Three Kinds Of Headshots Every Professional Needs

Three Kinds Of Headshots Every Professional Needs

Three Kinds Of Headshots Every Professional Needs


Three Kinds Of Headshots Every Professional Needs

Most of the headshots I get asked to take are for LinkedIn. Those are definitely critical for every professional to have. However, headshots and professional portraits can do so much more for your brand.  Check out these three types of professional headshots and portraits that every kick-a$$ business person should have in their repertoire.

The LinkedIn Headshot

Yup! You gotta have one and you know it. There are some characteristics that make LinkedIn headshots unique. For example, the way these appear online is pretty restrictive. The cropping is usually a small square or circle, making the size pretty limited for displaying. The best practice for these shots is to use a clean background that isn’t distracting and to make it all about the face. A medium or full-length shot would either make you extremely tiny in the frame or need to be cropped heavily. Therefore, the best bet is to keep it close and go for an expression that makes great eye contact. Shots like these are brilliant for social profiles and email signatures. You can read more tips for LinkedIn Headshots here.

This is a picture of a LinkedIn Headshot

The Editorial

Communicating your brand message is all about authenticity. Images of you in a natural working environment are a fantastic way to connect with your clients and give them a more detailed look at your professional and personal lives. Editorial images make awesome social media posts, look great as a website header, and are perfect to submit alongside blog posts and articles. 

This is an editorial headshot of a woman in her sewing shop

The Icon Portrait

They say, “Dress for the job you want”. How about, “Be photographed like you are on the cover of Time Magazine”?  Imagine being seen in Forbes, The Financial Times or The Economist. One of the natural progressions of a successful career for a subject matter expert is to move into consulting, writing, and public speaking. Having iconic portraits created that make you look like you deserve to be in a magazine are a significant step toward actually being in one. When the call comes for a feature about you, be ready with some impactful images to accompany it. 

This is an icon portrait of a director

Professional headshots and other business portraits help you market your brand across all forms of media. Remember that one type of image doesn’t fit every use. The great news is that if you hire the right photographer and plan well, you can get these and even more in a single session. With all of the ways to communicate your brand, don’t settle for just a LinkedIn headshot when there is so much more to you and your brand.

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