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Japanese Garden Cowden – Denise & James Wedding

Japanese Garden Cowden – Denise & James Wedding

“Love is food for the soul. Love for the soul is the same as food for the body. Without food, the body is weak; without love, the soul is weak.” – Japanese Proverb

I thought this quote was perfect when I saw it. Both the fantastic venue Denise and James chose to hold their wedding and because the couple are total foodies.

A Modern Meeting

Denise and James met online on the 1st of December 2020 at 8:51 pm (I know, very precise, right?) and spoke every day after that. After a while, Denise planned to surprise James by meeting him at his work but he chose that day to leave early! They eventually met up later that night, went for a walk, and never looked back!

Whilst taking a staycation in Glasgow for James’ birthday they watched some of the latest Indiana Jones movie being filmed. Then as they sauntered back down Buchanan Street they were joking about getting married. Suddenly they weren’t joking anymore and they were engaged!!!

What a Wedding Venue

When Denise first contacted me and told me the venue I practically bit her hand off to take the booking. And that was before I realised what a genuinely lovely couple they were and that they were also crazy French Bulldog parents! It was meant to be!

The Japanese Gardens, near Dollar, is a hidden gem of a place that Mr JB and I discovered during one of the many lockdowns. Created in 1908 by the formidable Ella Christie, a true pioneer of her time. As a photographer, it is an absolute dream to capture, and having only taken headshots and personal images there I was beyond excited to capture a wedding in the gardens.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

The azumaya pictured above is where the couple gets married. The flowers at the entrance are picked and arranged by the garden volunteers for the wedding.

Outside! In Scotland! In May!

I took the above picture when I arrived at the venue and you can see how grey the sky is. Then it started to drizzle, my worst fears confirmed for my bride and groom and their guests (who would be out in the open to watch the ceremony)!

But I should have kept the faith. Like my super chill bride and groom because the drizzle stopped. Hurrah! Then before the bridal party arrived the clouds parted and blue skies appeared. The wedding gods were watching.

Rings? Check!

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

The groom and his best man may have forgotten their buttonholes but they had the rings and that’s the important thing!

A Beautiful Ceremony

I mean, come on, can’t you feel the love?

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Witnessed by their very closest family and friends.

Then it was off to the Japanese Tea Room structure to sign the marriage certificate.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

But not before these two littles tried to steal the show by being unbelievably cute. James’ son and the flower girl who was the daughter of the best man and the chief bridesmaid.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Denise’s other bridesmaid was James’ daughter. The dresses all had botanical details to echo the surroundings and the beautiful flowers (including peonies, my fave) were created by The Flower Studio.

Breaking My Rules

My USP is usually to keep Bride and Groom photos informal and quick so that my couple can get some beautiful images and get back to their guests and their party. I kept the informal part but with a venue like this, I had a hard job giving my couple back. At every turn was another gorgeous photo opportunity.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

From reflections in the still pond to bridges, lush foliage, and interesting structures I was spoilt for choice.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Including some of my favourite images taken when my couple didn’t realise I was capturing them.

All The Little Details

Did I mention my couple were foodies? They had arranged a gourmet BBQ for their guests and I took that opportunity to capture some of the details from their wedding day.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

Like the pocket watch, Denise had gifted James for the wedding.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

And their foliage inspired wedding stationery with their stunning rings.

I can also confirm the BBQ was delicious as they insisted I had some as well 🙂

Getting Our Geek On

I could tell there was a really close bond between my couple and their best man and maid of honour and it was lovely to witness. It was getting close to the end of the evening, the light was beautiful and I asked if I could shoot my couple on the bridge (again) with the best man and MoH holding my flashguns for a kiss of light (because I’d forgotten my stands. Doh!).

This inspired the Groom and best man to request a lightsaber-inspired fight scene on the bridge. Who am I to deny this bromance?

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

So here is them ahem…’fighting’ on the bridge, much to the amusement of their guests in the Tea Room.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

And here’s how it ended up. I mean…kilts, lightsabers, Japanese horticulture…there are some fusions that just work!


And just like that my day with this lovely couple and their nearest and dearest was over. But not before Denise insisted I took a slice of their delicious wedding cake and one of the guest favours.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography

As a testament to this couple’s wish to use local suppliers and support small businesses, it was an artisan chocolate bar from Bouche Chocolate which I can highly recommend having scoffed! And a scratch card that I won £2 on. Result!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Charity and here’s to your…

Falkirk Wedding Photographer JB Moments Photography



Get Your Wedding Glow On

Get Your Wedding Glow On

If there was ever a time to take up a good skincare routine, it’s in the lead-up to your wedding. Here’s a guide to getting the best bridal skin of your life for the big day…

Stress Less

First thing’s first: planning a wedding is stressful (understatement, much?). But keeping a lid on any pre-wedding woes is going to be key to a healthy complexion because a calmer mind most definitely leads to calmer skin. I know, I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to stress – you don’t want those cortisone levels to rise, resulting in the dreaded spots.

