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Nephews, Universities and Rainbows

A Busy & Varied Week back for JB Moments Photography

Ohhhh emmmm geeee it is soooooooooo good to be back! Although I kept myself busy during lockdown with training and admin, nothing beats picking up my camera and shooting real clients.

As well as a full Grow with Me session and Newborn session in the studio I got to flex my photography muscle on a few other things too.

These Boys!

As lockdown eases my brother and his family managed to get up for a few days mid-week. I hadn’t seen my two littlest nephews since January so I was very excited to get to see them. They have both grown so much so of course I had to squeeze in a sneaky photography shoot with them and their dog.

Family photos by JB Moments Photography
Look who’s in town!

Lester the dog was by far the best at taking direction!!

On Location

Next up it was great to be back at the University of Stirling to update some corporate headshots for the Director of Advancement.

Professional headshots by JB Moments Photography
Stirling Uni has the hardest working and best-looking staff!

The University was looking beautiful and the new Sports Centre complex will be open very soon which will be amazing for all the returning students.


I had Easter Mini Sessions booked in before the C-19 lockdown and with Easter a very distant memory I contacted each client to see what theme they wanted for their re-scheduled session.

Lucy’s mum requested a Rainbow session to celebrate Lucy being a Rainbow baby.

Child photography by JB Moments Photography

I was very proud of the fluffy clouds I had made and I knew I could add the rainbows in post-production. I couldn’t get over how much Lucy had grown since I had last seen her in the studio. She was totally modelling her dungarees in this image!

Child photography by JB Moments Photography

But it was her rainbow tutu that stole the show. Mum told me they did them in adult sizes as well. I’m totally off to hunt down one. Imagine how much more fun the weekly trip to the supermarket would be in one of those!

Child photography by JB Moments Photography

My cloud prop that my dad made for newborn clients also worked really well on this set. A little throne for my rainbow princess. I love capturing kids like this when they are totally engrossed in something. They forget I am pointing a camera at them.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” – Dolly Parton

What a great week! In the Studio and on Location

Studio Update

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.” -William Cowper

I love my job!

I know, I know I say that A LOT! But what other jobs would have me shooting Easter bunnies in the studio on Monday, getting all creative at Fife College with the extremely talented jewellery making students on Tuesday, back in the studio cake smashing on Wednesday and at a Photocall at the University of Stirling on Thursday?

Hop to it

My Easter mini sessions in the studio all happened before Easter. But poor Ella was poorly when it was her turn and I couldn’t have her missing out on being an Easter bunny, could I? So I snuck her into the studio on Easter Monday.

Child photographer near Falkirk, JB Moments Photography

How cute is she as a little bunny? VERY! Yet again though I really wish I had a camera pointing at the parents behind me. To get Ella to laugh, her Daddy was standing behind me in bunny ears beatboxing!!! I wish I’d got a shot of that.

Getting to experiment

Fife college wanted something a bit different to showcase the students work. Rather than the usual white high key images. Two of the students (the very brave and beautiful Erica and Jake) agreed to model all the pieces. I got to play in the college’s studios and with their lighting equipment so to say I was like a kid in a candy store would be an understatement! The brief was to display the jewellery unconventionally and everybody joined in the creative process so we created something weird yet also wonderful.

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

This is one of my favourite images. Jake is wearing brooches as knuckle dusters and Erica has various rings on. I think they look FIERCE!

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

And here Jake is wearing a beautiful bracelet in his hair.

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

I just love Erica’s earrings in her hair. Who knows we might have started a new trend!

I had so much fun and I got paid to do it. My job is amazing!

Smashed it!

Back in my studio on Wednesday for lovely Lucy’s cake smash for her first birthday. Her theme was ‘Some bunny is one’ so we had lots of pink, silver and white.

She was a little shy to start off with but soon warmed up and had a smashing time (sorry, not sorry!) and gave her mum, dad and grandma some precious memories to treasure.

1st birthday milestone photographs at JB Moments Photography

I even managed to steal a kiss off those gorgeous cheeks at the end (and yes she tasted of cake – delicious!).

Time for your close up

On Thursday I was back out on location again and on familiar territory at the University of Stirling. I love the jobs I get at the University for two reasons. 1) it is my University and I have a soft spot for the campus and 2) I adore all the Directorate of Internationalisation and Partnerships team. This time I was taking pictures of individuals and small groups who have secured funding through The Stirling Fund.


So there you have it, never a dull moment and plenty of spice! I’m looking forward to next week as well as I have lots of model calls in the studio to test out a new collaboration that I am very excited about. Oh and before that, just the small matter of my newest nephew’s christening where I will, of course, be playing the role of family photographer and Godmother 🙂

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Stirling Registry Office & Stirling Court Hotel – Wedding of Simone and Alexander

Wedding Photography

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it family: whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” – Jane Howard

I first heard about Simone and Alexander’s wedding when Simone put a plea out on Facebook on one of the wedding groups. Her gran was ill and as a result, she was downsizing her big planned wedding next year into something more intimate this year to hopefully ensure she could be there.

I had the date free and wanted to help.Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

And I’m pleased to say Simone’s gran and grandad were there to witness the happy occasion.

Show Stealers

Family is really important to this pair and they wanted their two kids Macie and Hugo to play a big part in the whole day.

Hugo was the worlds cutest pageboy and he led the bridal procession with the help of his granny. In matching tartan to his Daddy and the groomsmen no less.

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography
Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single!

Then came his big sister as a beautiful flower girl leading in Simone’s four bridesmaids. They wore soft grey dresses and had wrist corsages instead of bouquets. I thought this was a genius idea to keep their hands free.

