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What a great week! In the Studio and on Location

Studio Update

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.” -William Cowper

I love my job!

I know, I know I say that A LOT! But what other jobs would have me shooting Easter bunnies in the studio on Monday, getting all creative at Fife College with the extremely talented jewellery making students on Tuesday, back in the studio cake smashing on Wednesday and at a Photocall at the University of Stirling on Thursday?

Hop to it

My Easter mini sessions in the studio all happened before Easter. But poor Ella was poorly when it was her turn and I couldn’t have her missing out on being an Easter bunny, could I? So I snuck her into the studio on Easter Monday.

Child photographer near Falkirk, JB Moments Photography

How cute is she as a little bunny? VERY! Yet again though I really wish I had a camera pointing at the parents behind me. To get Ella to laugh, her Daddy was standing behind me in bunny ears beatboxing!!! I wish I’d got a shot of that.

Getting to experiment

Fife college wanted something a bit different to showcase the students work. Rather than the usual white high key images. Two of the students (the very brave and beautiful Erica and Jake) agreed to model all the pieces. I got to play in the college’s studios and with their lighting equipment so to say I was like a kid in a candy store would be an understatement! The brief was to display the jewellery unconventionally and everybody joined in the creative process so we created something weird yet also wonderful.

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

This is one of my favourite images. Jake is wearing brooches as knuckle dusters and Erica has various rings on. I think they look FIERCE!

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

And here Jake is wearing a beautiful bracelet in his hair.

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

I just love Erica’s earrings in her hair. Who knows we might have started a new trend!

I had so much fun and I got paid to do it. My job is amazing!

Smashed it!

Back in my studio on Wednesday for lovely Lucy’s cake smash for her first birthday. Her theme was ‘Some bunny is one’ so we had lots of pink, silver and white.

She was a little shy to start off with but soon warmed up and had a smashing time (sorry, not sorry!) and gave her mum, dad and grandma some precious memories to treasure.

1st birthday milestone photographs at JB Moments Photography

I even managed to steal a kiss off those gorgeous cheeks at the end (and yes she tasted of cake – delicious!).

Time for your close up

On Thursday I was back out on location again and on familiar territory at the University of Stirling. I love the jobs I get at the University for two reasons. 1) it is my University and I have a soft spot for the campus and 2) I adore all the Directorate of Internationalisation and Partnerships team. This time I was taking pictures of individuals and small groups who have secured funding through The Stirling Fund.


So there you have it, never a dull moment and plenty of spice! I’m looking forward to next week as well as I have lots of model calls in the studio to test out a new collaboration that I am very excited about. Oh and before that, just the small matter of my newest nephew’s christening where I will, of course, be playing the role of family photographer and Godmother 🙂

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

Studio Sessions – Valentines Mini and Cake Smash!

Child Photography

Love is in the air

It’s been a busy old week at the JB Moments Photography Studio. First up was Amber for a Valentines themed Mini Session. This years theme was ‘Hearts Everywhere’ and boy did I go for it. Heart-shaped balloons, heart confetti, heart banners, heart cushions. You name it if it was heart shaped I had it.

We are not amused.

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

Amber fully embraced the Valentines theme as well with a cute red tutu and sequined heart top (they don’t do it in adult sizes, I checked!). But to start with she wasn’t feeling the love and Dad was worried that, whilst cute, she looked sad 🙁

Baby Shark

I often wish I had a camera pointing at the families behind me because I reckon I would’ve got some cracking images. You see Mum, Dad, Gran and Uncle were all performing the Baby Shark song to make Amber laugh.

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

And it worked. After several verses!!

Let them eat cake

Next up was a very special one year old. Those of you that follow me know that I normally do doughnut smashes  (in fact wee Amber is booked in for one to celebrate her first birthday). But I am happy to do fruit, spaghetti, paint…..Whatever gets nice and messy! Wee Fern’s mum had her heart set on cake so that’s exactly what we did. 🙂

But first, the sensible shot

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

Before we got down and dirty with the cake we marked the occasion formally! Fern couldn’t stop smiling. Especially when mum and dad where doing Paw Patrol impressions behind me (again, I need that studio cam!!).

OMG, it’s CAKE time!