Inflammatory conditions such as eczema can flare up with high-stress levels, while sleepless nights will mean dull, lackluster skin. Sleep enables the body to reverse everyday free radical damage by replenishing energy, building new cells, and repairing connective tissue. Because sleep is an ideal time for cellular renewal and overall repair for the skin and other organs, poor sleep shows in the face.

A good skincare routine includes a healthy sleep routine, as well as anything that helps you to destress – be it exercise, meditation, or delving into a good book in between the wedding planning.

Stirling Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Ask The Professionals

If you have no idea where to start, now’s the time to seek help from the pros. They’ll be able to talk you through a bespoke routine that will promise results. That could mean consulting a dermatologist if you’re worried about a skin condition such as acne, eczema, or rosacea, or perhaps starting to go for targeted treatments.

Holistic Therapist & Skincare Specialist, Fiona Dalziel, based in Alloa, loves to work with brides to help them have beautiful and radiant skin in time for their wedding day.

“Everyone wants to be able to look back on their wedding photographs with loving memories, and not regret their skin being in the very best condition it could be”.

With your wedding day coming up, it’s important that you take good care of your skin to prevent breakouts and to ensure your make-up applies flawlessly.

Fiona explains “In the months leading up to your wedding, you’ll want to start a good skincare routine to treat any dry or oily skin and prevent breakouts. The last thing you want on the day of your wedding is to get a spot because you didn’t take good care of your skin.

I recommend to the brides I work with that they have a monthly facial in the months leading up to their wedding, with the last one being scheduled for a week to 10 days before their big day.

The benefit of this course of treatments is to maintain a healthy complexion, have lovely clear skin, and be able to relax knowing your skin is in tip-top condition.”

Before starting the course of facial treatments, Fiona will examine your skin using Eastern and Western philosophies to determine any skin issues, and your skin type, eg dry, oily, combination, sensitive. This process would also identify any other skin conditions like acne and sun damage to determine the best facial treatment for your skin in the months leading up to your wedding day.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Professional facials are also a great way to get some ‘me time’ which will help with the first point above too!

Treat Your Skin From Within

You are what you eat. Eating well will need to go hand in hand with any products you’re relying on for a radiant glow.

The most effective way to look after your skin is through lifestyle and diet choices. The skin is our largest organ and it gives us a picture of what is going on inside the body. Each individual is different, but most experts suggest making sure you have a well-balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and probiotic, fermented foods.

Moderation is key, but you might want to save the alcohol indulgence until the day of the wedding. And make sure there’s time for your skin (and head) to recover after a boozy hen do!

Reducing sugary foods and drinks, high glycemic index food (such as white bread, potatoes, white rice, or pasta), and possibly also milk may reduce breakouts in some acne sufferers. Have a think about whether any of these foods tend to cause problems for you and what happens if you reduce consumption of them for a few days, weeks, or even a month.

You may also want to think about vitamins and supplements to boost your skin.“Collagen is one of the most important structural proteins in our body”, says Mhairi Coleman owner of Your Wellness in Mind, “but unfortunately it starts to decline from as young as 25. After the age of 40, we lose up to 1% of collagen every year and as a result, our skin relaxes, our hair becomes thinner, nails are more brittle, and cartilage deteriorates”. To put this right you can add collagen supplements to your diet and get your glow on!

Mhairi says that introducing Collagen into your diet will help you, “enjoy the appearance of luminous, youthful and smooth skin…Experience glossy hair, beautiful nails, regained tone, and an incredible glow”.

Water Yourself

Drink lots of water! Hydrate your skin from the inside and flush out nasty toxins. The recommended daily intake is between two and two and a half litres.


To achieve clear and glowing skin, exfoliating is a must. Give your pores a chance to breathe by removing dead cells and surface impurities. This goes for your whole body.

Moisturise and Protect

Generously apply a good body moisturiser. Nourish your skin twice daily and you’ll see elasticity improve. Pay special attention to tricky spots that are prone to dryness such as elbows, feet, and hands. Or anywhere that is going to be on show on your wedding day.

No skincare routine will give you a glowing and healthy complexion unless it comes with a dose of sun protection – especially if you’re applying products containing vitamin C, or using retinols at night. Use a broad spectrum SPF50 UVA/UVB sunscreen in the morning.

Focus on Your Face

As well as getting professional help your home skincare routine should give your face extra special attention. The three essential basics are a cleanser, toner, and facial moisturiser. Opt for one that contains collagen to give added definition and that all-important bridal glow. See above for the benefits of collagen.

