What does Family mean to me?

What does Family mean to me?

What does Family mean to me?


Family Photography

Family Photographer - JB Moments Photography

I think most people can resonate with this…and if you can’t…*whisper* maybe you’re the nut!!

A day for everything

These days there is a ‘day’ or “#day’ for everything and the 25th September is #FamilyDay. That got me thinking about what Family means to me. I don’t go navel gazing too often but I did ponder this one. As a ‘Lifestyle Photographer’ that cites ‘Family’ as one of my categories it would be good to define it, I thought…

Small but fierce

Family Photography - JB Moments Photography

At my brother’s recent nuptials my maternal extended family all got together for an obligatory family shot. Apart from two missing second cousins, that’s it. That’s us all! We may be small but in that little group are my two nephews/godsons and my two goddaughters and a whole lot of love. I may not have any grandparents left but my mum and my auntie have expanded their hearts to become amazing Grandmas (Granny Smith in my mum’s case, LOL!!) to their grandkids.

Adding family members

Of course one of the joys of marriage is that it grows and unites different collections of people as families. Thanks to my brother I now have a lovely new sister in law and her family becomes intertwined with mine. This union had another unexpected, serendipitous twist…my sister-in-law is one of four daughters, but tragically her parents lost one of their daughters as a baby. That daughter was called Jennifer Ann and that just happens to be my Sunday name. As the Father of the Bride said touchingly in his speech, they have a Jennifer Ann in the family again.

The web spins families together

I found my long lost father through the internet not long after I turned thirty. Whilst this was cause for celebration in itself I also discovered I had a half brother and sister, more nieces and nephews, a rather cool cousin and an aunt who writes to me, actual letters, through the post – amazing!

Whilst, apart from my dad, I haven’t met his wife or any of his extended family  I feel like I know them all and they know me via the power of social media. Sweet!

Sometimes family members have four legs

When I think about my immediate family. I think of Mr JB and our two furbabies Bert and Ernie.

Pet Photography - JB Moments Photography
Do my ears look big in this?

Nothing makes me more content than being curled up on the sofa with the three of them, snoring and dribbling (correction, Mr JB doesn’t dribble). That’s my little family unit right there.

Family Moments captured by JB Moments Photography

Whatever family means to you I would love to help you capture the moments that will become treasured memories.

Family Photography - JB Moments Photography

That can be a traditional studio setting or…

Family Photography - JB Moments Photography
What do you mean? This is us acting sensibly!

On location, anything but traditional!

Blood isn’t always thicker than water

My final musings on the subject of Family were that Family isn’t just the people you are related to. My besties are part of my family. They’ve got my back, know when to pour the wine and more importantly know where the bodies are buried (joke!). I love them unconditionally and strive to be as good a friend to them.

Family for me is all about love, support, and happiness. In that regard, we should make sure our families are as big and rich as possible. I’ll leave you with thoughts from a saint who makes the point far better than me.

Family Photography - JB Moments Photography