The photobook is beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes (happy tears obviously!) and I had to have a wee pep talk with myself so I didn’t burst into tears and sob my heart out because our little bub is growing up so fast! The book is a fantastic memento of his first year, and it shows how much has happened in that year. From that little bundle in our arms to our cake-smashing, bath-splashing cheeky monkey! Thank you so much Jenny, not only for the beautiful images you have captured but for the memories of the photo shoots too – from the stress we felt coming along to the first photo shoot as first time parents, not knowing how we were going to get our little pudding to play ball, to the later photo shoots trying with all our might to get him to crack a smile! Thank you for putting us at ease and for helping us get the most out of the shoots. We will treasure these pictures 🥰👶🏼