Wedding at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens - JB Moments Photography

Spot Check

Let’s say you’ve taken all this advice and your skin is glowing. But wait! Right before the wedding, a spot appears! What do you do?

Don’t pick it, however tempting it might be. Picking could lead to an infection. You might end up with a great big boil to conceal on your big day. Your makeup artist will be able to work their magic on any small spots that appear.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

You’ve got this Gorgeous!

JB Moments Photography has sought the advice of like minded business women for this blog. She is not paid by these businesses to promote their products/services and receives no kickback.


Bride Tribe – Who Does What?

Bride Tribe – Who Does What?

Planning a wedding is a pretty daunting task for any couple, which is why traditionally the bridal party have a number of jobs to help with the process, and to ensure smooth wedding planning at all times…This month I am focussing on the traditional roles of the Bride Tribe.

The Bride

In addition to the bride and her partner’s joint responsibilities, each traditionally have tasks to handle on their own. The bride needs to choose her bridesmaids and maid of honour and their dresses, and choose a gift for her hubby-to-be (or wifey-to-be).

Dollar Park Wedding by JB Moments Photography

The Bride’s Parents

In past traditions the bride’s parents have always paid for the majority of the wedding, but today the cost is usually distributed between mainly the couple, the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents. However there are still certain responsibilities for the bride’s parents to take care of:

  •  Help the couple with the guest list
  • Offer assistance and moral support with the wedding details
  • Attend any wedding rehearsals
  • The bride’s father escorts her to the ceremony and usually walks her down the aisle

Airth Castle Wedding - JB Moments Photography

Maid of Honour

The maid of honour is traditionally a sister or best friend, and is the member of the bridal party that the bride relies most on. The maid of honour’s responsibilities include:

  • Organising any bridesmaid-related activities
  • Coordinating the hen do
  • Most importantly, organising the wedding dress shopping and any fittings
  • Helping the bride and groom with any ad–hoc tasks or errands (keeping record of RSVPs, etc)
  • Attend any wedding rehearsals
  • Help the bride dress and get ready on the morning of the wedding
  • Arrange her veil and train during the processional and recessional
  • Holds the bride’s bouquet at the altar
  • Sign the marriage license as the bride’s witness
  • Helps the bride during the reception with the dress including bustling it for the first dance and even helping with toilet visits!

Glenbervie House Wedding by JB Moments Photography

Matron of Honour is exactly the same role and is usually the term used if the person is married.

The Bridesmaids

Orocco Pier Wedding by JB Moments Photography

There is no minimum or maximum number when it comes to bridesmaids and you can have as many as you want for your wedding.

Bridesmaids can be single, married and any age. Their duties include:

  • Assist the maid of honour with the wedding planning duties and help the bride when needed
  • Help organise the hen do
  • Attend any wedding rehearsals
  • Walk in the processional and recessional

Dunblane Hydro Wedding by JB Moments Photography

Flower Girl (s)

While not all brides and grooms choose to have a flower girl, this role is a charming addition to any wedding party. Often a niece, younger sibling, or family friend, the flower girl walks down the aisle with the bridesmaids, dropping petals as she goes. She may also wear a bohemian flower headdress to mark her role in the occasion.

Glenbervie House Wedding by JB Moments Photography

There you have it. Who will make the cut in your squad?

Dunblane Hydro – Pamela & Paul’s Wedding

Dunblane Hydro – Pamela & Paul’s Wedding

“Now that I know you are mine you bring me your love and peace of mind. You see the real me and I know that you’re the key.” – Suddenly by Angry Anderson

Wait, isn’t that the song that Charlene & Scott got married to in Neighbours?

Yes, yes it is and all will become clear later on in this blog.

Pamela and Paul are amazing people that work for the NHS. They met in 2010, even though they were both working in different wards. They started chatting in the canteen and when Pamela’s bank card was broken, Paul did the gentlemanly thing and offered to buy her lunch. Fast forward 10 years and two kids later and on Christmas Eve 2020 Paul proposed.

How about this for a proposal? Remember the scene in the movie Love Actually when Andrew Lincoln’s character turns up at the door with music playing and shows Kiera Knightly cards with his love declarations written on them? Well with the help of their kids Lochlan and Emmylou Paul did that. At the front door. With the very last card reading, “P.S. Will you marry me?” Talk about the best wedding proposal ever!

Wet Day for a Wedding

By the day of the wedding, it had been raining nonstop for about 4 days and there were floods all over the place. At one point I thought that Pamela and Paul were going to begin married life on some sort of ark!

Luckily their chosen wedding venue Dunblane Hydro has loads of gorgeous spaces indoors for photographs and whilst I may have mourned for a nanosecond about not getting pictures on the steps at the front of the hotel – I had a plan up my sleeve.