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

Fern’s Mum found the cute banner on Etsy which went perfectly with Fern’s yellow tutu (and my ONE letters and balloons). Only a mahoosive chocolate cake would do for this little lady.

Straight to business

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

Some little ones aren’t too keen on the cake at first but Fern had no such issues. Straight in with both hands. Atta girl! In fact, the way she attached that cake, I think she may be my spiritual twin!

Wooden spoons – for extra messiness!

I like to add a wooden spoon into a cake smash to help the littles to destroy their cake. Fern took to it like a champ.

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

Good clean fun

I’m not sure who enjoyed themselves more. Fern, her parents or me! A couple of times I had camera shake as I was laughing so much.

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

I know I say it all the time…but…I fricken love my job.

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

All good things come to an end

Child/Toddler Photography by JB Moments Photography

All too soon it was over and Fern got cleaned up and back into her dinosaur onesie. I couldn’t wait to start editing her pics and got them back to her parents that evening. Much to their delight.

Next up in the studio was 10-week new Charlie, then it was a visit to Stirling Uni to capture the Consul General of Japan give his take on Brexit and in between all that frantically editing my newest nephews newborn pictures I took last week. Check out next weeks blogs for all that good stuff 🙂


Christmas Mini Sessions 2018

Christmas Mini Sessions

Christmas comes early to the JB Moments Photography Studio. The middle of November to be precise. This is to ensure that any families wanting to make Christmas Cards from their session can do so in plenty of time to get them printed.

Sleighed it

The antique sleigh from last year made a comeback but this year in the editing I worked out how to add moving snow. I know, right!

Couch Potato

This year I took advantage of the bigger studio and added a ‘cuddle on the couch’ set up. Complete with Christmas throws and ‘The Night before Christmas’ book.

Is your little featured?

I had so much fun I’ve created a video of some of the sessions. Take a look and see if your little one is featured.


Arnprior Farm – Pumpkin Mini Sessions

Pumpkin Mini Sessions

The best part about memories is making them

Down on the Farm

I make no secret of the fact that I love Halloween and all that comes with it, especially pumpkins! I always watched with envy as American friends on social media shared their grand days out at pumpkin patches picking their own pumpkins. I thought in the UK the only picking I got to do was between which supermarket I could get them from.

Oh My  Gourd

Imagine my excitement then when last year I discovered Arnprior Pumpkins. A pumpkin farm in Stirling!!! I wanted to go there immediately and use it as a fantastic photoshoot location. Unfortunately I was too late last year and so I impatiently counted down the days until they were taking bookings this year and bugged the heck out of the owner (Sorry Rebecca!). Until I got a slot during half term week last Friday.

The day started cold but with the most amazing sunrise as I drove over to the farm. Rebecca, Duncan and the family run an amazing experience. As well as many varieties of pumpkins to pick you can also pick potatoes and turnips (if you’re old skool). There is also chainsaw carving, face painting, gourmet food and drink trucks, a kale maze, pop up crafts and quad pods which need to be seen to be believed (check out the video on their page).

And mud – SO MUCH MUD. But even if you don’t come prepared the farm have thought of that and hire out a huge range of wellies. It’s the sort of good, wholesome, clean air, mucky fun that the whole family can enjoy. And for those that wanted some of those moments captured on Friday I was there to do just that 🙂

Please enjoy some of the moments captured in this short video.

Pumpkins sprouting up everywhere

I also had the cutest little pumpkin in the studio last week.

Baby Photos near Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Meet 4 and half month old Amber who came in rocking her first Halloween outfit like a total  Boss.

Baby Photos near Stirling - JB Moments Photography
Does my bum look big in this?

Look at that hair! And those eyes. What a cutie pumkin pie.

I’m off to carve my pumpkins and make soup and muffins with the innards. I’m already counting the days down until I can get back on the farm again.

Back to School at JB Moments Photography

Studio Photography

Picture the scene

A Victorian style school with wooden style flip-up desks, girls gossiping behind them whilst pretending to get something out of them, boys trying to slam each other’s fingers in them.

That is a trip down memory lane for me. Just before my last year of Primary school started my family moved from what was the budding metropolis of Milton Keynes to a sleepy little village in Northamptonshire called Raunds.

