When I adopted my second kitten, I contacted Jenny immediately. Jenny was quick to respond and keen to photograph my little girl. I was thrilled as Jenny had previously captured special shots of my first kitten – (Millie) . Jenny was able to arrange an appointment into her busy schedule, which I was delighted with. Jenny is very flexible and able to accommodate. On arrival to Jenny’s house, she greeted me with hand sanitiser as well as wearing a mask and keeping her distance in accordance to Covid-19 restrictions. We attended her studio, where she securely cordened off the room so my kitten was safe. Jenny was so patient and allowed my kitten to roam and explore her surroundings. Once my kitten (Mollie) was settled, Jenny was very creative and had many props available at hand. Once Mollie was calm, Jenny was able to capture many photos and use her creativity to her advantage. Jenny was able to direct me and tell me what she needed me to do in order to get the best shots (cats can be very difficult to capture). Luckily, my kitten was very well behaved and it didn’t take long to get great shots. Jenny was so kind to give my girl lots of love, cuddles and kisses. I would highly recommend Jenny, as she is very professional and down to earth. I would definitely keep Jenny in mind for future photoshoots. She is a lovely lady and extremely talented. Please consider Jenny to capture your special moments as she is an extraordinary lady and very kind hearted. Thanks again Jenny, you have exceeded my expectations and I’m blown away with your creativity, Ciara x