Team Bride

It was all go in the bridal suite when I arrived. So I got straight to work capturing memories. Pamela, Paul,and their family had made so many personal touches for this wedding.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Pamela made the wedding bouquets and buttonholes as well as making and decorating the post box for their wedding cards. The pendant she chose to wear was her mum’s that her mum had received from her parents when she was a young lady.

Pamela’s mum had also had embroidered hankies for all the bride squad including Emmylou. Something they were all going to need in a short while.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Pamela’s dress was a gorgeous whimsical affair and I just love this tender moment with Emmylou.

Team Groom

Paul had a whole groom squad to help him and two best men.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

All of them looking very handsome in their kilts. Paul especially so (and no he didn’t pay me to say that!).

Ceremony of Tears (happy tears)

When people say you can feel the love in the room, it is often just a figure of speech. But in the case of Pamela and Paul’s wedding you really could feel it surrounding the couple and all their family and friends.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

From the Awwww moment when Lochlan walked his wee sister Emmylou down the aisle. Then he got teary waiting for his mum to appear.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

To when Paul first laid eyes on his beautiful bride, being given away by her mum.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

To the reading one of the groom squad gave and then the sweet vows the couple had written each other. There wasn’t a dry eye left in the audience.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The bridesmaids were clinging onto each other to keep it together and somehow I managed to hold the camera steady as I started to get emotional! It really was a poignant, heartfelt ceremony. Finished with a burst of Suddenly by Angry Anderson and a confetti cannon (see it all makes sense now!).

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I honestly fely humbled and honoured to not only witness it but to be able to capture it as well. Proving once again that I have the best job, with the very best clients in the world.

Informal Formals

Time for the group shots and I have discovered a new way of getting the whole group to smile at once…getting trapped in the automatic doors whilst trying to take their picture. Worked a treat!

One of the bar areas had a lovely bay window and it was perfect for the bridal party images.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I feel like this has a Downton Abbey vibe going on.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I had Paul’s groom squad stand all around him for a formal pose then I told them to rugby tackle him. Well, they didn’t need telling twice and piled on the poor groom! These guys are Paul’s ride or die guys that have been with him through thick and thin and their connection shows.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Likewise Pamela’s bridesmaids have been friends from school and are with her all the way.

But what about those steps?

Once we had completed all the formal images and group shots my couple wanted I asked if Pamela would mind getting the bottom of her dress a wee bit wet for a photo outside in the rain, under one of my wedding umbrella’s. Yes it was pishing it down but I had a vision of how good this picture would look…

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

…and they absolutely nailed it!


Paul made and decorated the wedding cake. Three sumptious tiers of lemon and poppyseed, red velvet and chocolate and guiness flavour.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I bet it tasted as good as it looked.

More Happy Tears

Just when I thought everyone (including me) had pulled themselves back together emotionally, it was time for the speeches!

Pamela’s two older brothers gave speeches that were equally charming, funny and tearjerking. Heavily featuring Lochlan and EmmyLou as well.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Paul and his two best men also gave good speach. So much so that everyone was welling up again.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I had a wonderful time capturing this wedding. Pamela and Paul’s love for each other, their kids and their family and friends envelops you like a warm blanket.

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs McCaffery

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Wedding Aisle Order

Order, Order

Before your big day arrives, you’ll want to get well acquainted with your wedding ceremony structure. From the order of a wedding processional to the closing remarks and recessional, you should be familiar with it all. For now, let’s focus on the first part. The wedding processional, your grand entrance, as you’ll want to start things off on the right foot (see what I did there!).

When does the Processional Happen?

Consider the wedding processional the kick-off to your entire celebration. Once your guests have been seated, your officiant will find their place at the altar front of room, the groom (usually accompanied by his best man) will make his entrance (usually from the side), and the music will begin to play. This signifies the beginning of your processional.


Who will be in the Processional?

The first thing you need to do is figure out who will be a part of the processional. This all depends on who you’ve invited into your wedding party, so it could be one person, or it could be twenty people. Typically this will include all of the bride and groom’s immediate families, bridesmaids, the maid of honour, the best man (if he’s not already at the altar), the flower girl(s), the page boys/ring bearer, and, of course, the bride and her usher (usually her father).

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

What is the traditional order of the Processional in the UK?

After the groom has made his way to the altar, the bride and groom’s immediate families will walk down the aisle to their seats (the bride’s family is usually seated on the left and the groom’s on the right). They can fly solo, walk arm in arm, or be ushered down by friends or members of your extended family. Once they’re seated, the mother of the bride takes the right arm of the father of the groom and they walk in together and take their seats (the mother of the bride will be seated on the left-hand side). If the minister or officiant isn’t already at the altar, they will be the next person to walk down the aisle.

