The Price is Right (or is it?)

The Price is Right (or is it?)

The Price is Right (or is it?)


The Price is Right (or is it?)

You don’t have to be a business owner to know how business works, right? The business owner has a cost of doing business and charges a price that covers that cost and allows them to make a reasonable living. In the main, nobody gives their service or product away for less than that because everyone has to eat and pay the bills.

Falkirk Photographer - JB Moments Photography
A dog’s life –  keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed to hooman!

So What’s Your Cost Of Doing Business?

Well, there is some pretty obvious stuff like my camera (doh!). But, then there is also other equipment like my backup camera, studio lights, flash guns, memory cards, different lenses, and batteries (so many batteries).

Then there are studio backgrounds, props, outfits, and other studio costs. Editing costs like computers, screens, software, and programs. Insurance costs, both public liability and indemnity. Training costs to keep at the top of my game. Marketing and advertising costs so clients can find me. Then there are the lab costs of my printed goods like wall art and albums. Phewee and that’s all before I get any take-home pay to keep three demanding French Bulldogs in kibble and chew toys! Just as well I love my job!

Falkirk Photographer - JB Moments Photography
Training session with some very curvy models

My studio is in my home and whilst there are pros and cons with that, I at least don’t have the cost of rent and other business property costs.

So What’s A Standard Price To Pay For A Portrait Photographer Then?

Just to keep things interesting there is no such thing as a standard price. Prices will vary just like they do for craftspeople and artists.

Every photographer will run their business based on what feels right to them. All I can tell you is how and why my prices are the way they are. Coming from a long and boring previous career in banking I am a true believer in fair and transparent pricing.

I charge a fair price for my time planning, executing, and editing your shoot. Then should you opt for products, their prices are also available to see up front so you can budget exactly what you want to spend with no nasty shocks. All my prices are available on my website for clients to make their decision on. As with everything else in my life – what you see is what you get!

Years ago Mr JB and I were gifted a photo shoot with a complimentary 10×8″ print from a well-known, at the time, photography studio franchise. The price of this gift was very cheap as it was designed to entice you into the studio. Come back for a viewing session and spend lots of money to get products. We left with just our complimentary print rather battered and bruised from the hard upsell we had endured. As we reflected on the experience we both agreed that had our pets been involved in the shoot, or if we’d had kids we would have felt emotionally blackmailed into spending thousands of pounds we didn’t have!

When I set up JB Moments Photography in 2017 I was reminded of that experience. I vowed there and then never to put my clients through the same ordeal.

Don’t Duck The Question!

Photography is unique and personal to you. When you are shopping for a photographer you won’t just be looking at price. You will be looking at their style and look. Does it match what you are looking for? Only you will know that.

Instead, I will leave you with Miss Thea, I think her experience at JB Moments Photography speaks for itself.

Falkirk Photographer - JB Moments Photography
It’s always splashing good fun at JB Moments Photography!