I found myself moving from a modern purpose built school with over 40 pupils to a classroom to this little Victorian school that still had its air raid shelter (re-purposed as an art supplies cupboard) and much smaller classes. And those flip up wooden desks, complete with holes in the top where ink pots would have originally gone. Those desks were such a novelty to me and I quickly discovered somewhere I could take a sneaky bite of my packed lunch on the pretence of getting something out of the desk. Amazing!

Since starting up my photography business I’ve hankered after one of those desks for my studio. Many misspent hours of searching on eBay, Gumtree and the like or visiting antique centres drew blanks or desks so expensive they couldn’t possibly be viable. Finally, after a drunken night bidding on eBay (not to be recommended kids) I’d secured a beautiful solid oak 100-year-old flip up desk and seat. The only issue was that it was 350 miles away in Warwickshire and ‘collection in person only’. Whoops!

Thank heavens for mums

Luckily Pocket Mum lives quite near and got a friend to pick it up and then, somehow, got it into her convertible mini and drove it up to me. Result!

JB Moments Photography - Child Photography in Stirling

Now what

You might be wondering why I wanted one of these desks and what the heck I’m going to do with it in my studio? Well, my friends, if I had a £1 for every time I hear one of my pals moan about their kids’ school photos I could be sunning myself in the Maldives right now instead of watching the snow slowly melt. Kids only getting seconds in front of the camera, not getting to include their siblings, hair/face/uniform all a mess and then the cost of getting prints (and feeling dead guilty if you don’t buy them – even if you just stick them in a drawer because you don’t want to put them on the wall).

And then there are the parents that proudly display their children’s first day at school pictures on social media. Not realising that taking them outside their front door is giving cybercriminals yet another piece of personal data to piece together to potentially steal their identity (door numbers, street names, etc).

I hear you

This year I want to offer Back to School Mini Sessions. Using the desk as a prop, I’m going to offer affordable 30-minute studio sessions with your kids in their shiny new school uniform. They’ll get time in front of the camera, you’ll get digital images you want to hang on your walls and share with your families.

If you like the sound of that, keep an eye on my Facebook page for when the offer goes live later in the year or for priority booking slots sign up for my newsletter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sandwich in my desk that is begging me to take a bite…:-)

Studio Sessions – Christmas Minis

Christmas Mini Sessions

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” Edna Ferber

If you thought I got excited about Halloween then hold onto your hats for Christmas. As soon as the calendar flips into December I am sipping mulled wine, mainlining mince pies and watching Elf. I love the excitement and build up to Christmas and this year I was delighted to offer Christmas mini sessions in the studio.

Mini Sessions?

A Mini Session is really a studio taster session. For a much-reduced price, you get a short amount of studio time and 10 digital images. It’s a great way to dip your toe in and try a photographer before you invest in more expensive full sessions. Not to mention they are fast, frantic and bags of fun (well for me anyway) 🙂

Sleigh my name

Not strictly a mini session this one but when the gorgeous Glen gang came for their photoshoot they brought with them some super cute Christmas outfits so we just had to get the Christmas backdrop out and take the sleigh for a test run!

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling
Is it me or is Santa getting younger and younger?

Happy Holly Days

Next up was 17-month-old Violet who looked beautiful in her new dress that she was testing out for Christmas Day.

JB Moments Photography - Family Photographer in Stirling

I think the dress is a winner!

Have a lolly-jolly Christmas

Then super cute 13-month Harrison came to visit me in his Christmas suit along with is 4-year old sister Kayla and his 2-year-old cousin Zack. Zack wasn’t very keen on getting his picture taken at first but after he saw his cousins having fun he warmed up and joined in. But it was Harrison that stole the show with the faces he pulled and his absolute joy with his Christmas lolly.

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling
Christmas Sweeties!

Take an ‘Elfie!

Remember Ella the miniature schnauzer? Well she now has a little sister called Ruby and they came in for a mini session along with Olivia the Elf!

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling

All three of them looked adorable in their elf jumpers. They all completely disproved the theory that you should never work with children or animals by being absolute angels. Definitely on Santa’s nice list 😉

The snuggle is real

Roisin (5) and her little brother Leo (2) are no strangers to my camera. It was great to see them in the studio (especially as mum bought some of her birthday cake for me!!!). Leo gave his sister a massive cuddle on the sleigh and well… my heart just melted.