The bride takes her father’s right arm, holds her bouquet in her left hand, and the bridesmaids, flower girls and paige boys take their places behind the bride in pairs, usually with the youngest directly behind the bride. They process down the aisle towards the groom who takes a step forward to greet the bride. Once the bride is next to the groom, the bride’s father moves to the left side and the bride gives her bouquet to her maid of honour. The bridesmaids will take their place on the left side of the bride and be seated in the first row. If the bride has no attendants, her father takes her bouquet and either places it on the front pew or gives it to the bride’s mother. Some couples choose to go a different route for the order of a wedding processional and ask the bridesmaids, flower girls, and paige boys to enter the ceremony venue first. Leaving the bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle as the grand finale of the processional. Keep in mind there is no “right way”, so choose what suits you best.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Can I change things up?

Of course! If you don’t want to follow the traditional order of a wedding processional, you definitely don’t have to – especially if you’re hosting a non-religious ceremony. For example, the bride could walk down the aisle alone, with her mother, with both her parents or even her child (like this bride). You could skip the processional altogether and everyone could arrive through side entrances (great for couples who are a little shy). Or, you could follow the American-style (bridesmaids walking in first and then standing by your side at the altar). The world’s your oyster, so don’t be afraid of doing something different.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Wedding Buttonholes

Wedding Buttonholes

What Is a Wedding Buttonhole?

A buttonhole, also known as a boutonniere, is basically a smaller version of a wedding bouquet. Don’t worry, they’re not as extravagant as the handheld arrangements – they’re quite modest in size because they rest on the lapel of a jacket or blazer (they can be stuck through a buttonhole – hence the name – or pinned atop the lapel). Typically, they are composed of a single flower or a small collection of flowers and/or decorative accents.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The origins of the Buttonhole

The tradition of wedding buttonholes, as with all wedding flowers, originates from ancient Greece.

The male wedding party members would wear a small bunch of flowers, usually mixed with fragrant herbs, pinned close to their hearts in order to ward off evil spirits. It was believed that these evil spirits would cause the groom to turn his heart against the bride and refuse to love her.

Buttonholes travelled to England during Medieval times. Knights of the realm would wear their lady’s colours upon their chest to show their everlasting love and commitment.

Even without their armour, these colours would be displayed on their left lapel. Just as they are still worn by grooms today

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Types of Buttonholes

Traditionally it is designed to co-ordinate with the bride’s bouquet. But for grooms that want to put their own twist on things here are some ideas.

  • Paper flowers made from old books
  • Feathers in coordinating colours
  • Flowers arranged in a jacket pocket instead of a hanky
  • Succulents
  • Dried flowers
  • Chillies or other fruit/veg
  • Pinecones, acorns and seed-heads
  • Lego figures, playing cards and other playful items that reflect the groom’s personality

    Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

How do you wear it?

The groom and any other men wearing buttonholes should wear them on their left with the flowers facing upwards.

Mothers of the bride and groom and female wedding guests should wear their buttonholes on the right and with the flowers facing downwards. The same goes for corsages, they should be worn on the right.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

The groom will often have a slightly more elaborate buttonhole than the rest of the male guests (it is his day too after all!). Likewise, the mothers of the bride and groom will normally have larger floral decorations than other female guests to signify their status in the wedding party.

When I am photographing getting ready preparations or meeting the groom at the ceremony venue I will always check and offer to help make sure their buttonholes are wedding-ready. It’s all part of the JB Moments Photography service 🙂

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

DIY Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

DIY Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a glamorous party for 300 or an intimate micro-wedding for 30, there are tons of ways you can cut costs and still pack a punch when it comes to decor. From full-blown DIY centerpieces to smaller do-it-yourself projects, you can leave your mark in a way that’s personal.

Line the Table

Capitalise on the simplicity a linen runner brings. Minimal but still elevating, you can even change up the fabric to more accurately reflect the style of the day, whether it be bold stripes for something modern, or a lighter colour palette for a natural, outdoor wedding. Works best if your tables are long trestle tables.

Embrace Taper Candles

I love the natural elegance a taper candle brings to any tablescape. Keep it sophisticated with candles all in the same shade, or mix it up with a handful of colours that coordinate with the overall wedding colours.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Find your Favourite Flowers

In small vases, arrange a handful of your favourite blooms that are easily accessible, I’m talking spray roses, hydrangeas, even baby’s breath. Depending on where you live, you can usually source some pretty spectacular greenery from your own back garden or the side of the road too. But be sure to have some sharp floral sheers or gardening shears, your hands will thank you!

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Top tip from florists is to use string or wire to tie a handful of flowers together and then cut it short to fit in a 5″x5″ clear glass vase.

Use Potted Plants

It’s no secret how much potted plants are en vogue when it comes to wedding decor. The perfect DIY project for a crowd, choose a vessel you’d look forward to reusing after the wedding, and plant flowers or herbs for an eco-friendly, cash-saving centrepiece.