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

The wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful Drummond Room at the Stirling Office. The last time I was there was for Neil and Raymond’s wedding and their pictures now grace the official Stirling Council wedding site 🙂

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Sweet touches

After the ceremony, the new Mr & Mrs Podmore headed off with Hugo and Macie in their big white stretch limo to the Stirling Court Hotel on the University grounds.

We were due a storm that evening so the air was humid and muggy but Simone and Alexander were proper troopers during their photos.

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Once back inside you could see all the thoughtful touches Simone had worked hard on whilst planning the wedding. Alex’s mum was sadly no longer with them. So Simone had set up a charming memory table so she could be there in spirit. Both Alex and his dad mentioned her in their heartfelt speeches as well.

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

But she didn’t stop there. Their wedding cake was in keeping with the sparkly theme of the day from the front…

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

But from the back…

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Simone had incorporated a tribute to Alex’s football team. Now that is relationship goals right there! (goals – see what I did!!).

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Podmore and your beautiful family.

Wedding Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography


Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

Stirling University – Katie’s Graduation

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As the class of 2018 prepared to graduate from Stirling University last week the campus had never looked more beautiful. Deep blue skies with faint wisps of clouds, the loch teaming with wildlife and their cute fluffy offspring and the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle looking over approvingly from a distance.

Okay, okay so I’m a wee bit biased…this was my university (class of 1996 gulp) and the site of some of my happiest times. Including meeting Mr JB 4 weeks before we graduated. Twenty-two years on and much has changed. Geddes Court (or the Virgin Megastore as it was affectionately nicknamed in my time) was gone as had many of the other halls of residences. They had been sympathetically replaced by buildings that looked quite similar (but I’m assured aren’t based on a Swedish prison block design as the old buildings were!). However, the campus still manages to feel the same and still evokes happy memories whenever I step into it.

The Wood family had hired me to capture their daughter Katie’s graduation. But they weren’t hiring me to simply document a girl completing her university course. They were hiring me to capture a clever, beautiful girl at the end of her honours degree but at the beginning of the rest of her life.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were hiring me to capture how proud they were of both their daughter and their son for following in their academic footsteps.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were hiring me to capture how delighted her mum was that she is going on to do her masters at the same London institution that she had done hers at. 

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were hiring me to capture the relationship between Katie and her big brother and how proud he was of her (in the grudging way only big brothers can).

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were hiring me to capture the fierce love her Dad had for his little girl. How she would always be his little girl that he would want to protect.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

They were also hiring me to show how during her four years at Uni she had blossomed into a confident young woman with her own mind and in a long-term committed relationship.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

But most of all they hired me to capture the love they have as a family. They might not have realised all this when they booked me. But that is definitely what I saw through the lens on that beautiful day.

Family Photographer in Stirling - JB Moments Photography

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you.” Desmond Tutu

Stirling Registry Office, Wedding Photos, Chan & Rennie

Whilst I may have been booked at relatively short notice this isn’t a whirlwind romance story. Neil and Raymond met sixteen years ago on a double date. The interesting part of that story is that they weren’t even each others date!!! That swap certainly worked out for my guys (I’m not sure if the other couple is still together but this isn’t their love story)!

Neil wanted to marry Raymond for years but whilst Raymond loved Neil to bits he wasn’t sold on the institution of marriage. Eventually, all that patience paid off and Raymond said ‘yes’ and the date was set.

This was an intimate wedding with their very closest family and friends. Neil and Raymond paid special attention to all the details to make the day truly personal and special to them.


Wedding photographer - JB Moments Photography

Their rings were from Beaverbrooks and engraved with their initials and the wedding date.

Man, their bespoke 3-piece suits from House of Henderson Kilts were seriously sharp! They were embroidered with their initials and the date. Their linings co-ordinated with their ties and buttonholes from Fleur de Lis.

Neil and Raymond looked super handsome and smelt lovely as well – I know this as I went in for lots of hugs (for research purposes, you understand ;-).

It would, however, be remiss of me to not mention Ella in this love story. Ella is the couples beloved dog and her preparations for the big day were just as impressive. The day before she was fully groomed and had a blueberry facial at the groomers. I’m beginning to think I’d like a dog’s life if I got to be pampered like Ella!

She also had not one, not two, but three outfits for the day! A doggy bridal veil above, a bow-tie in keeping with her owners suits and a super fly rainbow tie!

Each of the wedding party had their own unique buttonhole or corsage from Fleur de Lis and my favourite was the wand that Olivia, Raymond’s niece had.

She was a total cutie and very well behaved all day.

Raymond and Neil went to Stirling Registry Office in two separate cars along with their wedding party. Not just any old cars, either…

Two beautiful Rolls Royces from UPH. Complete with car seat for Olivia.

The ceremony was held in the beautiful Drummond Room in the old Stirling Council Offices. From the Grooms to the guests and even the registrar at one point, you could feel the love and emotion in the air. These were two people totally in love with each other being supported unconditionally by their family and friends. My hay fever also decided to flare up (ahem!).

A quick blast of Tragedy by Steps at the end of the ceremony added a touch of humour to the proceedings 😀

Then it was off to Stirling University for some wedding photos in the stunning campus grounds.

Ultimate Private Hire certainly made sure the new Mr and Mr Chan-Rennie travelled in style!

Stirling University campus was looking lush and green for our two grooms and we were surrounded by cygnets and some pretty protective swan parents!

Pictures taken it was back in the Rollers for more champagne on the way to the wedding reception at a well known venue in Airth. The wedding party carried on partying right into the couple’s newly installed hot tub and no doubt into the wee small hours!

Congratulations Mr and Mr Chan-Rennie. XOX