandparents he couldn’t share any of them. He did, however, angle for some of Carly’s mum’s legendary lasagne!

Time to get the party started

As always, once the cake was cut and the first dance danced it was time for me to leave the new Mr & Mrs Hamilton to party the night away with their fantastic family and friends.

Lanarkshire Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Congratulations to the most gorgeous pair and I look forward to shooting baby Hamilton when he or she arrives.



Plane Castle – The Heck Family

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.” – Tom Wilson

It took a family visiting from Canada to introduce me to Plane Castle or Cock-a-bendy castle as the locals call it. A beautiful restored castle literally 5 minutes drive from my house/studio.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

A Wedding?

When I got there the laundry guy was just leaving and asked me if I was there for the wedding? A bit confused I dragged my camera case over the cobbled stones and met Shaun who had contacted me to arrange the shoot. Then all became clear! Shaun and his new wife Jamiela had eloped in May. Rather than have a big wedding back home, Shaun who is a huge history buff decided to use the cash to holiday in various castles in Scotland with Jamiela and his teenage daughter Alorah. An excellent idea I thought (especially as they booked me for some family photos!) and Jamiela got to wear her pretty dress for a second time. Genius!

As an aside you can have all manner of weddings at this venue in the buildings and the beautiful grounds.

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

In the Garden

Set amongst 3 acres the castle has been lovingly restored with a pond and many statues and features. I am told there is even a peacock but he didn’t appear whilst I was there.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

We certainly had some fun exploring parts of it.

Off to the Tower

The Hecks were staying in the Medieval Tower part of the castle and as Shaun looked very dapper in his kilt I felt it was only right to take an obligatory knee up, fireside shot!

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography
Family mealtimes will never be the same again!

Then it was time for me to leave the Hecks holiday residence and trundle home. As I left they were planning what castle to visit next before heading back to Canada. I think Stirling Castle was winning. I, meanwhile am delighted to have discovered a castle that has literally been under my nose this whole time.

Back to School Mini Sessions

Child photography in Stirling - JB Moments Photography Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” Chinese Proverb

Do you remember being a kid and finishing school for the summer holidays? When six weeks off school felt like FOREVER? The promise of a seemingly endless summer stretching ahead of you. The opportunities felt unbounded…

Then by the end of week four, you’d been swimming so many times you had webbed feet,  your bike had a puncture and your mum was mainlining gin whilst simultaneously comfort rocking in the corner?

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more bored something magical happened. Back 2 School advertising appeared in shop windows along with pen sets so shiny you couldn’t help but stroke them, pencil cases in every flavour so you could pledge your allegiance to your favourite pop star, tv programme or football team, frantic conversations with your best friends about the merits of a rucksack vs. a satchel, and don’t even get me started about which new school shoes were going to make you look the coolest (I ran away from home once over school shoes – true story!).

Suddenly the place you couldn’t wait to leave felt like something to look forward to. Catching up with all your pals you hadn’t seen over the summer, new kids that had moved to the area and a new teacher to torment learn from. 🙂

That’s what I wanted to capture with my Back 2 School mini sessions. (Want to know more about mini sessions, click here).

Earlier in the year, I’d managed to procure an old school desk but I wanted to add something else. For parents, the first day of school is an important milestone each year and I wanted to capture some of their kid’s likes and aspirations that they could look back on. I came up with a chalkboard idea.

Child photography in Stirling - JB Moments Photography For data security purposes I’m not going to show the kids answers here but needless to say, they were varied and jobs, when they grow up, ranging from Doctors to Fairies! A great keepsake for mum and dad to look back on. As for the kids they had great fun sitting on top of it.

Cute kids in uniforms

I can share a few of the other pics from the sessions though.

Child photography in Stirling - JB Moments Photography
Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 8 9.
Child photography in Stirling - JB Moments Photography
What did one calculator say to the other calculator?
You can always count on me.
Child photography in Stirling - JB Moments Photography
Why is 1+1=3 like your left foot?
It’s not right.

Bad jokes aside if you’d like to be first in the queue when mini sessions are launched sign up for my no spam ever newsletter here.

Family photographer in Larbert - JB Moments Photography

Studio Session – The Sherrington Family

“It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.” – J.M. Laurence

Family photographer in Larbert - JB Moments Photography

What do you get when you have two cute kids (8 and 10), a yummy mummy, a reluctant dad and a very naughty granny in the studio for a photo shoot? You get a whole load of FUN. I loved this family from the moment they came in and even Dad got into the swing of things as we got going.

Men at Work

I have learned from experience that most males (especially the grown-up ones) are more relaxed in front of the camera if they have been given something to do.

In this case, I asked Dad to whisper something into his son’s ear that only he could hear. I am guessing at what he said but it did the trick!

Family photographer in Larbert - JB Moments Photography
If a woman says she’s fine. Run!

I could’ve photographed the 10-year-old daughter all day long. She had one of those smiles that lit up her whole face and eyes that looked like pools of melted dairy milk **swoon**.

Family photographer in Larbert - JB Moments Photography

Silly Faces

Another favourite trick of mine, with kids at least, is to ask them to pull silly faces. This time though the biggest kid of all joined in…Granny! She was such a good sport and you could tell the kids really loved spending time with her. Reminded me a bit of my dearly departed gran who was always up for a bit of mischief. I wish I had photos like these to look back on of her.

Family photographer in Larbert - JB Moments Photography
If the wind changes you’ll stay like that!
In a corner

This is the last big family shoot I’ll be doing in my studio before it’s extension next month and I was a little worried before we started that a corner and a bench wouldn’t create many variations. Well! I’ve got to stop listening to that inner self-doubt because we managed endless combinations and I delivered the family a gallery of nearly double the quoted number of pictures.

Best of all they had a great time with mum saying it was a “brilliant experience”.

Family photographer in Larbert - JB Moments Photography
I smile because you’re my family – I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!
Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Stirling University – Katie’s Graduation

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As the class of 2018 prepared to graduate from Stirling University last week the campus had never looked more beautiful. Deep blue skies with faint wisps of clouds, the loch teaming with wildlife and their cute fluffy offspring and the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle looking over approvingly from a distance.

Okay, okay so I’m a wee bit biased…this was my university (class of 1996 gulp) and the site of some of my happiest times. Including meeting Mr JB 4 weeks before we graduated. Twenty-two years on and much has changed. Geddes Court (or the Virgin Megastore as it was affectionately nicknamed in my time) was gone as had many of the other halls of residences. They had been sympathetically replaced by buildings that looked quite similar (but I’m assured aren’t based on a Swedish prison block design as the old buildings were!). However, the campus still manages to feel the same and still evokes happy memories whenever I step into it.

The Wood family had hired me to capture their daughter Katie’s graduation. But they weren’t hiring me to simply document a girl completing her university course. They were hiring me to capture a clever, beautiful girl at the end of her honours degree but at the beginning of the rest of her life.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were hiring me to capture how proud they were of both their daughter and their son for following in their academic footsteps.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were hiring me to capture how delighted her mum was that she is going on to do her masters at the same London institution that she had done hers at. 

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were hiring me to capture the relationship between Katie and her big brother and how proud he was of her (in the grudging way only big brothers can).

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were hiring me to capture the fierce love her Dad had for his little girl. How she would always be his little girl that he would want to protect.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were also hiring me to show how during her four years at Uni she had blossomed into a confident young woman with her own mind and in a long-term committed relationship.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

But most of all they hired me to capture the love they have as a family. They might not have realised all this when they booked me. But that is definitely what I saw through the lens on that beautiful day.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you.” Desmond Tutu