Provide a Fruit Bowl

Placed fruit on the tables or in baskets for your guests to enjoy with dinner. A quick trip to the local grocer or farmer’s market will have your guests thanking you for the fresh fruit treats, like bowls of oranges, peaches, and apricots.

Stick to Single Stems

Single flower arrangements are far easier to design and tend to look more elegant. Opt for the easiest flowers to source year-round such as roses, hydrangeas, and tulips. Although seasonal favourites like peonies and ranunculus will also be available from the local florists and flower markets as well. One stem per vessel is a charming look for an eclectic tablescape.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Consider Cacti

Bring the desert straight to the table with miniature cacti! Perfect for the laid-back couple, you can customise this trend by placing mini pots of any variety, from Prickly Pear to Peruvian Apple, amongst candles and metallic tableware for an ultra-modern design.


Hosting a summer wedding somewhere sunny? Lining the table with pineapples requires little to no preparation ahead of time, beyond purchasing, for a quick, kitschy set up the morning of the big day!

Opt for Succulents

For a climate not so fresh-flower-friendly, opt for something like will thrive come rain or shine. Take a quick trip to the garden store to scoop up a variety of shades and plant them together or separately—and just like that, you have a wedding centerpiece, and your own succulent garden to take home once the dancing’s over!

Fill up your Vases

No matter how you slice it (pun intended), using citrus is a great way to brighten up the celebration. Line clear glass vases with thick or thin cut slices of lemons, limes, or even oranges, or keep them whole and fill them straight to the top.


If you’re looking for something beautifully simple a pretty white birdcage filled with baby’s breath (gypsophila) is perfect for a winter wedding. Research your DIY centrepiece flowers and check they are in season. Your flowers should be more affordable as well as being more widely available. Try using a mix of fairy lights and holly in Winter, or try daisies and cornflowers in summer. You could even try small potted plants for your DIY centrepiece, especially as daffodils and snowdrops begin to bloom.

Books and Flowers

A small bouquet of dusty purple spray roses, anemone, and seeded eucalyptus on a stack of vintage books wouldn’t look out of place at any beautifully styled fairytale wedding. You could even use your own books to add extra height, as well as creating a special and thoughtful DIY centrepiece for the table. Pretty hand-tied flowers could be made using real or artificial flowers and you could also use your bridesmaid bouquets.

Fire and Ice

If you’re looking for an alternative to floral decorations there are lots of other options available for your DIY centrepieces. Using a selection of clear containers on each table filled with faux ice and candles will create a beautiful simple table decoration that sets the perfect romantic atmosphere. Combined with some scattered tea lights or fairy lights in jars this pretty centrepiece can look just as enchanting as any floral display.

Spill the Tea

It’s tea time! Make an elegant statement at your wedding by putting your floral arrangements in antique teapots instead of traditional vases.

Ostrich Glam

If you’re going glam for your wedding, ostrich feathers will make the perfect statement centrepieces. Choose any colour to coordinate with your decor.

Falkirk Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Crieff Hydro – Gillian & Craig’s Wedding

Crieff Hydro – Gillian & Craig’s Wedding

How the Cookie Crumbled

As so many beautiful love stories start, Gillian was out on the town with friends from work and met Craig who was out with his pals. After a brief encounter, they exchanged numbers. Then they messaged back and forth for a good few weeks before finally meeting up for a date.
This was in December 2016. Four years and two kids later Craig proposed on Christmas Eve 2020. As Gillian is a massive Millies Cookie fan, Craig had ‘let’s get married” iced on a giant cookie with an engagement ring sitting in it!

You’re Hired

I used to work with Gillian’s sister in the bank (small world). So when Gillian announced her engagement Pauline recommended me and I was booked 🙂 Now all I had to do was live up to the hype of someone else’s endorsement.


At their pre-wedding consultation, Gillian and Craig were so relaxed. They explained that along with their immediate families they go and stay at Crieff Hydro once a year for a long weekend and this year was going to be no different. Except on the Saturday, they were going to get married!

They wanted natural unposed pictures from the day. Now when couples say this to me I like to dig a little deeper. It’s very rare that couples want pure ‘fly-on’the-wall’ photojournalistic images but that they want a little direction and a lot of fun to make the pictures natural. My wedding couple was in the latter category. I was excited – my favourite kind of wedding!

Wedding Day

When I arrived at the gorgeous lodges the family was staying at everybody was still getting ready so I whipped out my camera and started capturing some details.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

Their son didn’t only look super smart in his kilt but he was also dad’s best man and the official ring bearer. He was taking his job very seriously.