JB Moments Photography - Family Photographer in Stirling

Room for Nana?

I have a confession to make…these sessions are meant to just be for kids (or fur babies) but when my dear friend Ruth came with her daughter and grandson Aizak (5) I had to squeeze them all on the sleigh. This is how Christmas memories are made.

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling
Sleighing it!

Incredi bauble time

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of capturing Rorie’s Naming Ceremony so it was lovely to see him again for a Christmas mini session. He had an absolute blast with the baubles I had out for props.

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer in Stirling

Christmas Greetings

Alongside the mini sessions, I offered personalised Christmas cards using pictures from the session. Quite a few of the families took up the offer and the feedback on the cards has been excellent.

I, of course, had to use Bert and Ernie as my business Christmas card models. Here is one of the pictures that didn’t make the card!




JB Moments Photography
You said I could be Santa, Bert!

If you are unsure about taking your little ones to a photo shoot a mini session is a great way to start off.  Next up will be Valentines Mini Sessions so keep an eye on my Facebook Page for more info and to get yourself added to my newsletter mailing list so you don’t miss out on future Mini Sessions.


Studio Sessions – Halloween Minis

Halloween Mini Sessions

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween!

I make no secret of the fact that Halloween is one of my favourite dates in the calendar. It’s one of the only times I wish I lived in America so I could really go to town with my house decorations and costumes! So, it made total sense that my first ‘Mini Sessions’ were for all Hallows Eve….

Mini Sessions?

A Mini Session is really a studio taster session. For a much-reduced price, you get a short amount of studio time and 10 digital images. It’s a great way to dip your toe in and try a photographer before you invest in more expensive full sessions. Not to mention they are fast, frantic and bags of fun (well for me anyway) 🙂

If you’ve got it, haunt it!

First up was the cutest little 11-month-old witch Eilidh and her 2-year-old big brother Fraser (who was a slightly reluctant skeleton!). Once he warmed up and with some gentle persuasion from mum there was no stopping him.


JB Moments Photography
What do you mean I have a resting witch face!
JB Moments Photography
I’ve got a bone to pick with you!

Just here for the Boos!

Next up was the McNeils, seven brothers, and sisters with ages ranging from 19 to 3! Mum Lorna wanted a picture of the gang all together and they must love their mum ‘cos they all turned up in their halloween costumes. It was the biggest test yet for my ‘cosy’ little studio, but we made it work.

JB Moments Photography

I just had to get some cute pictures of Maddison who was a beautiful, but creepy Snow White.

JB Moments Photography
I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

But it was 3 year old Eli that stole the show.

JB Moments Photography
Free the Grangemouth one!

Feline Spooky

Now some of you that read my blogs will remember the beautiful Olivia from her Uncle Raymond and Neil’s wedding. She took the whole Halloween costume deal very seriously and had not one but four costume changes! Mum Melissa was on hand to do hair and makeup and Granny was on hand to…well…eat the sweeties!!

JB Moments Photography

Oh, my Gourd!

My next client travelled over 250 miles for his mini session. I just made myself sound very important. He’s my Nephew and he was visiting me along with his mum and dad, and…he just happened to pack a pumpkin costume!

JB Moments Photography
Pumpkin Cutie Pie

Creepin it Real

Finally, I had the pleasure of little miss Gorgeous Grace. Grace has a special place in my heart not just because she is the daughter of one of my besties nieces, (okay Emma, favourite niece), but because I have been capturing her since before she was born at Emma’s maternity shoot!

JB Moments Photography
Tutu much cuteness

Did I say finally…

Oh, wait I forgot. I did Halloween Sessions with my babies, so what if they’re fur babies they are still stinking cute (definitely stinking!). Bert and Ernie were transformed into bats. My vision was to turn them into gargoyles but they just looked too cute (am I biased, totally).

JB Moments Photography
Howling at the moon
JB Moments Photography
Do I look fat in these wings?

If you are unsure about taking your little ones to a photo shoot a mini session is a great way to start off.  At the end of November, my Christmas Mini sessions are booking up fast. Check out my Facebook Page for more info and to get yourself added to my newsletter mailing list so you don’t miss out on future Mini Sessions.