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What a great week! In the Studio and on Location

Studio Update

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.” -William Cowper

I love my job!

I know, I know I say that A LOT! But what other jobs would have me shooting Easter bunnies in the studio on Monday, getting all creative at Fife College with the extremely talented jewellery making students on Tuesday, back in the studio cake smashing on Wednesday and at a Photocall at the University of Stirling on Thursday?

Hop to it

My Easter mini sessions in the studio all happened before Easter. But poor Ella was poorly when it was her turn and I couldn’t have her missing out on being an Easter bunny, could I? So I snuck her into the studio on Easter Monday.

Child photographer near Falkirk, JB Moments Photography

How cute is she as a little bunny? VERY! Yet again though I really wish I had a camera pointing at the parents behind me. To get Ella to laugh, her Daddy was standing behind me in bunny ears beatboxing!!! I wish I’d got a shot of that.

Getting to experiment

Fife college wanted something a bit different to showcase the students work. Rather than the usual white high key images. Two of the students (the very brave and beautiful Erica and Jake) agreed to model all the pieces. I got to play in the college’s studios and with their lighting equipment so to say I was like a kid in a candy store would be an understatement! The brief was to display the jewellery unconventionally and everybody joined in the creative process so we created something weird yet also wonderful.

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

This is one of my favourite images. Jake is wearing brooches as knuckle dusters and Erica has various rings on. I think they look FIERCE!

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

And here Jake is wearing a beautiful bracelet in his hair.

Jewellery Photography at Fife College

I just love Erica’s earrings in her hair. Who knows we might have started a new trend!

I had so much fun and I got paid to do it. My job is amazing!

Smashed it!

Back in my studio on Wednesday for lovely Lucy’s cake smash for her first birthday. Her theme was ‘Some bunny is one’ so we had lots of pink, silver and white.

She was a little shy to start off with but soon warmed up and had a smashing time (sorry, not sorry!) and gave her mum, dad and grandma some precious memories to treasure.

1st birthday milestone photographs at JB Moments Photography

I even managed to steal a kiss off those gorgeous cheeks at the end (and yes she tasted of cake – delicious!).

Time for your close up

On Thursday I was back out on location again and on familiar territory at the University of Stirling. I love the jobs I get at the University for two reasons. 1) it is my University and I have a soft spot for the campus and 2) I adore all the Directorate of Internationalisation and Partnerships team. This time I was taking pictures of individuals and small groups who have secured funding through The Stirling Fund.


So there you have it, never a dull moment and plenty of spice! I’m looking forward to next week as well as I have lots of model calls in the studio to test out a new collaboration that I am very excited about. Oh and before that, just the small matter of my newest nephew’s christening where I will, of course, be playing the role of family photographer and Godmother 🙂

JB Moments Photography Studio is getting bigger

Things I love about a having a studio at home.

  1. No commute
  2. Next to no overheads that means I can keep my prices reasonable for clients
  3. No hassle with landlords
  4. Being able to use my beautiful newly landscaped back garden as an extension of my studio
  5. Getting to hang out with these two clowns every day!
Pet photographer in Stirling
When she said we were an important part of the business I didn’t think we’d be doing this!

You’d think I’d be happy with my lot, right?


I advertise my studio as ‘cosy’ for a reason. It’s perfect for newborn babies, barely walking toddlers and head and shoulder shots of one or two adults but any more than that and I’m struggling for decent space.

Not to mention my ever growing prop collection! (sorry, not sorry!)

I currently shoot most family/group portraits out on location.

Child photographer in Stirling

I love doing this, especially in Autumn when the light and colours are just delicious. But, I live in Scotland as do most of my clients and we can’t guarantee the weather very often.

So, my genius husband came up with a great idea. I’m going to knock through into a second room. this will effectively double my space and give me both a high key and more muted set up to ensure clients get maximum variety. Not to mention a lighting upgrade, new props (including a full sized sofa for family portraits) and more space to hang examples of my work.

Can you tell how excited I am? Clue – VERY!!!

I am in initial discussions with the builder but hoping to get finalised well before the end of the year. I just wanted to shout it from the virtual rooftops to make sure it happens 🙂

In the meantime, my cosy home studio is still very much open for business.

Studio Session – The Abah Family

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” George Santayana

I love a family session I really do, but, sometimes they can be a bit hard going. If the Dad isn’t really into it or the kids are playing up, that sort of thing. The Abah Family had none of those issues, they were UP FOR IT!! With a range of western dress and traditional Nigerian dress, the Abah’s and me PARTIED. And we partied hard – through six outfit changes and a whole variety of poses!

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer

Introducing yummy mummy Benita, dapper daddy Patrick, Big brother Kevin (6) and chatterbox Jason (3).

Visiting family from Nigeria had made them all sorts of traditional outfits and as the family had the photo shoot booked they decided to optimise them. I was so excited to see all the outfits and they were beautifully made with exquisite attention to detail.

JB Moments Photography - Family photographer

From formal white to bright colours Kevin and Jason didn’t mind getting dressed up in them and dad was on hand to make sure they had them on correctly. As well as ‘serious’ family poses – we had a bit of fun as well 🙂

JB Moments Photography - Children's Portraits
JB Moments Photography - Family photographer

By the end of session I was more than a little in love with both Kevin and Jason.
JB Moments Photography - Children's Portraits JB Moments Photography - Children's Portraits

I did ask if I could keep Jason but I think he would’ve missed his big brother too much!
JB Moments Photography - Children's Portraits

Seeing a family so in tune with one another and enjoying themselves filled my heart with so much joy. Best of all you can see it reflected in the pictures.