He was also being super sweet with his little sister who was the flower girl.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

By the time I arrived Gillian’s hair had already been tousled into loose waves and hair accessories firmly in place by Shona at Bridal Stylist Scotland. Once the boys had finally all been ushered away to the hotel and Gillian had her wedding dress on all that was left was for Nadine the makeup artist to put some finishing touches to Gillian’s makeup.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

The Girls

I was absolutely in love with Gillian’s bouquet by Victoria Bloom the colours and flowers were simply stunning. As were the arrangements in the wedding ceremony room and the cake. Not to mention the guy’s buttonholes and gal’s corsages.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

The Guys

Meanwhile, Craig and the guys were enjoying a beverage in the bar before showtime.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

Let’s get Married

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

The room they chose to have their ceremony in was flooded with natural light thanks to a huge ceiling window. You can see the beautiful floral arrangements I mentioned and other decorations supplied by Razzmatazz Occasions.

Gillian and Craig were in such a rush to be husband and wife! They chose the shortest possible ceremony and soon…they were Mr & Mrs.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

I love how the officiant is trying to make a run for it out of my picture!

Unposed Posing

When you have a family of posed photograph haters but still need to get a group shot to mark the occasion what do you do?

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

You tell them all to look at their favourite family member! I was pleased to see the new Mr and Mrs looking at each other. Little Meghan, I think she was most in love with her shoes!

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

I adore this image. I told Craig to whisper ‘dirty things’ in Gillian’s ear. It seemed to do the trick.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

By the time I had them walking towards me, I think they were secretly starting to enjoy themselves. Mission accomplished!

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor

Gillian and Craig decided to liven their wedding guests up at around 3 pm with some tequila shots. Hardcore this pair!

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

Cake Time

After a wonderful afternoon chilling with their nearest and dearest and the bride’s dad trying one or two of the top-shelf whisky bottles (well it’s not every day a daughter gets married is it?). It was time to cut the cake and enjoy a meal.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

How beautiful is this Cakes by Lucy cake? I do love fresh flowers on a wedding cake.

Also how cool are these personalised placenames/coasters that Craig burned the name in of each guest himself?

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

Plus each adult guest had a miniature of their favourite tipple. There were so many thoughtful touches like this the whole day.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Marchant and thank you for inviting me to be part of your intimate and beautiful day.

Wedding Photographer in Perthshire - JB Moments Photography


Wedding Favour Suggestions

Do Yourself A Favour

I’ve written about Wedding Favours in the past, but ideas change and I wanted to update you with some of the latest simple ideas I have found across the web.

As you read through, you’ll discover that most of these gifts are just that—simple. You’ll be happy to learn that majority of memorable wedding favours are often both easy to create and easy on the wallet. You can thank me later 🙂

Chocolate Bars

A personalised illustrated label makes a chocolate bar infinitely more sophisticated. Dark or milk is up to you, but the bars are sure to be a hit for guests with a sweet tooth (so, everyone!).

These are available on Etsy
(not my image)

Olive Oil

Bottles of olive oil are the perfect favour for a Greek destination wedding—or a fun way to celebrate your Greek heritage.

Homemade Limoncello

Mini bottles of homemade limoncello, a popular dessert drink, make the perfect post-wedding treat. There are loads of easy recipes online


Bags of seeds are generally seen as a symbol of growth and harmony, which makes them a meaningful wedding favour. You can use any flowers you like, but it’ll be especially touching to gift a type of bloom that was used throughout your day.

Temporary Tattoos

Do you know what makes a great photobooth snapshot? A group of your best friends, all sporting tattoos of you and your love’s faces.

Found on Etsy
(not my image)

Paper Fans

Colourful, handmade fans keep guests cool during summertime ceremonies and also serve as the perfect photo booth prop. You could also print with the day’s running order and kill two birds with one fan!

Available on Etsy
(not my image)

Little vases

Looking for a quick way to repurpose your wedding flowers? Towards the end of the evening, ask a designated person to break down centrepieces and bouquets and place them into glass bottles. It’s a great way to ensure that guests bring home an actual piece of the big day—and guarantees that those pricy blooms won’t go to waste.

For the kids

Keep it simple on the kid’s table. A pack of crayons, a clipboard of fresh paper, and pair of cute shades are all you need to keep little one’s content throughout the event.

Mini hot sauce bottles

If you and your spouse-to-be are known to carry hot sauce on you wherever you go, the spicy condiment might be the way to go when it’s time to choose favours.

Jelly Beans

Here’s a bright idea: Fill a mini lightbulb shaped jar with your favourite jelly beans. Tie them with name tags if you’d like them to double as place cards.

Rosemary Oil

Corked bottles of rosemary-infused oil make an unexpected favour. On the tag, be sure to include its multiple uses. Or mix it up with homemade garlic oil or chilli oil. Perfect for foodie couples.

Key Chains

Opt for millennial pink key chains, emblazoned with an equally millennial slogan, for your girls and navy or jet versions for the guys.

