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Personal Branding Shoot – Your Wellness in Mind

Personal Branding Shoot – Your Wellness in Mind

Man alive I am so behind on blogging my sessions. But I can’t feel bad about it as I am behind because I have been so busy shooting 🙂

Aloe me to introduce my client

Yes, you read that right, Mhairi is the owner and founder of Your Wellness in Mind where she helps health-seeking individuals source high-quality wellness products to enable them to look and feel better. A big part of her ethos is the many benefits of Aloe Vera, but more on that later. I just wanted to explain my glorious pun!

Place of work

Personal Branding images cover a whole range of things but when using them to post on social media or your website your clients love to see behind the scenes at your place of work.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Mhairi has a gorgeous home office that we took lots of images in but she can literally work anywhere so we also took some pictures in a local park and one of her favourite coffee shops.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Doing what you do

The people that become your tribe also like to see you in action. I got to shoot Mhairi meeting with a customer and using her hero products.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography


Product baby

The good news is that you don’t have to be in every shot (unless you want to!). It is always useful to have a library of beautifully curated product and lifestyle images that you can pull from when the need arises.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

People buy from people

In every personal branding shoot, I try to capture the personality of the business owner. As a busy mum, a business owner, and an NHS worker she has very little free time to herself. So every moment is precious.

We took some gorgeous photos with her daughter and also showing what Mhairi likes to do when she does get a spare moment. One of those things is watching movies.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I always come away from each personal branding session totally inspired by the drive and commitment each owner puts into their business and Mhairi was no exception. I also came away with a much better appreciation of all the benefits aloe Vera can have on the body both externally and internally and now happily take an aloe vera gel shot every morning. Want to see what aloe vera can do for you? Join Mhairi’s Wellness Community.

Personal Branding Shoot – Falkirk Sewing Studio

Personal Branding Shoot – Falkirk Sewing Studio

Falkirk Sewing Studio is an amazing social enterprise formed in June 2019 to benefit the Falkirk community. Their studio is based at the Callendar Square Shopping Centre in Falkirk. Here, they provide the right environment to promote sewing and other creative art and craft activities for newcomers, women, children, minority groups including ethnic minorities, LGBTI and anyone who feels they would benefit from inclusion in the project.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Check out the hand crafted sign!

The main woman I met behind this inspiring space is Uatandua Kahere.If I could peek inside this Wonder Woman’s brain I’m sure I would be exhausted after a few seconds.

As well as the sewing studio she runs Kahere Kilts and makes bespoke kilts from all manner of materials, many that are up cycled.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

She also makes organic toiletries and I’m sure a whole host of other things that we didn’t even scratch the surface of in our two hour shoot.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Sew be it

You know I love a pun, just lean into it. I had to show Uatandua doing what she does.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Wool the world

Sorry not sorry for that one, it’s brilliant! One of the main thing Uatandua needed from me was good images of her wool stock to go onto her new website to enable people to buy online. I spent a lot of time photographing balls of wool!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Artists at Work

Uatandua is the only one working in the space. Other artists also use it as their studio space.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

And also to display and sell their pieces.

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Well worth a browse, especially if you are looking for unique local Christmas gifts.

Classes and Groups

The space is great for creative groups to have a safe space to get together and do what they love. Whilst I was in taking pictures there was a local chochet group meeting. You should see how fast their fingers were!!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Uatandua has also added classes for all manner of creative projects to her website for people to book.

The Future

As large department stores and shops have closed down in Falkirk the high street, like many others up and down the UK has become empty and less inviting. Most people are simply doing their shopping online from the comfort of their own home.

Iniatitives like this one are breathing new life into tired old high streets and bringing back a sense of community and belonging. I for one think that deserves to be celebrated.

Delighted to have been involved in some small way. Dissapointed that nobody has guessed my little joke I gave them whilst photographing all their haberdashery stock!

Commercial Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Do you get it???



Answer: It's that old saying 'Pins & Needles' of course!

Brooklands Museum – models with curves in all the right places

Car & Model Photography

“You should always be learning. If you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong place.” Erika Bearman

One of the (many) things I love about my chosen career is that I am always learning. Most of the time I shoot real people and the stories they want capturing like weddings and new additions to their families. Recently I have branched out into Product Photography which I am really enjoying. But one area I have not had much exposure too is car photography. Which is weird because I love cars, with their elegant sweeping lines and individual features.

Lucky for me, Mr JB is a complete petrol head and for Christmas gave me a car photography course from Jason Dodd at the legendary Brooklands Museum – the birthplace of British Motorsport. On the proviso that he got to visit Brooklands too!

Models everywhere

Jason had lined up a great selection of car makes and models that we got to photograph against vintage garages, the airfield (including Concorde!) and of course what is left of the original banked track. Teaching us about lighting and composition along the way.

There were a couple of modern marques.

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

Like this Mercedes AMG.

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

And this Nissan R35 GTR.

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

As well as a Porsche 944 and 924 Turbo

All beautiful models in their own right but it was the classics that Jason had procured for the event that really caught my eye. These babies had curves in ALL the right places 😉

Vintage Darling

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

It is often joked that Lotus stands for Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious but there was nothing wrong with this vintage Elan.

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

And this Corvette Stingray was an absolute honey. When I shared the Corvette images I’d taken with its owner he said,

“Just looked at the photos – amazing. Is that really my car looking that good?!

So I have taken a few photos of my car over the years and they look ok – but the way you do it brings out the great shape of the car.”

Add to that a Bugatti replica

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

and a baby pink Thunderbird and I was having a great time.

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

But wait there’s more – real models!

One of the first things Jason said to me on the day was that Mr JB had told him about my usual genre and that I was in luck as he had a model joining us for the day.

I could barely contain my excitement at this point. I have held model calls in the past for newborn babies in the studio but I’ve never worked with an actual professional model. (SQUEEEEEEE!)

Cue the gorgeous Miss Mercury (or @missmercurymodel if you want to follow her on Instagram).  With her brunette pin curls and sassy winged eyeliner, I’m not ashamed to admit I had a bit of a girl crush. Especially when I found out she had a French Bulldog too!!

Now with a beautiful girl standing next to them, the cars really came alive. All my favourite pictures from the day have Miss Mercury in them.

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

It was incredible working with a professional. She knew instinctively what poses looked good on her and moved into them effortlessly. All I had to do was tell a story and click 🙂

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

Despite being the only girl on the course I think I monopolised Miss Mercury’s time (sorry not sorry). As the day went on I even abandoned the cars for a while to take pictures of Miss M in front of a vintage bus and aircraft hanger.

Car Photography by JB Moments Photography Car Photography by JB Moments Photography

I feel the need, the need for speed

All in all, it was a fabulous day and I learnt loads from the course. Now I feel like I’m getting the hang of shooting static cars I want to master them at speed. Luckily for me, I’ve managed to get on the media pass list at the Boness Revival this year so I get to pair up with an experienced motorsport photographer and take pictures at the event including of Mr JB in his 1978 Corvette, Lemmy.

Always learning 🙂



Product Photography by JB Moments Photography

Product Photography – A New Venture

Product Photography

I love taking pictures and I love jewellery! So when my favourite cousin-in-law and jewellery designer in her own right, (check her out here – she takes commissions), asked me if I wanted to try photographing some of her students work from Fife College, I said Yes! It was just the creative challenge I needed.

Plenty of Wedding Practice

I often take close-up images of bridal jewellery and wedding rings. I  have invested heavily in a top-quality macro lens. Taking pictures of wedding and engagement rings have also taught me certain techniques like focussing on the claw of a stone rather than the precious gem itself.

But that is all in the heat of the moment. Usually when a bride and her maids are careering about trying to get ready. For this project, it was just me, my studio, a lightbox and various props I’d found around the house that I thought would add some textural interest.

Standard product images

Traditional images for brochures are simple ‘on white’ images that allow the jewellery to take centre stage with no distractions. Simple to look at, harder to execute but I love how this necklace turned out and so did the college 🙂

Product Photography by JB Moments Photography

Pushing the boundaries

I wanted to try different textures as well that would highlight the individual pieces and give jewellers some other options for their websites or social media.

Product Photography by JB Moments Photography

I love how the wood on this bowl makes this pendant pop.

Product Photography by JB Moments Photography

And how the blue glass echoes the colours in the brooch but is suitably out of focus so not to distract from it.

Then things got really exciting

A former Fife College student saw my examples and wanted some pictures taken. We were able to chat about her brand colours and she brought some gorgeous old slate and rusted iron with her to use as backgrounds for her beautiful pieces.

Just like my lifestyle photography interaction with the client to understand their personality is crucial. Just with jewellery, I am trying to capture their personality through the pieces of art rather than their facial expressions.

Product Photography by JB Moments Photography

How fantastic is this rusty iron as a background?

Product Photography by JB Moments Photography

Or this old slate?

Product Photography by JB Moments Photography

With ready-made earring holes!

Even better she left all these backgrounds with me to keep for other shoots. I know I say it a lot but I fricken love my job and the fact that I can constantly try new stuff out. 🙂

If you are interested in getting your jewellery or other small products professionally photographed. To help your business stand out from the crowd. You can check out the details here.