Another Etsy Find.
(not my image)


Put together a playlist of your wedding’s best tunes and burn them onto CDs so guests can keep dancing long after they leave the dance floor.

Toffee Apples

Planning an Autumn wedding? Why not give everyone a toffee apple, add a personalised name tag and it doubles up as a stylish place card.

Lots of DIY videos on YouTube. I found this image on Pinterest
JB Moments Photography does not have any endorsements of affliate links with Etsy or any otther companies. Images used for illustrative purposes only.

How To Find Your Wedding Solemate

How To Find Your Wedding Solemate

How’s your wedding shoe shopping going? Still looking? Them I have some top tips for you.

Buy Early

Create a Pinterest board of wedding shoe styles that you love so that you have that at the back of your mind as you try on wedding dresses.

If you’re planning on shopping online, it’s always a good idea to buy early as sizes can run out really fast. If the sizes run out, the lead time can be long, especially if it’s handmade. So it’s always a good idea to get the shoe early rather than later.

If you get it before your wedding dress fitting, you’ll be able to wear it to ensure that it matches your dress and the hem is right. This will help you save alteration costs later down the road.

Consider Your Venue

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Garden? Ballroom? Church? Barn? Think about where you’re having your wedding when you’re choosing your wedding shoe.

Garden wedding brides might want to consider wearing a comfortable wedding flat which works better for the garden terrain. If you love a good heel, a low heel would suit the uneven surface. Or expand your mind and wear a wedding bootie, a mix between a heel and a flat that provides extra support.

Wherever you decide to have your wedding, always ensure that your shoe choice works well with the location.

Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography


Think about your everyday style. Are you someone who loves the confidence of a 4-inch stiletto? Then keep to your style and wear a stiletto for your wedding. Just ensure that the heel you choose has extra padding so that you’re comfortable all day. On your feet for most of it!

If you are a woman that loves converse or sandals, then stick to a lower shoe height for your wedding. I don’t recommend testing a new height on your wedding day as all eyes will be on you. If heels are important, consider a low-heel option so you still get the experience of a heel without the ambitious height.

Also, choose shoes that have natural materials such as genuine leather to allow for stretching and breathability. Just remember to stay true to who you are.

Be You

You’ve probably put in a ton of effort to find the perfect dress, which means that you might want to find a wedding shoe that complements your dress and style.

Look at the elements of your wedding dress. Is your dress adorned with classic lace or elegant rhinestone embroidery? Does it have little blue detail embroidery? Look for similar elements in your wedding shoe to complement your dress, so that it matches your style and taste. You wouldn’t want a total mix match.

Ensure They Make You Feel Special

Choose a wedding shoe that makes you feel amazing! Even though your dress is floor-length, you still want to be able to give your guests an occasional peak that’ll make them gasp and shower you with compliments!

You want to feel like a princess on your special day, so consider one that isn’t boring. Perhaps a sparkly blue Cinderella glass slipper or a gold and champagne number. Bottom line: Choose a wedding shoe that will stand out and one that will look amazing both in pictures and in real life.

Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

Wear Them In!

Try, try and try them again! Wear them around the house (preferably on a clean, indoor, and carpeted surface in case you need to return if needed) to test the comfort of the shoe.

Try wearing them for an hour or two as you prep for meals to get them worn in so that they fit comfortably on your wedding day. If you really want to go all out, try dancing in them to really wear them in.

It’s also fun to wear them before your wedding in the house so you can truly imagine how you’ll look on your big day!

Re-Wearability vs One-Time Special Sentimental Wear

Are you looking for a wedding shoe that is sentimental or one that can be re-worn?

If you’re looking for something sentimental, then look for one that is special enough to be passed down as an heirloom.

If you’re looking for practicality, then focus your search on shoes that you can re-wear after your wedding day. Instead of an ivory number, look for a nude heel, or go bold with a black beauty. Also, consider wedding sandals or even flats. Not only are they comfortable but the style is usually one where you can re-wear many, many times! This way, you’ll be able to relive your wedding day every time you put them on. Also, who doesn’t love a bargain?

Something Blue?

Stumped on what to choose for your something blue? Make it your shoes! A powder blue shoe is a great option to keep up with tradition and make your shoe buying process easier! Or go all out with a bold sapphire blue!

You’re Not Limited To One Pair

Finally, remember that it’s totally normal to have a pair for the ceremony and another for the reception. If brides are allowed to change wedding dresses, then the same thing applies to wedding shoes!

If you want to wear a heel during the ceremony, then consider a wedding flat for the dancing which is more comfortable. Also, your wedding day is all about you! So you have every valid excuse and reason to splurge on new shoes.

Wedding Photographer - JB Moments Photography

So there you have it! Enjoy the fun of the wedding shoe hunting process.